All-New Chevrolet Cruze Launch In China Foreshadows 2nd Gen Volt

AUG 24 2014 BY JAY COLE 36

Next Generation Of Chevy Cruze Launched This Week In China

Next Generation Of Chevy Cruze Launched This Week In China

This past Friday marked the day that the next generation of Chevrolet Cruze was launched in China.  And given we have just recently been ‘teased’ with a spoiler pic of the upcoming 2nd generation of Chevrolet Volt, we thought it a timely opportunity to muse the likely similarities between the two.

Another Look At The 2nd Gen Cruze For China

Another Look At The 2nd Gen Cruze For China

Just as the current Chevrolet Volt and Cruze share the same compact car platform – the Delta II, the cars will both move to the same ‘all-new’ platform next year around the globe.

GM refers to this new architecture as a “global platform for midsize compact cars” – which sounds like a little bit of a oxymoron to us.

Internally, the new base is referred to as the D2XX, and combines the outgoing Delta and Theta platforms.  (Which means vehicles like the Equinox will also be moved onto the same line)

“The new Cruze is the first model based on GM’s new global platform for midsize compact cars,” said Shanghai GM President Wang Yongqing. “With GM’s global intelligent technology, it sets new benchmarks for styling, efficiency and user-friendliness in its segment. We expect the new Cruze to appeal to younger car buyers looking for an exhilarating driving experience.”

New Chevy Cruze Interior

New Chevy Cruze Interior

The next guise of the Cruze does show a lot more GM’s European design team’s input as it look to compete there against VW’s new MQB platform – meaning that front and rear overhangs are much shorter.

Additionally, GM says the Cruze’s enhanced aerodynamics give it a drag coefficient of .28;  meaning the Volt will get a lot more slipperier next year as well.   Weight is also reduced by 10% over the outgoing model, while fuel efficiency rises by a reported 24%.

Regardless of the who, what, why of the production fundamentals, there is no getting around the fact that the current Cruze and Volt have a very similar appearance both inside and out — something which is unlikely to change when the 2nd gen Volt debuts at the NAIAS (Detroit Auto Show) in January.

Dimensionally Almost Identically, This Is How The Current Generation Of Chevrolet Cruze And Volt Compare Visually

Dimensionally Almost Identical, This Is How The Current Generation Of Chevrolet Cruze And Volt Compare Visually

New Chevy Cruze Sporting A Larger Interior

New Chevy Cruze Sporting A Larger Interior – Definitely a Good Thing For The 2016 Volt

So, how do you feel about the new Cruze and how it might relate to the 2nd gen Volt?  Good.  Bad.  Or Indifferent?

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How much larger is the interior?

If they can get the Volt 2.0 with no loss in interior space, inlcuding luggage space (compared to the Cruze) and keep the price like the Cruze/Opel Astra + a maximum of $10k added (after all taxes and other costs are paid and before any incentives) then it can become a global hit.

The back seat passengers get a whopping 22 mm of additional knee room! That’s a whole .87 inches (rounded up) for you metrically-challenged folks. 🙁

Looks like it is mostly coming from a more vertical seatback (butts further back), too. I expected ~2in, wanting at least 4″ more. Oh well, Equinox PHEV, w/o changing the 8in of wonderful sliding seat room is where the family PHEV could be at.

So 7/8 of an inch.

Sven, the Cruze already has 1.3″ more rear seat leg room than the Volt, so adding 0.8″ would mean that the Volt Gen II might have 2″, or slightly more, additional rear seat leg room than the current Volt. I hope it is closer to 4″, but 2″ would be sufficient for most people.

The Volts current 34.1″ is pretty darned tight. I am a Realtor so I have 2 passengers in my car fairly frequently and the Volt was a bit of a leap of faith for me. I am really looking forward to stepping up to the Gen II Volt,the 2017 Ford Fusion Energi, or, if I wait, to the Tesla III.

After thinking about my reply for a minute, I think that I am twisting the numbers in a way that has little to do with what the Gen II Volt is going to be like.

