New “EV Show” Episode 2: Electric Ferrari project, CHAdeMO RAV4

JAN 6 2015 BY JAY COLE 14

Episode 2 Of The EV Show - Featuring Michael Bream of EV West, with Tony Williams As A Guest

Episode 2 Of The EV Show – Featuring Michael Bream of EV West, with Tony Williams As A Guest

The fellows at EV West have put together their second ever “EV Show” (which is planned as a monthly show from here on out), and we have to say the content and delivery is something unique.

This particular episode features some more how-to/do it yourself information, plus an update on EV West’s electric Ferrari project.

Also of note, InsideEV’s contributor and one of the guys behind Quick Charge Power – talks about his company’s aftermarket CHAdeMO product for the Toyota RAV4 EV.

As always, the show is featured around EV West’s primary purpose – electric conversions and modifications, so if that sort of thing is not your cup of tea, the hour+ program also may not be up your alley.


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While i’m impressed that they’ve managed to get the Chademo retrofit working on the RAV4, I think it’s naive to assume they can repeat this success on other models. In fact, I’m really surprised that the RAV4 allows this without any software modifications. You’d think that the vehicle controller would have some diagnostics that would confirm that the battery is being charged in an expected manner – I’d be pretty freaked out if I saw 40kW being crammed into a lithium-ion battery without asking for it! Maybe they get it to work by leaving the car on as if it’s driving so that the battery just thinks the power is coming from regenerative braking, but even then, you’d think there’d be some monitoring system confirming that the output of the motor inverter more or less matches what’s coming into the battery. Proceed with caution, fellas, but good work so far! You’ve clearly surpassed my expectations!


Putting our JdeMO on other Tesla powered cars (RAV4, B-Class, Roadster, Model S) will be fairly straight forward.

Other cars, like perhaps the BMW i3, will be like starting over again!!!

For conversion cars, we “don’t know what we don’t know”, as there are far too many variables with individually constructed cars.

Tony Williams
R&D Manager
Quick Charge Power

Ah yes, the B-class! That may be significant going forward if December’s sales numbers are any indication.

I like the adding of Chademo to the Rav4. Toyota should be embarrassed that it takes hobbyists to make their cars better…just like the hobbyist Plug-In prius cars.

I don’t have time to watch this video right now, but I’m curious about adding CHAdeMO to the Rav4. Is there any chance that this same setup could be used to add an aftermarket CHAdeMO port to an existing Leaf? I know this is a small market, but it is still growing thanks to Nissan making CHAdeMO an option in the first place.

I bought without a CHAdeMO port, as there are no chargers anywhere nearby. Nor are there current plans to install any. But if someone does see the light, it would be nice to start taking advantage of them without buying a new car.

Have you looked to see if your car has the high voltage harnesses or connectors for the CHAdeMO port? How do you know that it wouldn’t “just work” if you got the missing CHAdeMO bits from a wrecking yard and plugged them into the existing harnesses?

I have not compared my Leaf to one that has the port. I have read that the harness is not present, though, and it would be costly to install. I don’t know how true it is.

We’ve added direct links to the individual segments, so if you’re short on time and only want to watch the ChaDeMo segment, please check out the show notes at

Thanks for all the support guys, we really do appreciate it!

This was a much better show than the first one. For the next show, I’d like to see a segment for total beginners with no EV conversion experience on how to pick a donor car. What to look for and which cars are better than others. Can cars with auto trans be converted easily? An explination of how much work and how many hours to expect a typical conversion to take if its the first time you’ve ever done such a thing. What are resources for help when you run into problems and issues if working by yourself? Ect.

Great input. Thank you!

These guys need a TV show. So tired of those same ole, same ole TV car guy shows. They’re literally all-the-same.

These guys need an agent! Go to Discovery Channel and get that airtime! I’d much rather watch these guy’s projects and they have the personality to go along with it! Win! Win!

Nice Vw Bus.

Around 58 or so with the little tail lights.

Not only that but it is Vista window bus with a canvas sunroof.

Pretty trick.

Liked the variable regen part and of course the Fire-ary part.

And he got those windows the hard way.

Mr. Garcia has talent, and more energy than the Energizer Bunny!

Pretty informative. I would have loved to see some details on the autounion conversion.