New Chill Mode Makes Tesla Model S 100D Slow – Video


Chill is no joke. It’s chill. Like really chill.


Tesla’s new chill mode, which eases acceleration so you don’t get slammed into the seat back every time you accelerate away from a light, really does transform the car into a relaxed accelerator.

Recently, DragTimes set out to test this new mode and the results are more chill than you’d expect.

The whole DragTimes video isn’t chill though. It starts off with some hard runs in the 100D (not the Performance version). Those runs result in 0 to 60 MPH times of 3.8, 3.7 and 3.59 seconds.

When chill mode was tested, the same run took about twice as long at 7.2 seconds.

Video description:

We test out the updated Tesla Model S 100D and get an very impressive 0-60 MPH time that is WAY quicker than what Tesla states and almost as quick as the BMW M5 and MB E63 AMG.

We also test out the all new “Chill” acceleration mode to see what it’s all about.

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Finally I can “CHILLAX”, when I put My Tesla pedal to the metal.

I call it SparkEV simulator for Tesla as SparkEV would do 0-60 in 7.2 seconds pedal to the metal.

Next up might be “Snooze mode” for simulating Leaf, eGolf, etc at bit over 10 seconds. If Tesla is really daring, they might do “Dead mode” for simulating iMiev acceleration.

That’s called „neutral“

Sparky, you need to look at the 0-30 times for the eGolf. This is not a slow car at all in city driving. It’s even faster than the GTI, at under 3s. Hell, it’s even faster than my old clk 500.

Quicker 0-30 means even slower 30-60 where Leaf takes 7 seconds (or more!). You don’t pass other cars at 25 MPH, mostly above 30 MPH.

To be fair, new Leaf and new eGolf are bit over 8 seconds, huge improvements over the old.

What? In “stop light racing” you pass cars at 25 all the time. 🙂

Dead Mode? I was thinking “Anchor” Mode!

Terrible video many people don’t want head hurling starts all the time. Get real!

It’s pretty easy to avoid viscera rearranging starts in a Tesla. Just press your right foot down more gently. Done.

Tesla also could remap the go pedal for chill mode so that full thrust is available but requires more pedal travel to unleash.

Finally, a solution to new owners launching their cars through storefronts.

Yes, not-chill mode was a problem.
I see you upgraded, again.

Yes, I went from an Model X 90D to an X 100D. The build quality of the newer Xs is much improved.

I think you’re on to something there… Maybe Tesla should take a page out of some computer games’ strategies and only unlock higher levels of acceleration to people who’ve proved that they can actually handle it.

In any case, I’m a big fan of chill mode and wish a lot more cars had one. I’m looking at you, Golf GTE.

Not sure about the GTE but the eGolf has the Eco+ mode which is lazy as hell.

I think the old prius came up with this mode first. I could die behind one of those when departing from a stop light.

Prius Drivers don’t work for Drag Times, ya think???