NEVS To Launch 5 Plug-In Electric Vehicles By 2018

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NEVS To Launch 5 Plug-In Electric Vehicles By 2018 (source:

NEVS To Launch 5 Plug-In Electric Vehicles By 2018 (source:

Future Of The SAAB 9-3 EV Now In Question As 200 Workers Laid Off

Pilot production of the SAAB 9-3 By NEVs

NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB), the company which for a few years has been trying to resurrect SAAB, is now bettting on New Energy Vehicles (all-electric or plug-in hybrids).

Key market for NEVS is China where they are building a manufacturing facility and gathering strategic partners (see news about 150,000 cars EVs for Panda New Energy).

According to an extensive post on the, SAAB, under NEVS, could launch five new EV models – including its first in 2017 and four more in 2018.

Five models by 2018 for a small company sounds bold and we would perhaps expect such a statement from GM or Volkswagen, but not NEVS. On the other hand, the  Chinese market is unfathomable.

The first model will be all-electric and based on the “heavily upgraded” SAAB 9-3. Pilot production run of this EV was already done some times ago, but NEVS then had to do step back and look for new investors.

The 2017 SAAB 9-3 BEV is to be offered in China and Sweden (cars will be produced in Trollhättan prior to final assembly in Tianjin, China).

Other potential models listed by NEVS are:

  • compact SUV
  • midsize SUV
  • midsize fastback
  • midsize crossover


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23 responses to "NEVS To Launch 5 Plug-In Electric Vehicles By 2018"

  1. Max S. says:

    Why do _all_ concept cars have ridiculously oversized wheels? Seriously, what’s up with that?

    1. Dan says:

      Why do all cartoons have big eyes?

    2. That was my first thought too when looking at their cartoon car depictions. Ridiculous. The whole trend of ever-diminishing sidewall height is beyond me. I like practical vehicles… after all it is a tool for getting around, not a sculpture to sit on my mantle!

    3. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

      I guess some people think they’re cool-looking. I’m not one of them, either.


      It’s odd that article doesn’t mention the term “Bambi eyes”, a popular meme in Anime.

    4. martinwinlow says:

      I don’t know about concept cars but as far as EVs go (and other vehicles that want to be as efficient as possible) you might be able to argue that a larger wheel achieves better aerodynamics (as in a lower CdA) due to it being able to have a narrower width for the same suspension performance. The downside is a greater angular speed reduction requirement between motor and wheel but this is not a big deal. MW

    5. LobsterCowboy says:

      it’s a fad, and they pander to it

  2. Robb Stark says:

    A BEV 9-3 and 4 variations of the same Crossover platform with very little deviation.

    Really two vehicles.

    With Dongfeng backing they have a real chance at a revival.

    To have a chance in North America they need the SAAB brand. Apparently, they are in dispute/negotiations with SAAB AB the aerospace company about the rights to the brand in the automotive sector.

    1. Anon says:


  3. Bill Howland says:

    It will be nice to see the local Saab dealer

    1). Have something new to sell and stay in business.

    2). Have more than one vehicle that you can plug in.

  4. PVH says:

    With who’s money ?

    1. Speculawyer says:


  5. wavelet says:

    This is all just noise so far, until they prove.
    NEVS is legally bankrupt, as of a few months ago. It also lost its previous right to use the Saab name.
    The PHEV plans are warmed over — the same ones they announced in 2012.
    They’re one more Chinese company that think that using a once-proud European brand name will magically make their business, and it doesn’t work that way.

    1. Hanm says:

      Bankrupt? Where are you getting that information from? NEVS has succesfully completed a reorganization early 2015, with new owners on-board, massive financing agreements, technology partnerships and strategic collaborations announced, incl. a 100 billion SEK deal to supply electric corporate sedans.

  6. turboro says:

    Totally insane and unrealistic szenario to bring out in the next 24 months, because in the past 24 month they where even not able to make a few 9-3 based prototypes to heat up the press and potential customers or any detailed spec.

    The szenario will be like this unfortunately:
    After 500 produced Saab 9-3 EV by 2017 with 120 miles of range, we will hear nothing of them, because Panda will stop or switch to another like BYD.

    1. Dan says:

      Come on, if it didn’t find ever more creative ways to die and resurrect itself, it wouldn’t be the Saab we love.

  7. Speculawyer says:

    compact SUV
    midsize SUV
    midsize fastback
    midsize crossover

    So, a bunch of body styles that GM should be sticking Voltec into.

  8. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

    Oh, dear. Now the acronym “NEV”, or “NEVS”, has three meanings in the field of EVs:

    Neighborhood Electric Vehicle
    New Energy Vehicle
    National Electric Vehicle Sweden

    Confusion reigns!

  9. Saabluster says:

    “Pilot production run of this EV was already done some times ago, but NEVS then had to do step back and look for new investors.”

    To my knowledge there has never been a production run of EVs from Saab/NEVS. Only EV prototypes they rolled out were to try and impress the press. Maybe you were instead thinking of their short run of ICE 9-3s under NEVS’ tutelage?

  10. Seth says:

    So, no estate then?

  11. martinwinlow says:

    I think NEVS is in with a good chance of succeeding and it would be nice to see the brand live on, especially as a technologically advanced motor vehicle. Would I be willing to invest in it? Not quite yet… MW

  12. Saabluster says:

    I see you have edited my post. Why? Didn’t like the little inconvenient truth? This has been my favorite EV site but these actions are uncalled for and rather sickening.

  13. Saabluster says:

    The article needs corrected. Your caption of the 9-3 is also wrong. That is an ICE 9-3 not an EV.

    1. Jay Cole says:

      /fixed…thanks Saabluster