NEVS President Predicts “Big Volumes” of EV Sales in China in 2015


National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), the current owner of Saab, is currently making the ICE version of the 9-3.  Production restarted approximately 3 weeks ago.

New 9-3

New 9-3

Eventually (sometime in 2014), NEVS will produce a BEV 9-3.

It’s the electric version, not ICE, that NEVS hopes to sell in volume.

Where will that volume be sold?  In China, says NEVS President Matthias Bergman.

As Bergman told Reuters, China’s EV market is “nearing a tipping point.”  By 2015, Bergman predicts that the “big volumes” for EV sales “will be in China.”

Bergman is not saying that China will be big only for NEVS.  He’s instead implying that China will be where lots of EVs are sold come 2015.

NEVS Chief Executive Kai Johan Jiang agrees with Bergman, stating:

“Electric cars will be a scarce commodity in China.”

If China does warm up to electric vehicles, then global EV sales could truly soar.

Source: Reuters

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It would be nice to see how the electric Saab would perform in Norway. If well, it may turn out to be the same story with Volvo’s V60 PHEV; Respond to demand, increase production, spread and so on. Hell, it may be a perfect gap to introduce if there’s a hiatus between the V60 and XC90 plug-in.
The EV market is maturing and becoming much busier. It’s beginning to get late to the party. An EV that’s their first production car, we’ll see… I want to be impressed by Saab: Quick charge, 6.6kW charger or more, 27kW (usable) capacity or more, good performance, comfortable interior, and anything different and special from the competition other than being a Saab.
This is a car I’m expecting that’ll be right up the i3’s and B-Class ED’s ally, and the LEAF Tekna’s too, if the price is right!

But I’m not too confident. I have no idea what NEVS might be able to crop up, for their first car! I wouldn’t want to see another Coda or Fisker. Great in one aspect, but unappealing or under-performing in every other.

The magic bullet of a 75 EV miles sedan with 5 seats and a rex autorising an overall range of 400 miles at 35000 $ is still out there waiting for its huge market.

I predict that Saab will be bankrupt again with absolute certainty.
To resume the old hemorrhaging already dead business just seems spectacularly stupid.
You might as well put a zombie on a dating site.