New 2014 Model Year Ford Fusion Energi Specs And Options

MAY 6 2013 BY JAY COLE 14

Do You Like The Color Bordeaux Reserve And Want Heated Seats?  If So, You Will Have To Buy A Lincoln MKX As The Color Has Been Deleted For 2014

Do You Like The Color Bordeaux Reserve And Want Heated Seats? If So, You Will Have To Buy A Lincoln MKX As The Color Has Been Deleted For 2014

Spring is the time of year when we start to anticipate the changes a new model year may bring to all our favorite plug-ins.  And slowly, one by one, over the next two months, all is revealed.

First out of the gate this year (unofficially) is the Ford Fusion Energi.  Most likely because Ford’s order books on the car opened in late April (and thus we have the new info), with the company starting scheduling for the 2014 model year Fusions at their Hermosillo, Mexico facility on May 16th, for start of production on July 15th, 2013.

Most of the changes listed below are cosmetic, or perhaps features/options that were not quite ready for the mid-year start of the Energi trim level on the Fusion.  As a refresher, the plug-in Ford has a 7.6 kWh battery that provides the car with 21 miles of electric range, while the EPA rates the car at 100 MPGe overall, with 43 mpg in extended range mode.

Outgoing Color Choices For The Ford Fusion Energi:  Bordeaux Reserve And Ginger Ale

Outgoing Color Choices For The Ford Fusion Energi: Bordeaux Reserve And Ginger Ale

2014 Model Year Ford Fusion Energi changes:

  • Heated Steering Wheel (52A) – late availability
  • New Colors: Dark Side (BT), Sunset (D7) – which have since had name changes to Darkside Metallic and Sunset Metallic on the 2014 Taurus and Explorer…so we expect the same for the 2014 Fusion Energi when it is made available to the public)
  • Deleted Colors: Ginger Ale and Bordeaux Reserve
  • New Interior Option: Medium Soft Ceramic on Energi Titanium (late availability)
  • New Interior Option: Dune available with Sterling Gray exterior
  • New Interior Option: Red Leather Package available on Titanium
  • Front Heated and Cooled Seats (46B) – late availability
  • Rear Inflatable Seat Belts (67B)
2014 Ford Fusion Energi Goes Mostly Unchanged

2014 Ford Fusion Energi Goes Mostly Unchanged

Mechanically, as one would expect after only selling 779 copies through April, the Fusion Energi is unchanged.

Pricing has not yet been announced on the 2014 Fusion Energi, although it is unlikely to change by any significant amount.  Next up to be announced for Ford is the 2014 Focus Electric next week, with the 2014 Chevrolet Volt specs/changes to also debut in the next week or two.

Hat tip to our Ford guy Alan C

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A price reduction of about $4,000 to $7,000 would likely help move a lot of these.

Just as a random point if interest, if you “shake the tree” correctly right now, you can apparently get $3,750 off the MSRP.

Ford lists it as deal #50184 – take new retail delivery from dealer stock by 07/08/2013.

$3,750 is exactly the amount of the Federal tax credit applicable to this car. Coincidence or confusion?

confusion, but not a lot of coincidence I think

So the Fusion Energi SE that starts at $38,700, after incentives drops to $31,200. With the current Volt at $31,645 after $7,500 incentive.

So I am sure it’s no surprise that both the 2014 Volt and 2014 Fusion Energi both have the same July 15 production date. One waiting on the other before announcing 2014 pricing.

It’s a game of cat and mouse…GM gave a hint, Ford has been quiet as usual.

Since I bought a C-Max yesterday, I can tell you for a fact that RCL #50184 shown on the ford website is ONLY for the lease, and represents Ford passing Federal tax credit thru to buy down the lease amount. There are no incentives for purchase. Very deceptive on Ford’s part.

It looks like Ford is selling all they can manufacturer. Still meeting back orders with daily available inventory. Unlike the C-MAX Energi that maintains about 1400 units in inventory.

Is the Fusion Energi made in the USA or Mexico?

Currently final assembly is in Hermosillio, Mexico

All Fusion production is currently in Mexico, and Ford manufactures battery packs for Fusion hybrid/energi in Michigan, then ships them to Mexico for install.

But 2014 Fusion production starts at Flat Rock at end of summer.

Since battery packs are manufactured in Michigan, it is expected that Ford will move all Fusion Hybrid and Energi production to Flat Rock in Michigan. It also makes sense that Flat Rock handles production for the Canada market, as it’s closer than shipping vehicles from Mexico. I wouldn’t think Ford would miss an opportunity to promote ‘Made In America’ with the Fusion.

I wonder if the Fusion Energi is plagued with the same low real life MPG as the C-Max?

Any change to passenger side seat? Fusion needs a raise/lower option in adjustments. That’s our biggest complaint.

Definitely need to distribute battery pack, takes way too much trunk space!

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