New Fisker Website Goes Live


Behold the Future - The Fisker Atlantic

Behold the Future – The Fisker Atlantic

11 months ago, Fisker’s website vanished.

Then it came partially back online:

New Site Coming Soon - That Was The Promise Made Nearly One Year Ago

New Site Coming Soon – That Was The Promise Made Nearly One Year Ago

Now, the site is fully back online thanks to Fisker’s new owner Wanxiang.

Wanxiang OPenly Tells the Story of Fisker's troubled Past

Wanxiang Openly Tells the Story of Fisker’s Troubled Past

Check out Fisker’s revamped website by clicking here.

Fisker's New Website Puts Emphasis on "New"

Fisker’s New Website Puts Emphasis on “New”

A "New" Day is Upon Us

A “New” Day is Upon Us

In semi-related news, Automotive News reports:

“Fisker Automotive Holdings Inc. received court approval to borrow $4.98 million from Wanxiang Group, the Chinese auto-parts maker that won an auction for the bankrupt maker of luxury plug-in cars.”

“Fisker will return to court March 21 to seek approval of the rest of a $10.5 million debtor-in-possession loan.”

Fisker funding details via Automotive News

Website via Green Car Reports

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The tone of the new website I think would give some comfort to someone that believed in the concept of the Karma but did not trust the quality. When they do start making cars again, this site may convince a few “new” early adopters to give the new owners a chance to prove the quality issues were fixed.

That was quick!

One of the open questions coming out of the bankruptcy was whether Fisker Coachbuilders would agree to allow the “Fisker” brand-name be used by Wanxiang. (Fisker Coachbuilders, licensed the Fisker brand name to Fisker Automotive, and the brand name wasn’t part of the sale or the bankruptcy.)

The use of the Fisker name on the newly launched website seems to indicate that Wanxiang America was able to sign a deal with Fisker Coachbuilders to use the Fisker name. I wonder what Henrik got in return for it? Will we see him on the Board of Directors, or in a VP or CEO level position in the new company?

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. Hopefully things will work out much better this time.

Was never fond of this vehicle. Poor EV range and poor performance as a sports car, makes for a terrible hybrid. Hate the Joker grin and huge center console with the window to look at the battery pack. Plus, Justin Bieber had one.

Meh, I say. Meh.

The Karma is rated at 5.9 seconds 0-60. That is the same that Tesla rates their Model S 60 and I don’t hear anybody trash talking the Model S 60 for having “poor performance”.