New 1/8-Mile World Record Set By Electric TC-X – Awesome Video

3 months ago by Mark Kane 10

Truly, some acceleration to behold!

True Cousins, a Danish pure electric drag racing team, has set a new NEDRA world record for the 1/8-mile track.

TC-X 1/8-mile world record: 4.89 s

Their TC-X vehicle notched a 4.8968 second time and 233 km/h (144.8 mph) at the Malmö Raceway in Sweden.

It was just a year ago, and also in August, that the TC-X was tops in the XS/A3 (Extreme Street / 408V nominal voltage) vehicle class at 5.129 seconds and 137.8 mph.

The full list of NEDRA record holders is available here.

TC-X 4.89 New WR for electric cars 1/8-mile

The TC-X from True Cousins sets a New WR for electric cars 1/8-mile with 4.89 sec and 233 km/h. This means that the TC-X is the fastest electric full-bodied car (door-slammer, extreme street, pro-mod) in the World!

TC-X 1/8-mile world record: 4.89 s

TC-X 1/8-mile world record: 4.89 s

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10 responses to "New 1/8-Mile World Record Set By Electric TC-X – Awesome Video"

  1. philip d says:

    Next goal. Drop 1.3 seconds and beat this.

    Next stop after that is top fuel.

    1. DJ says:

      I honestly didn’t know 1/8 mile races were even a thing. Grew up near the strip at the LA Fair grounds and went many times. I just don’t know if/when EVs will be able to beat those cars. They don’t have the issue of carrying around a heavy ass battery for power. Dragsters and Top Fuel also basically have immediate torque/hp the way they’re driven so again that usual benefit of an EV isn’t really there.

      Not to mention I’m sorry but the sound as they go by is friggin amazing. You literally shake in your boots!

      1. Unplugged says:

        Noise from liquid fuelled engines is the sound of an archaic industry destined for the dustbin of history.

        1. F150 Brian says:

          But we’ll enjoy the he77 out of them until they go 😉

        2. Ollie says:

          Not so fast brah,

          HCCI engine breakthrough:

          I love the electric car, but internal combustion still has some tricks up its sleeves.

      2. kuk says:

        Another noise fetishist? Not me.

  2. jim stack says:

    why not 1/4 mile like the Current Eliminator did for 20 years. Same electric motor and batteries for many years.

  3. Someone out there says:

    Meh. When you have instant torque you benefit from making the race shorter and shorter. Why not make the race 1/2 mile? Ah yeah, it doesn’t look as good then.

    Why not strap a box of dynamite to the back of the car? The first couple of meters will be incredibly fast!

  4. Mint says:


    Not even 4x as quick as Usain Bolt!

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