New Aerial Photos Show Expansion Underway At Tesla Gigafactory


Gigafactory Invitation

Gigafactory Invitation – Click To Enlarge

New aerial photos of the Tesla Gigfactory surfaced yesterday.

The photos, obtained by Teslarati from local flight instructor Josh Mcdonald from Nevada Tailwheel, show that expansion is underway, as are preparations for this Friday’s grand opening party.

Note the white tent in front of the building. Teslarati states:

“Several tractor trailers are seen surrounding the tent with a pair of trailers positioned in a way that would suggest cargo was being unloaded into the tent. Taking into account that commercial tractor trailers are generally 53 feet in length, we approximate the tent to be about 210 feet in length and 105 feet wide, or twice the size of a professional NBA basketball court.”

But more importantly there’s ample evidence of expansion underway. Concrete footings have been poured left of the building for a soon-to-be-added section and the land to the right and right front of the building appears to be graded and ready for footings.

We’ll likely learn more in regards to what’s going on at the Gigafactory this Friday during and after the grand opening event.

Additional photos at source link below.

Source: Teslarati

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Will InsideEV’s have a representative at the gigafactory opening event?

It looks like the four parts of what is already built is about 2/5ths of the final footprint?

It looks like ~1/5th, you’re right. The width in the narrow direction is more than twice what is already built, though it looks to be less than one third the width.

Looks like a busy place….

Will this event be reported by a wall Street based journalist? Probably not, wall Street likes bashing tesla and reports negative events.

All we know who owns WSJ, so journalists are no more working with ethics, only with orders. And these orders seems to be to shoot Tesla at any cost, and ethics it’s always which is sacrificed in the first place in the sake of dirty business.

What do you expect from a Murdoch company.
He does not sound like the evil guy in a fantasy epic for nothing.

Yes! They report Negative only ! They must be shorting the stock … lol… ONLY!!

Wow. So much earth moved. California uses snow plows to move mud that runs into excavated areas from the hills when it rains (roads, parking lots, etc.). Hope they have similar equipment.

Large scale earth moving calls for earth movers, not snow plows or even bulldozers.

The gigafactory will get about 8 inches of rain a year. The won’t have to worry about mudslides.

Won’t have to worry? The Reno area has also flooded every so often in the past. There was the Great Floods of 1997 and 1986.

Wonder if we can take pics during the factory tour, guessing not.

Makes sense…Deliver a TM3 in 2017 and get 7-9 ZEV credits (depends on the range/battery size)…But for 2018 ZEV credits are capped at 3 per vehicle…