NEVS Forms a Joint Vehicle Development Partnership With ICONIQ Motors


W Motors Iconiq 7 luxury MPV EV

Two Chinese companies – NEVS and ICONIQ Motors – have announced a joint vehicle development partnership for plug-in vehicles (or New Energy Vehicles as they are known locally).

NEVS and ICONIQ forms a joint vehicle development partnership

The partners intend to share their learned knowledge in the space, but still preserve separation between the brands.

Beside sharing IP, ICONIQ Motors’ vehicles are to be produced at NEVS’ joint venture manufacturing facility in Tianjin, China.

“Both companies will cooperate on the development of shared technology for their future vehicles to benefit from the Swedish expertise, to maximize industrial synergies.”

NEVS also has a production facility in Trollhättan, Sweden (acquired Saab assets).

While NEVS is trying to sell the 9-3 Sedan EV in China (and also developing a E-segment EV commuter vehicle for 2020), ICONIQ Motors is working on e-MPV Model SEVEN, presented recently at the Shanghai Auto Show. The Iconiq 7 is scheduled for 2019.

“As both core members of the Tianjin THT EV Eco-system, NEVS and ICONIQ Motors will strive to benefit from their respective strengths to bring high quality electric vehicles to the Chinese market and the rest of the world.

The manufacturing plant in Tianjin is currently under construction according to international standards to ensure premium quality. It was granted the ninth EV Manufacturing license by the Chinese Government in January 2017.”

Mattias Bergman, President of NEVS said:

“I am happy to start this partnership with ICONIQ who shares the NEVS vision of sustainable mobility. Both companies will contribute to a better joint result”.

W Motors Iconiq 7 luxury MPV EV

W Motors Iconiq 7 luxury MPV EV

W Motors Iconiq 7 luxury MPV EV

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