Netherlands – The Kingdom Of PHEV – Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Tops November Sales Chart As Plug Ins Capture 11% of Market


Volvo V60 PHEV - Large Family - Next Green Car

Volvo V60 PHEV – Large Family

Norway exceeded 10% market share for EVs last month and this was significant since it concerned mostly battery-electric cars.

Netherlands now exceeds 10% with – mostly with plug-in hybrids.

The Mitsubishi Outlander (all versions, including PHEVs) registration number for November stands at 2,766, which lands it in first place with 6.8% of market share – over 1,200 units more than the second place Renault M├ęgane. But how many Outlander PHEVs were sold isn’t entirely clear. According to Dutch media, the PHEV version grabbed 2,600 of the 2,766 Outlander sales!

Then we have the Volvo V60 in sixth place with 1,253 registrations and 3.1% market share. And again sources are saying approximately 1,100 were the Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid variant.

According To CR 2012 Tesla Model S Cars Are Built Superior To 2013s

According To CR – 2012 Tesla Model S Cars Are Built Superior To 2013s

Tesla Model S took third for plug ins (#27 overall) with 408 units and another 1% of the market share. The YTD number stands at 618. This means that, in November, Tesla sold almost 1,000 Model S sedans in Norway and the Netherlands combined.

Opel Ampera was fourth for plug-ins with 319 registrations, 0.8% marker share and 1,504 YTD tally.

Then we have long, long list of nothing electric until we get below 100 units and find Renault ZOE with 62 units, Nissan LEAF with 53 units and even BMW i3 with 26 units. Ok. There is the Chevrolet Volt with 4 and maybe something else hidden even lower down the list, but rather insignificant, so we won’t mention it here.

Altogether, over 4,500 plug-ins were sold in the Netherlands in November, capturing ~ 11% of the market (40,659 cars).

Which nation will be next to join the 10% club?

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Hum $10 dollar a gallon gas sure helps in situations like this.

Outlander will be #1 in December again, as Dutch dealers have another, give or take, 4.400 PHEV ready for delivery before 2014, when the tax benefits on PHEVs are reduced.
In total, 7.000 Outlander PHEV out of 10.000 orders will be delivered in 2013, the rest will follow in 2014.
Because of this tax benefit, The Netherlands have been given priority for Outlander PHEV deliveries in Europe. Other countries will receive their vehicles in 2014 as well.
Expect Volvo V60 PHEV to score high in December as well, for the same reason.

I wonder what the 166 people that bought regular Outlanders will say when they park next to a PHEV one?

(in the voice of the V8 commercial)
“I could’ve had a plug-in!”

1000 units for just 2 export markets is a lot for a small carmaker struggling to build more than 2000 units a month. Lucky for the rest of the world these numbers will trail off after the back logs are cleared.

The USA is faaaaar behind the N’s. (Norway and Netherlands). What is it that keeps Americans from buying electric? Maybe it is the lack of huge taxes on fuels…

Norway and Netherlands have huge tax incentives on EVs where US incentives on EV is fairly small.

Also, gas is expensive over there comparing to the US.

Well done! – a country with brainy people who love EV’s, put’s the rest of us in the shame file category.

more Brain power = more EV’s ……