New Details Surface On Mercedes-AMG Project One

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Mercedes-AMG Project One

New AMG Project One hypercar details: 11K rpm, 31K engine life

A few new factoids on the F1-derived monster were revealed in Geneva.

More details have emerged about the forthcoming Mercedes-AMG hypercar – AKA Project One for those who haven’t yet happened upon the rumors, renderings, and general gossip of what should be an epic machine. Among all the Mercedes activity at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, Mercedes-AMG Chairman Tobias Moers said that, in addition to making over 1,000 horsepower, Project One would rev its slightly altered 1.6-liter Formula One engine to 11,000 rpm.

That’s awesome news, but with F1 mechanicals come F1 costs – in this case we’re referring to actual dollars as well as life expectancy, which Moers says should be somewhere around 31,000 miles (50,000 kilometers) before significant engine work is required. Bummer.

Mercedes-AMG Project One

Considering each of the planned 300 cars will sell for around $2.5 million, requiring an extensive engine rebuild before the warranty expires on a new Kia probably isn’t a big deal to buyers. And that’s only a factor if these cars even get close to that kind of mileage; with such a limited production run planned it’s doubtful most will top 3,100 miles.

The wraps won’t come off this latest hypercar until the Frankfort Motor Show this fall, but more teasers are sure to come. Right now, here’s what we know: in addition to its slightly tweaked F1 engine, it will adapt the hybrid setup used in the company’s W07 F1 car – the one that absolutely dominated the 2016 Formula One season with 19 wins, 20 poles, and 33 podium finishes. Electric motors up front will work with the engine to send power to all four wheels, and with a curb weight around 2,200 pounds, it will be insanely fast.

No official photos have been released, but we do have a stunning render from Jan Peisert below that we hope are close to the real thing. Because damn, we need this in our lives.

Project One Render

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14 responses to "New Details Surface On Mercedes-AMG Project One"

  1. ijonjack says:

    Is this an “EV” ? What’s It doing here anyways? No one wants to hear about Petro Cars here at Least I don’t, Go Away Already!!

    1. Jay Cole says:

      Well, the word is that it has a plug-in component so…c’est la vie

      1. DJ says:

        So after your engine blows up at 31K miles you’ll still be able to toodle around a town then. Good to know 😀

  2. vadik says:

    Yes, I also feel this article shoud not be here. No desire to sieve through this fossil fuel garbage.

  3. Intrepid says:

    This hypercar is completely based off F1 technology without the limitations placed by racing regulations, this includes a KERS system and FOUR electric motors, which last time I checked is the most available in any production car, and is supplemented by a legitimate F1 engine.

    If you have no interest in the technological achievement of this vehicle, feel free not to comment, but a highly exclusive hypercar reserved for the mega rich and garaged its whole life is not contributing any discernible impact to the environment.

  4. WARREN says:

    If you love technology, then this hybrid car from a major manufacturer absolutely belongs here. I want to know about it.

  5. bogdan says:

    Typical: Mercedes know how to do ICEs.
    Not surprized they are showing off with a new one. Mr Zetsche said a few days ago the diesel engine still has a bright future in his opinion.

    Meanwhile Rimac is doing something similar, just that it is pure EV.
    0-300 kmh 14s
    Top speed 355 km/h
    Any qustions?

    1. WARREN says:

      Well one of the hardest things to win is Formula One. Takes incredible engineering technology. Mrecedes has won Formula 1, Rimac, not a chance. Just saying you have to trust that Mercedes has some of the most advanced automotive engineering in the world.

  6. Mister G says:


  7. Stephen Hodges says:

    Hype-r-car…… so well named!

  8. Jake Brake says:

    Probably still wont be as fast ot handel as well as the nio ep9 and its 2x the price.

  9. Stimpy says:

    The question is will it still be slower to 60 than the 7 seat P100D sedan? LOL!

    I mean that’s gotta be embarrassing to owners of a $2.5M exotic.

  10. JIMJFOX says:

    As useful as tits on a bull- as the Aussies say!

  11. v8 engine says:

    this will smoke your electric cars