New Bolloré Bluecars – Utility Vehicle And Convertible BlueSummer (w/video)

DEC 26 2013 BY MARK KANE 3

Bolloré Bluecars

Bolloré Bluecars

Bolloré Bluecar - utility version

Bolloré Bluecar – utility version

Bolloré has been busy introducing car-sharing schemes in new cities and taking on the task to manage charging infrastructure in London.

Aside from all that, the French company recently unveiled in Quimper, France two new versions of its EV.

The first is a utility version of the Bluecar that, instead of the rear two seats, has a big 800-liter trunk and payload of 230kg with one passenger or 155kg with two.

According to some media sites, this version will be offered at €12,000 (including incentives) plus battery rental of €80 a month as soon as January. The passenger version (in blue color) were sold for €12,000 (including incentives) plus €80 a month when introduced.

What’s interesting is that the delivery version will soon be integrated into the Autolib service, for professionals. We see some info too about a rental solution for €500 per month without a mileage limit.

Bolloré BlueSummer

Bolloré BlueSummer

The second new Bolloré Bluecar is the convertible BlueSummer.

This one is completely new and will be offered only in warm regions.

The drivetrain and battery pack are the same as the original Bluecar (50 kW motor and 30 kWh battery pack). Price should be little higher €13,500 (including incentives) plus monthly rental for batteries. Or rent for a month for €550.

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those are some ugly smart knockoffs

They’re definitely trying to recreate the Citroen Mehari with the windowless version. Seen plenty in Perpignan, so a good reason to be focused there. Hell, why should it, the Germans excepted the Twizy with open arms, why should Bolloré sell in Germany?

It’s probably the car in the western world that has the sloppiest execution of front fascia aesthetics. 4 different shades and materials of metallic grey with poor panel gaps and they couldn’t be bothered with headlight glass.
Yet the concept looked pretty decent.