New Compilation Of Final Tesla Project Loveday Submissions


Project Loveday

Project Loveday: Bria Loveday – the idea behind the project – in her complimentary Tesla gear.

The time has come, and it’s the last day to submit Tesla Project Loveday fan-made commercials.

We have shared a few compilations with you along the way, but this will be the last. Soon, Tesla will pick a winner. It’s assumed that more will come in before the close of the day, since people tend to wait until the last minute. If you find another good one that we don’t feature here, or one that you like that we haven’t yet shared, please share it in the comment section below.

The Project Loveday entry deadline was recently extended from its original end date. If you’re hanging onto your video, or thought you missed the deadline, get in in by the end of the day today (June 5, 2017).

Let’s have a look at what’s new out there:

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17 Comments on "New Compilation Of Final Tesla Project Loveday Submissions"

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Love the gravity one.

Strive for the Impossible

“Choose the Future” gets my vote.

Those little girls stole my heart…

Still like “Nikola”

1 – Choose the future
and a close second is driving test

All good work, however really none of them capture the essence of what Elon proposed with the contest. Just seeing a Model S drive around does not promote the inherent values that Tesla and Elon’s companies bring. I really don’t see a winner in any of these but great efforts and I did enjoy them all.

+1 for “Mars 2028”
and “Strive for the Impossible”. I didn’t see it coming!

Those are some good ones too, we might attempt to put “all” the entries into one post (not 100% sure on the logistics of that atm…its a long list, lol).

For this recap its just the “what’s new out there” from the past week or so, (=

There is a playlist of 83 of them on youtube

Check out this one!!! It’s so sweet.

? Our very own video submission! Check it Out, plz! ?

The Miles Ahead video you are featuring in this article is stolen from cinematographer’s YouTube account. This is the original submission my team and I created.

Hi Carol,

Sorry to hear that has happened, will of course replace the spot with your original work.

All the best! Good luck!

Thank you so much for the prompt reply and correction. Very much appreciated!

Of course, and good luck in the competition. Perhaps we will catch up at a “future Tesla product launch event”, (=