New 2013 Nissan LEAF A Big Hit, Over 1,900 Sold In March

MAR 27 2013 BY JAY COLE 33

It Looks Like More Than A Few Plug-In Buyers "Chose" The Nissan LEAF In March

It Looks Like More Than A Few Plug-In Buyers “Chose” The Nissan LEAF In March

Even though the official March sales numbers are not released until Monday, it looks like Nissan could not help but let the good news out of the bag at the New York Auto Show today.

Nissan LEAF sales are back on track.  In a big way.

Top Of The Line SL Trim Of The 2013 Nissan LEAF

Top Of The Line SL Trim – 2013 Nissan LEAF

For the first two months of this year, with 2012 inventory of the LEAF running out, and while still waiting on US-made 2013 model year LEAF production to start shipping from Smyrna, TN,  Nissan only managed to sell 1,303 electric cars for both January and February combined (Jan-650, Feb-653).

Now, with 2013 LEAFs filling inventories across the country (although the company says it will still take until the end of April to fully re-stock), Nissan’s José Muñoz, who is Senior VP of  sales and marketing, says that “over 1,900” LEAFs will be sold by month’s end.

Amazing what simply lowering the entry level price by a mere $6,400 can do for sales.  The 2013 Nissan LEAF now starts at $28,800, with nationally advertised leases starting at $199/month.

While the exact final number of LEAFs sold won’t be know until next week, anything more than 1,700 units sold would represent Nissan’s best effort in the US to date.  Since the EV’s debut, Nissan has sold 57,000 LEAFs worldwide.

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Now if we could only get GM to follow the same excellent logic and lower the price of the Volt, then sales of Plug-ins might finally start to take off in a meaningful way. Good news.

Hello there Schmeltz,

have you had a chance to drive the Nissan Leaf? While the Chevy Volt is still the Leaf’s biggest competitor they have very different opporating systems.

Give us a call if you have any questions about the Leaf!

I wonder if that means 1,900 leafs already sold (with several days left to go) or they expect 1,900 leafs to sell.

I hope it’s not just the added up demand which couldn’t get served in jan/feb. Let’s see, if this number will be stable over the next months.

I’m, starting to see them everywhere here in Northern Virginia. I’ve probably seen 10 in the last couple weeks.

GM could end up losing the market share battle if they can’t lower the price of the Volt. Every Leaf buyer who can live with a 4 seater could have been a Volt customer.


Nonsense. The primary reason we didn’t get a Volt is
– Not enough EV range for my weekend trips
– Too low

Interesting. The primary reason I didn’t get a Volt is – Internal Combustion Engine. I don’t need it, I don’t want it, and now I don’t have to deal with maintaining it!

As far as “too low”, I personally prefer lower cars. I hate how high the Leaf sits, and how much excessive headroom there is. I cry on the inside to think of how much less drag it could have had. (Although I do appreciate the ground clearance when I have to drive through a foot of snow…)

That ICE has been a real pain. 1 oil change in 2 years. 6k of 26k miles on it.

Most ICE are maintain free, but only when they are new. The amount of required maintenance and repair growth rapidly with the engine age.

I know your pain especially when the GM dealer calls saying your due for an oil change (for our Cruze) and it’s $70 including tire rotation, plus you can upgrade to synthetic oil for a total of $170, ouch!

Not something that will EVER happen on a BEV!!!

“The primary reason I didn’t get a Volt is – Internal Combustion Engine. I don’t need it, I don’t want it, and now I don’t have to deal with maintaining it!”

Exactly! I figured if I ever needed to travel beyond the range of the LEAF I would simply rent an ICE vehicle. In over two years I’ve never rented one. Guess I’m done with them!

i guess the point is… it is good to have different options that everybody (well, almost) can find one that fits its needs.

I keep hoping to see Chevy produce a BEV in the form of say a Chevy Cruze shape with 100-mile range (true 100 mile using about 28-32kWh). The Leaf is just about right but the looks of it are just outside the bounds of acceptable. A Cruze or other basic four-door with electric only range would be my preference. The Volt will have to do for me for now.

You mean the Chevy Spark EV? Set to be in dealerships by July this year…

Even though I am a Volt owner, I like the leaf and want to see it succeed. This is great news Jay. Hopefully they can keep this up… shows what a lower price can do.

Right on George!

And I, as a Leaf owner, root for the Volt and the Tesla and every other new drivetrain that may help ameliorate the problem.

It is the old ICEs that are the competition!

I really like the stripped model. Nice and inexpensive, incandescent headlights, and nothing I don’t want… Bet the sell a lot of them.

This is great news. I really hope this continues. I also like that Nissan has reached out to longtime EV advocate Chelsea Sexton for help with their EV program, an excellent move.

Nissan seems to have listened to dedicated people like Chelsea and made many improvements where needed. With the lower price the 2013 LEAF will be quite difficult to beat.

Imagine how many more Leafs Nissan could sell, if they cleaned up the design / aero on it? After two years, the carp-face and diaper-butt still haven’t grown on me.

I like the looks of the Spark EV. The Leaf.. uh.. no comment. But what I’d really like is something like a Pontiac Soltice/Saturn Sky, but not a $100K Telsa/Fisker version.

Would you buy a Leaf if it looked different ? No – since you want more range (for the same price, I guess).

The less fugly the vehicle, the more likely the purchase– no matter the specs.

At $18,800 the “lowest cost of total ownership” which the media gets obsessed with, starts to make sense for a lot of people. Me, I’d happily pay significantly more for electric propulsion simply for how nice it is to drive, and for all the items it doesn’t need.

come on Twizy

Leaf should still easily outsell the new Chevy Spark EV by a long shot. The Spark is “interesting” but not enough-so to displace the Leaf in the economy BEV arena.

One has to wonder what the new Leaf will do to the affordable BEV competition in the US. Looks like the Focus EV is really out. The i3 will be expensive. The old MiEV is out and the new one not here yet. The Fit EV, 500 EV, Smart forTwo ED are extremely limited and iQs are nowhere to be found. Almost everyone else is making a PHEVs.

Nice! I am sure the biggest seller is the SV or SL, since the S keeps you on the slow 3.3 charger and Carwings for remote access to your car is not even available. By the time you upgrade just for the 6.6 charger, the SV is the better option. But the $28k price is a nice draw to get consumers in the dealership, along with the $6,400 price drop.

It looks full EV sales for March could be close to 5,000 with plug-in hybrid at about 4,000.

“New 2013 Nissan LEAF A Big Hit, Over 1,900 Sold In March”

And the 2013 still is not available everywhere yet. Wait and see what happens when it is !!!

Hope they’ll bring in US the new Renault Zoe.

I just bought a new 2013 and traded in my 2011. The Leaf is a very enjoyable car to drive and the new model has some nice improvements. I spend 80% less per mile to charge compared to the cost of gasoline. The current price point puts the car in competition with a host of compact cars– I paid less for the Leaf than I would have for a similar Sentra. (Of course this is due to the federal tax credit and that Washington state waves the sales tax on EV’s). I’m not sure how well these will sell when the tax credit phases out, I suppose that depends on whether they can reduce the cost of the batteries. It would be nice if the Volt would lower their entry price, the more EV’s and Plug-In Hybrids, the better!