New Fan-Made Tesla Ad Spot – Video

JUN 4 2015 BY JAY COLE 8

Fan-Made Tesla Ad Spot Hits All The Model S Talking Points

Fan-Made Tesla Ad Spot Hits All The Model S Talking Points

Often we say that Tesla is lucky to have such a strong base behind their Model S that they don’t need to advertise their own product.

But then again,  perhaps building a superior product means you have earned that strong following, and good things like word-of-mouth promotion and free advertising is just a side benefit?

Regardless of the why, check out this fan-made Tesla advertising spot, we think it is one of the best yet!

Hat tip to Noah!

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Should have had it charging while parked. That was great when the doors popped open, and a swarm of people came out.

Sport Car looks* Super Car Performance, Family Car! 0 to 60 in 3.2 Seconds.. “PRACTICAL” …..How can anyone Beat That!…A Slower Version With “MORE RANGE” for Me! IE: 0 to 60 in 6.9 Seconds with twice The Range Would Be GREAT!..&*., More than Enough Speed For Most Of Us, maybe ad some gears for Hi-way Use???………cheers!

yes and no, with 270 mile range, you don’t have to always be charging, depends on your needs for the day. In reality, 200+ mile range BEVs will serve 90% of people’s daily driving, charging at home overnight, only needing to charge outside of home when going on long trips.

(my reply was supposed to be to kdawg)

Just looks cooler.

If NHSTSA once observed “80% of drivers travel less than 40 miles per day”, I think you can juice your 90%, closer to 99%.

Yeah, the “Swarm” of people coming out of that huge interior is the most impressive shot.

Nice spot. 🙂

This young fan hit all the points….he’s going places