NEVS Receives EV Production License in China, First Cars By Year’s End

JAN 29 2017 BY MARK KANE 6

NEVS has happily announced that its production application has been approved by the Chinese government.

With a production license in China now under its belt, NEVS intends to complete construction of a manufacturing plant in Tianjin, and start assembling cars by the end of this year.

Kai Johan Jiang, chairman of NEVS

Kai Johan Jiang, chairman of NEVS

Production capacity is said to be 200,000 cars annually once everything is up and running.

Of those, about 150,000 9-3 EV Sedan electric cars are to be produced for partner Panda New Energy, a new energy vehicle leasing company in China that is NEVs main backer today.

“The electric vehicle production license approved by the Chinese National Development Reform Commission (NDRC) is required in order to manufacture electric vehicles in China. NEVS is the first joint venture company with investors from outside China that is granted a New Energy Passenger Vehicle Project investment approval by NDRC.”

Kai Johan Jiang, chairman of NEVS said:

“I am very grateful for the approval we now have received for the electric vehicle production license. It is an extremely important milestone for NEVS, which is based on 70 years of Saab long history. It means that we can take the next step to realize our vision – to shape mobility for a more sustainable future.”

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6 Comments on "NEVS Receives EV Production License in China, First Cars By Year’s End"

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go Nevs go
I want one

I do hope they understand that they need to put at least a 60 kWh battery in this 10 year old model. More interesting is to understand what lies beyond the 93..

It`s only the shell and look thats remind of the old 9~3 everything else is up to date and top of the class after what I have read.

Without the Saab logo and brand name,how can NEVS hope to succeed?
Case in point, Qoros is struggling to survive.
Electrification, and the Chinese government’s blessing may be the saving grace….

Well the brand doesn’t matter one bit, they still have the old employees from the old saab automobile and The old factory in Sweden plus 2 new ones in China. And many of the EV manufactures gets new brands for their EVs.
Hope they start selling their cars this year for europe and america too.

According to saabsunited
“After some talks with NEVS I’ve been told that we will see the NEVS 9-3 this year, but that production won’t start till the factory in Tianjin is ready, which is expected in the second half of the year.”