New 2018 Nissan LEAF Images Leaked


A closer look at the uncovered next-gen 2018 Nissan LEAF.

We’ve previously seen the all-new 2018 Nissan Leaf wearing camouflage. Later, it was spotted uncovered in Barcelona, though at a distance, showing off its floating roof. And, just yesterday, we saw what we think is a reasonably accurate render giving us a closer look. But now, undisguised shots of the highly anticipated electric hatch have emerged from what we understand to be an inspection line at Nissan’s Oppama plant.

New Nissan Leaf no camo

New Nissan Leaf without camo. Photo used with permission from Broom (3 more photos at source)

Sure, the shots are a bit fuzzy, but they do reveal the character lines of the rear three-quarters better than anything we’ve seen to date, as well as the rear taillight assembly. We can also now confirm at least one shade of red that can be expected on showroom floors.

The photos showed up on a Japanese message board, and appear to be a screen capture from an attempt by a Twitter user — whose account has been now made private — to share them with a automotive website (we’ve embedded the entire tweet below). According to the text accompanying the photos, the shots were snapped at an inspection area of Nissan’s Oppama Plant on the southern end of Tokyo Bay by an employee of a supplier.

The 2018 Nissan Leaf is set to be officially unveiled by the company on September 6 in Tokyo, and make it to US showrooms by December. With the first generation Leaf being the EV sales king, with some 277,000 examples produced, we anxiously await to hear details about range, price, and features that might indicate whether this newest version will keep the crown.

Screen cap of tweet sharing 2018 Nissan Leaf spy shots

Embedded Tweet with multiple 2018 LEAF images below:

Source: Livedoor2001yNB8C bluemiata / Twitter, hat tip to Adrian, Alan!

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It does appear to have a lot of the new Nissan Micra about it.

I was thinking of the Pulsar

It does indeed, a little bit of both,

Not bad though and widely available soon,

I reckon I could eek out 300 miles from a 60kWh version !

Can someone please estimate a Cd number!? Pliiiizzz?

The Bolt EV should have shown Cd doesn’t mean a lot by itself. Unless you’re driving at 70-75 mph the Bolt is more efficient than a Model S. So for most people the Bolt with a worse Cd is more efficient.

For much of us, 70-75 is when range matters. I have a Leaf and a Model S. I have 85k miles combined from the 2 vehicles.

Aero matters a lot. I never cover 100 miles at 45 mph. When I cover 100 miles, it is at 70-75 mph.

0.25 < Leaf Cd < 0.30

It was confusing to me when I saw that the Model 3 had a Cd of 0.23, because I thought it was 0.21! Most of what I read said 0.21. And now it is 0.23! At any rate I think that the Nissan Cd will be less than 0.25, at least I hope so.

The Cd target for the TM3 was 0.21, but apparently they were only able to hit 0.23.

“Most of what I read said 0.21”


Most of what you read and willing to “believe”.

That is the difference between someone who got a rosy fan club glasses on and those of us who are willing to look at it without full emotional cheerleading.

0.21 was the goal, nobody ever said it will be what Model 3 has. Most of us just treated it as a goal and have a healthy dosage of doubt on whether that will happen. But Tesla fan boys were treating it as “facts” or alternative facts…

With all that said, 0.23 is still AMAZING which makes it the lowest among production vehicles. (Neither XL1 nor EV1 were full production vehicles).

This is my next!

Weird mix of i3/Bolt’ish rear end with a very mainstream small car nose.

Looks like the American Version of the Renault Zoe has arrived for the States (40 kWh battery). Has, as Alan pointed out, a Micra look to it.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

So far it’s a step above the previous LEAF……..appearance wise and range.

There’s not anything about this appearance that I like. The front is ordinary and the back is one of the worst expressions of this silly blacked out pillar craze I’ve ever seen.

But being ordinary looking is probably a positive for the LEAF in general. Ordinary-looking cars for ordinary people.

A normal looking car! Yes, please!
Also happy to see not all colors have the 2 tone design… i hate that!

So, did somebody just lose their job over those photos?

The front looks kind of like a Versa/Sentra issue. I guess it is more mainstream and less polarizing.

I was hoping they would minimize the “grille” border chrome but Nissan loves that cheap chunky chrome look. I hope you can delete the boyracer black roof option. Other than those fails, not a bad looking car IMO.

Not a timeless design…

All I ever hear is how the Bolt is so dorky looking but the M3 is oh so sexy! Now come comments about the Leaf, how it looks more ordinary. One person wrote ” a step above the current Leaf”, another wrote “Not bad”.

Might be ordinary, could be a step above, perhaps it’s not bad?

But, I’ll take a dorky ole’ Bolt anyday over the “new and improved” Leaf

Seems more like a mid-cycle refresh than a totally new design!!! At least that’s the way it looks. The bad part is it will only have 40 kWh to start. That should give it between 14 and 150 miles of range.

Looks are one thing the range and battery life are the most important to me. So far the LEAF is the only electric with no cooling. They have a cold weather option package but not a HOT weather one.
On all other plugins the batteries seem to last forever. In FACT the new Hyundai IONIQ has a lifetime battery warranty. Step up Nissan or wilt away.