New 2014 Model Year Ford C-Max Energi Brings…

MAY 17 2013 BY JAY COLE 25

2014 C-Max Energi Gets...

2014 C-Max Energi Gets…

It is that time of year again, when all the information about the upcoming model year of our favorite plug-in vehicles are slowly released (or in our case quite often – leaked) out for all to see.

Last week, we brought you the changes on 2014 Ford Fusion Energi, and despite the extended range plug-in only haven been on sale from April, there actually was a few additions to the brand; some new colors, heated steering wheel, etc.

Selectable EV Mode Button On Ford C-Max Energi

Selectable EV Mode Button On Ford C-Max Energi

Considering the Ford C-Max Energi has been on sale even longer, since October of 2012 – almost a full model year, we anticipated at least a few tweaks and upgrades would be planned for 2014.

Nope.  Not a one.

That is, unless you get excited about some new order packages/codes.  Although it should also be noted that the final order guide has not been put in stone  yet, as production start on the 2014 C-Max Energi has not been determined yet

As noted, by one of our valued community members (wave to Alan), there does seem to be an interesting rumor in relation to the regular C-Max hybrid, that may spill over into the plug-in version…namely what seems to be a little slip up in referencing an option’s availability on various models.


Our Own Lyle Dennis Has A C-Max Energi Of His Own; And Yeah, The Trunk Design Could Use Some Upgrades In The Future

Our Own Lyle Dennis Has A C-Max Energi Of His Own, And Yeah, The Trunk Could Stand An Update

The “S series” is reserved at Ford for the lower costing trim level in a group, of which there is none on the C-Max Hybrid or Energi, only the SE, and higher end SEL.  This could foreshadow a more inexpensive C-Max being made available next year.Regardless of a chance at a price break in 2014, that is going to be it for the C-Max Energi.

For model year 2015, bigger changes are thought to be in store for the ENERGI, as the platform has been around since 2011 and is due for a refresh…which is most likely the culprit behind the model’s feature freeze for 2014.  (For 2015, think integrating the vehicles lithium battery that now resides in the trunk elsewhere in the car)


Some stats on the current (and likely 2014) model year of the Ford C-Max Energi:

  • starts at $33,745
  • qualified for $3,750 of the $7,500 max federal credit
  • electric only range: 21 miles
  • EPA rated efficiency of 100 MPGe (108 MPGe city/92 MPGe highway)
  • gas-only mode: 43 MPG
  • 188 hp (140 kW)
  • 7.6 kWh lithium battery
  • top speed: 102 mph
  • top speed on just electricity: 82 mph
  • charging time: 2.5 hours (240V), 7 hours (120V)

 Big hat tip to our “Ford Guy” Alan

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Well, if they are going to make some big changes in 2015 like moving the battery to a better place, I guess I can forgive the “no changes” approach to their 2014 model. I’m still hoping Ford comes to their senses and brings out an Escape Energi…(not holding my breath).

I was hoping more for an Explorer Energi.

Here Here! An Explorer Energi would be nice!

An Escape Energi wouldn’t really offer much that the CMax can’t except looks. But in my eye, they’re both tall, ugly and ungainly. If they really want to enhance their lineup, it would be an Expedition Energi that would add the most value. Then we would finally have a 7-seat plug-in vehicle (pay no attention to the Model S behind the curtains…)

An Escape, or Edge, or even Explorer Energi would offer an entrant in the hot Crossover market, and likely be AWD. And being that up until last year, Ford already offered a hybrid Escape, it seems it would have been a nice move in the name of continuity to offer at least an Escape Energi to round out their portfolio.

Now an Expedition Energi…Nice idea, but I would hate to see that price tag!

I’ll give you AWD, but the C-Max is already a cross over.

C-Max is a passenger car per US Gov. It is a tall hatchback with normal ground clearance and no characteristics that allow the ‘utility’ classification loophole.

[typo Nazi on]
“there does seem to an” = “there does seem to be an”
“Some states on the current” = “some stats”
[typo Nazi off]

thanks kdawg…long weekend=editor is not focused


A C-max Energi refresh is needed, but what’s needed even more by Ford is a purpose built EV, not another, “can we stick batteries in that?” car. (see Ford Focus).

