New BMW i3 Ad Hits The Spot – Video


Electric car advertisements are rare. And ads that do a swell job of pointing out why one should actually buy an electric car, are basically non existent.

BMW i3

So, when we came across this BMW i3 commercial, we just had to share.

As BMWBLOG states:

“In the latest ad the Germans are running in the UK, the approach changed a little, focusing entirely on what sets the i3 apart in the crowd today and leaving everything else behind.

If you’re a fan of the car or if you own one, you probably already know what makes it tick and what reasons should be considered when looking into buying one, but for the rest of the people out there, the video will offer some additional insight.”

An insightful electric car ad? Imagine that…

Video description:

“Rowena’s BMW i3 has taken her city commute in a whole new direction.”


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Ehhh… Not that great. The ad tends to focus on environmental stuff. That’ll never sell cars to the masses. The stuff about saving money was nice, though.

If you want to sell cars to the masses you need to focus on other benefits. I bet when Tesla ever gets around to making a TV ad, it won’t focus on a bunch of treehugger aspects.

It does in London

No road tax


If she wants to save money, then walk, bike, take the bus or ride the tube. She lives in London which has sidewalks, bike lanes and a mass-transportation network that many of us would kill for.

But this kind of crazy talk doesn’t sell BMWs.

She’s got a nice voice though.

Doctoral candidate in Oxford, which is not in London
Air quality is also a big problem for cyclists, joggers etc. since they use oxygen at a high rate- along with all the pollutants.
As for the tube- it’s a nightmare of last resort.

100% with you on this, David.
White all the credits and gas savings these cars are cheaper so why not focus on that?

The unbelievable quiet of an EV.
The nice acceleration of the i3.
The REX, backup system.
The nice suspension system of the i3.

i3 is not a car for the masses.

*ding ding ding ding ding*. We have a winner. Nobody has ever bought a BMW to ‘save money’. It’s a lifestyle vehicle. An aspirational vehicle. The ad is exactly correct. They aren’t selling to the masses or really the top 1%. They are selling to 2 through 10%.

Which ‘masses’ would they be??

“The ad tends to focus on environmental stuff. That’ll never sell cars to the masses. ”

EV’s entire purpose is “environmental stuff” per Elon Musk, the Tesla mission is a “sustainable transportation system”. Why pay more for an EV, work around the range and recharge issues, the lifespan of the battery pack if not to do one’s part to cut emissions?

“Why pay more for an EV”
Because you simply don’t! many of us have ev on leases because it’s way cheaper than an ICE. Even when buying in many states due to the fed credit, the state credit, utility credit and gas savings ev are on par or cheaper than ICE versions.

Agreed. Won’t work in USA where environmental ideas are considered idiocy & ‘to hell with the rest of the world’ still holds sway.

That should be changing as real world performance of ETF’s like ETHO and SPYX, which have dropped carbon, are out performing the SPY index which holds carbon stocks.

This is the peak carbon era, carbon stocks will never be higher.

But, the i3, is a city car that runs well in the suburbs and country roads. It’s just not a 100 mph highway car, which the Tesla T3 will be.

No one ad is going to sell me a car but it might peak my interest do more research on it. It certainly was a lot better than all the other ads that have never aired for electric cars

I agree wholeheartedly

If Ads like that were to appear on local TV at even 1% as often as ICE car/truck Ads, then sales of EVs would triple immediately!


Meh, the lifestyle she described doesn’t seem to need a car at all, and the notion of buying a BMW to save money in that big bad expensive city to cover her regular 15 minute drive to the music library is rather laughable. BUT, I’m not a BMW driver, and doubt I ever will be, so perhaps they’ve targeted their message more accurately than it seems…

An electric car really is kind of a sanctuary. I love the serenity of driving electric to work and back. It makes my past cars and truck seem primitive.

It is just me or does BMW need to upgrade the LED screen in the i3? It looks pretty small in the video, even compared to the one in my LEAF.

I agree. All prior cars/trucks I have owned (including another Cadillac) are raw and unrefined compared to ELR. Only thing that would be an upgrade is a 300mi EV drive train.

???. The center screen in this i3 is much more advanced than the LEAF SL I had. The BMW will even play sharp video. And the back up camera display almost seems hi Def compared to the grainy Nissan system. The driver display above the steering column on the other hand is much worse than the Nissan

I wonder where she charges it? Or is it just a plug-in hybrid that never gets plugged in (like 95% of the rest of BMW PiHs)?

I wonder where you get your information? Or is it that you made up 95% of it?

Uhm, WTH there is a Tube stop at Russell Square! How about you take the Tube and do the world and London an even bigger favor by not driving an EV at all 😀