Given the analysis of the Swirly Volt to the current Volt, I think the Gen II will be longer and roomier, though.

Isn’t that picture of Chicago?

That is a photoshop of lower Manhattan NYC with the buildings randomly cut-and-pasted behind the Volt and the Brooklyn Bridge removed. To the right of the Volt’s trunk from left to right you see the Verizon building, 8 Spruce Street Tower by Frank Gehry (aka New York by Gehry), Woolworth building, Freedom Tower, and the NYC Municipal building. This view does not exist as the buildings are in the wrong place in relation to each other.

That’s right — the stuff on the right is NYC. But the stuff on the left — that looks like Chicago.

Anton is right. That is definitely Chicago, and that view does exist south east of the Kennedy expressway and Ohio st feeder ramps. The Aon and John Hancock buildings had their tops cut off. The Willis(Sears Tower) in the background has 2 antennas. Freedom tower has a single spire.

That’s definitely the John Hancock Center in Chicago. Now I’m not so sure the buildings on the far right are from NYC. The Verizon building threw me off. For five years, my office at work had a real closeup view of the Verizon building in NYC. It didn’t occur to me that 40 years ago, the telephone company (Ma Bell) probably built similar 40-story windowless buildings to house telecommunications equipment in other US metropolitan cities. My bad.

“fuel efficiency rises by a reported 24%” … unlikely

The turbo 3 has already been advertized as 20% lower fuel consumption so it is possible plus the 10% in weight is good for around another 5% or so in MPG. I’ll try to find the link.

20% reduction in fuel consumption is already 25% increase in MPG….

We may have to listen to a lot of whining about the back seat though.

As you can see from the photo the middle seat is more like a bench than a real seat.

As long as it has a 5th seat it’s possible to squeeze into it. 🙂 It’s where you put a kid or a thin girl/woman anyway.

One way for GM to stop the whining about the backseat would be to release a Malibu-sized vehicle with an Voltec powertrain for us Americans with tall back seat passengers.

What we need is equinox with volt powertrain

Or suburban

Here is the link on the turbo 3 that states the 20% in fuel plus a lot of other goodies in the engine. It is a good article.

GeorgeS, thanks for the link. It is indeed a good article, but I remain somewhat sceptical and I’ll explain. Since I started driving I have seen several automotive technologies that brought significant improvements in economy, but it is seldom that a single technological change improves economy by 24%. In the article they claim the new turbo engine is 20% better than the prior naturally aspirated. So I looked at, and I noticed the current Turbo gasoline Cruze gets 30mpg combined, and the naturally aspirated gets 27mpg combined, an the turbo diesel gets 33mpg combined. So I think it means that the new improved turbo gas engine is only 10% better than the current turbo gas engine, and 0% better than the current turbo diesel. Of course all of this is just marketing hype … comparing apples to oranges so they can introduce a number like 24%, because the true value of 10% is not sensational enough. Right now I have no confidence that the EPA mileage of the new, improved vehicle will not be 24% above a similar previous model. Time will tell when we see the EPA tests of the next Cruze.
“Regardless of the who, what, why of the production fundamentals, there is no getting around the fact that the current Cruze and Volt have a very similar appearance both inside and out” – cut and pasted directly from this article. I disagree totally. I see a Cruze, designed by S. Koreans and tweaked for the N. American market, as taller than the American-designed Volt, and different in every aspect – except for obviously sharing the same basic underpinnings. Volt has that Prius architecture for aerodynamics over everything else. This predicates the hatchback design which still looks very different from the European Cruze hatchback not sold on these shores. Current Cruze has a high beltline and just look at the different shapes, proportions and locations of literally everything on the two vehicles pictured above. To say they have “a very similar appearance” is like saying Anne and Nancy WIlson of the rock band Heart have a very similar appearance. They are sisters and share the same parents just like Volt and Cruze, but they sure do not share any similarities in outward appearance. If you’re clueless to Heart, Google image them. This article needs at least one photo of the swirly-wrapped… Read more »

Now let’s hear how many differences you can find between Huey, Dewey, and Louie. I’m betting around a hundred.
Look, they might be brothers but aren’t they pretty different anyway?