(and my own typos, “need” = “needed”)

MOD EDIT (statik-Friday, May 17th, 2013 @ 8:42AM): Hehe, I got you, (=

Unfortunately, that has been the Ford strategy for electrification. They want to run it in the same production lines as the ICEs, so they can match supply with demand and not be forced to give them away.

I think we will have to see much greater levels of adoption (and extremely low Ford market share), for them to develop an electric only vehicle platform. If I was proded to guess, I would say after next gen Volt, next gen (battery) LEAF and Gen III Tesla. It will still be 2-3 years after that before it hits the lots.

I think they are going to learn the hard way, and be behind the curve. (Same with Toyota/Honda)

Nissan’s line can build Leaf or ICE.

I think Ford has made sound business decisions with their plug-in lineups. As others have pointed out, sharing common parts and platforms with other vehicles and assembly lines reduces cost of these vehicles. I’m willing to bet every Energi product sold is probably profitable from the get go. So while they may be selling fewer of them, they are at least making money.

However, they have one issue that won’t go away anytime soon. Their battery sizes aren’t large enough to take full advantage of the tax credit. So in many cases the competing products with larger batteries can be bought at the same price or less. Now once Nissan and GM run out of tax credits, Ford will have the best deal on the market. But that may be a while.

And the credits may disappear by then. Also, as others continue to work on purpose built EV’s and reduce their cost, they wont need the tax credits anymore. IMO, go big or go home!

I wonder how Volvo fits the battery in the V60? There hasn’t been mention of how well its battery is integrated. They are also set up to produce the V60 in-line with the conventional models.

It’s stored in the rear cargo area which also fills space where the spare tire would go. It raises the floor up a bit just like the current C-MAX hybrid. Second row seats can fold down but it’s not a flat cargo area with the batter hump.

Here is an image:

Looking at how the Fiesta eWheelDrive Electric video made a point of showing how the battery is to be installed below the vehicle, gives a good indication of where Ford is heading with the next gen C-MAX, and the Focus Electric which shares the same platform. Along with a lighter weight body using aluminum body panels.

The Mitsu Outlander PHEV will cover SUV market later this year.
Still nothing from the D3 in the SUV segment.

Just like suspected, a very short MY 2014 C-MAX run (maybe 9 months) and an early Launch of a completely new or “refreshed” MY 2015 in the late Spring for 2014.

A little off topic, but I got the chance to rent a C-max Hybrid this past week … it was nice to get a chance to compare reality with the marketing and news about the vehicle. So, if you’ll indulge me, here is my “review” of the vehicle. First off, when we opened the trunk, ugh, even in the pure hybrid, (I didn’t have the Energi plug-in, just the standard hybrid), it too had a hump in the trunk. So, not a lot fit back there. I can’t imagine how paltry the Energi would be. (The lack of cargo space was one reason we didn’t hold out for the C-max as a replacement for our current Focus wagon: it was clear the space would be much less, especially on the Energi. Seeing it in person confirmed we’d made the right decision in this regard). The passenger space was pretty good; I’m tall so the head room and legroom, at least for the driver, is great. I didn’t sit in the back, but from the looks and comment from our passengers, it was fine, certainly better than the Leaf, for example. The driving experience was smooth … except for the one… Read more »

What this nonsense of MY 2014 Ford C-MAX Energi or Hybrid to begin Production with a JOB1 Date of July 8, 2013? Latest Ford Fleet Distribution Bulletin says MY 2013 JOB Last Date for Production is Nov 29, 2013!

Looks like we got a little Fusion Energi data crossed up in there. Sorry about that & thanks for the heads up. Fixed.

Love my 2013 cmax energi. I would like to see the rear shelf gone as there is very little storage room with it.
I actually get better electric mileage than advertised when the AC is off.
The ride and feel equals my Cadillac SRX.
I will never buy a non plug in car again. We average over 187 mpg. I haven’t put ten gallons of gas in that car since I got it.