With New ClipperCreek ProMountDuo Pedestal From $434, Full Commercial L2 Stations From $813

OCT 13 2015 BY JAY COLE 10

ClipperCreek has announced a new low cost pedestal – the ProMountDuo, capable of handling two of their charging systems, including the entry level LCS-20 (which retails from $379).

For most of us not in the market for a “pedestal”, why should we care?

Namely, because this pedestal sells for $434, and is designed for commercial and fleet applications, which means that combined with the low-cost ACS-15, a complete L2 external charging station can now be had for $813.

And as anyone who as priced the cost of a common-use charging station can tell you, that is pretty darn inexpensive.  Hopefully this means a lot more L2 charging stations will pop up as a result.  Now, go tell your boss that has been two cheap to buy one so far, that he/she has no excuse anymore.

Combine The Pedestal With Several Current ClipperCreek Stations For Under A Thousand

Combine The Pedestal With Several Current ClipperCreek Stations For Under A Thousand

Looking at ClipperCreek’s product lineup, it is clear that the ProMountDuo has been priced to be used in conjunction with one of the brand’s more popular (and capable) units, the HCS-40, which features a 25 ft cable and the ability to charge at up to 7.7 kW.  The two units retail together for $999.

Jason France, President of ClipperCreek (as well as founder), had this to say on the company’s latest offering:

“ClipperCreek’s mission is to develop and promote Electric Vehicle adoption by designing superior value into every product we bring to market. There was a need for a more cost-effective, flexible, dual pedestal and we are proud to once again have engineered an advancement for the market.”

 At this time, the ProMountDuo can be paired with any combination of 10 different ClipperCreek charging stations, ranging from 120V to 240V charging at 12 to 48 Amps suitable for workplace, tenant, and fleet charging.”

ClipperCreek noted these features of the ProMountDuo in a press release today:

  • Slim, modern profile
  • Operates as a single or dual mount pedestal out of the box
  • Pedestal doubles as an electrical raceway with service ground lugs
  • Supports two stations and two 120V outlets per pedestal (sold separately)
  • Compatible with ClipperCreek ACS, HCS, and LCS product lines
  • ADA height and reach compliant when installed to local codes
  • Powder coated with galvanized undercoat steel for environmental durability
  • Charging station’s integrated cable wrap makes storing the cable simple and convenient
  • Accommodates the low profile connector holsters that come standard with ClipperCreekcharging stations, allowing storage of the vehicle connector out of the way and where it’s most convenient
  • Made in America
  • ClipperCreek customers are supported by an exceptional customer service team

For more details, or to order the ProMountDuo for your business or commercial location, check here.

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I think the author means LCS-20 here rather than the “-15” model.

They sell both for $379. The -15 model is 12 amps (will work on a North American #14 AWG 15 amp circuit), but since the “-20” is the same price, and its a trivial expense to put in a 20 amp circuit over the 15, I’d think most would go with the 15 amp charging rate unless a business deliberately wanted a slower charge rate.

Installation of a ‘pedestal’ is still a bit pricey due paying someone for the concrete work, and sometimes, repaving.

But low-cost EVSE’s could also be placed on any building wall, where the installation cost could be made trivial. That’s got to be the reason most dealerships handle the problem that way.

They also sell a -25 version of the 110V units that will eek out a bit more charge during a work day.

One of the reasons why Chargepoint succeeds is charging $7000 for an L2 EVSE is because their units can accept payment.

Clipper Creek makes high quality EVSEs, but I do not think they can claim to support Commercial use until they provide a way to interface with a payment/access control system.

I hope they do that soon. As consumers we all benefit when ChargePoint monopoly is gone.

They do. http://www.clippercreek.com/store/product/cs-40-with-liberty-plugin-enabled-access-control/
For some reason they really don’t advertise these? They’re stuck on promoting their inexpensive models, as we can see from the ad here that never goes away. 🙂

Thanks for the link. I can see why they do not advertise these products. They look like a prototype, not a product. It is really the step child in their otherwise elegant set of products.

I have used the ClipperCreek with the Liberty access control at Zion national park and other spots. Its not a prototype, very good quality. the Access codes were sold through the gift shop. They also say they use standard pay-by-phone parking apps like ParkMobile, MobileNow which is used in my area.


I said they “look like” a prototype, and that is why they are not advertised.

And of course they cost way, way more than the $813 number in the headline.

Easy to underestimate how important this news is. L2 isnt happening in cheaper parking facilities, not attached to specific businesses, AFAIK. One less reason for garages not to act.

I had to read this twice to realize that all those negatives weren’t a bad thing!