Right on, James. Might as well write off the LEAF as being identical looking to a Versa, as well.

When I see a Volt, I don’t say to myself, “gee, there goes an electric Cruze!”. And so it should be. Prius showed the world that a proprietary shape that clearly defines the genre of a new kind of vehicle sells in big numbers. Camry and Fusion hybrids sell, but pale in adoption compared to their contemporary ICE counterparts. Interior – We know at least one of the 2 Volt v.2s we’ll see in 2016 will have three across seating. I hope both will, and believe that’s what we’ll see. I hope there is a bit better legroom – headroom is going to be a challenge due to the sloping hatch. Aerial shots of 2016 Volt during testing revealed rather large, tall headrests in back so I’m hopeful. My biggest concern is how GM will cut corners to insure Volt’s MSRP is more in line with it’s main competitor, Prius and PIP. I own both cars and my Prius feels like a leather-lined feather. I have leather on touch surfaces, but it’s so minimal, and certain failings, like the cheapo-feeling center console spoil any luxe feel they could have achieved. I justified this by reminding myself Toyota had to cut… Read more »

So nice to have you back James as I have missed your detailed posts.

Both James and I have a Volt and a Prius. It is an interesting comparison. Both are nice cars….in different ways.

Luckily the Prius is my wife’s car. I’m 65 and until now we never had our own cars but I must say it is very nice to have your own ride.

PS James. I know we all had ourselves convinced that there will be 2 versions of the Volt but in retrospect I’m having a hard time believing it now.

I’m still worried that Gen 2 will disappoint though. We both know GM management’s loyalty to the car is about close to zero which implies doing as little as possible for Gen 2.

James quote:
“I actually feel sorry for the car ”

I so totally agree on that. People keep saying the Volt needs to be in the 20’s to sell. I think the car is worth more than that….but I guess you have to own one and drive it all the time to really understand.

Drive the Volt…then drive the Prius. There is no comparison. It’s the difference between driving a Corvette and a Fiat 600. Why GM decided to put the guts a refined engineering masterpiece inside a Cruze I will never know. What a horrible mistake.

“Drive the Volt…then drive the Prius. There is no comparison.”


Not loyal to US or Japanese products, but definitely +1. Nothing has me considering Tesla’s arrogance more than GM’s commitment.

The new Cruze looks too much like a Focus with the big fishmouth front grill, i dont like it. I like my Volt’s grill as it flows with the car and looks Nascarish.
I dont think the new Cruze looks better than the old one, and now i’m affraid for the look of the new gen Volt.
I hope GM will suprise me but, with this Cruze, my hope has just about vanished.

The A pillar looks like it has fallen to <45 degree slope. Thinner, maybe, but that makes it more like a wall, for things traveling left to right. Also, dissapointed they are sticking with sloped dash. Audi, Chrysler, etc are bringing dial control closer to the driver, on console, while GM and Ford are putting it further away.

I like the hood-scoop in the Volt better than the ridge lines of the Cruze. I also like the higher/sharper back end of the Volt more than the Cruze’s more traditional back end.

The teaser of the Volt Gen2, shows the new back end. It also has me curious, but from what I could see, I liked.

The fact that vehicles share a platform doesn’t mean a lot for exterior styling or interior space. The fact GM will use the same platform for the Equinox and the Cruze indicates just how little sharing a platform matters.

That said, I doubt we’ll be seeing 40 inches of rear legroom in the Volt. My guess is two or three inches more than the current model. Similar to the Leaf.

The mass reduction is a big deal as is the new engine.

The redesign makes me think of a “Ford Fusion-me-too!) styling, with some chevy branding on it. *shrugs*

BBut it is better than their normally ugly / uninspiring midclass vehicles.

GM…At only 5’10” my head hits the roof in your car, but the Volt is not a sporty sedan where one expects only a child will ride. Come on now…all the single women tell me I am short so please fix the bloody backseat!

I’m 6 ft and fit fine….don’t sit so weirdly straight up (I guess).