Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Netherlands Hit Almost 10% Market Share

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OCT 8 2018 BY MARK KANE 10

Netherlands notes its highest plug-in electric car sales since 2016.

In September 2018, sales of plug-in electric cars in the Netherlands reached 2,796, which is some 150% more than a year ago.

In effect, the market share surged to 9.5%! Also, average market share after nine months of 2018 is a decent 4.1%.

The biggest splash was made by Tesla, which delivered some 1,645 cars (1,052 Model S and 593 Model X) – 59% of the total plug-in sales for the month. 292 Nissan LEAFs solds sounds solid, too.

Tesla’s results were so strong that it overshadowed even conventional ICE counterparts like the BMW 5-Series.

New models such as the Hyundai Kona Electric and Jaguar I-PACE noted 85 and 21 sales, respectively.

Plug-in electric car sales in the Netherlands – September 2018

Plug-in electric car sales in the Netherlands – September 2018 (Source: EV Sales Blog)

Source: EV Sales Blog

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So why was 2015 so high and 2017 so low? Were government incentives removed?

End of 2015 (especially December) saw a hike in PHEV registrations (especially the German kind that has almost zero AER), because the sales tax excemption was also applicable to PHEVs. After intially the BEVs were in favor around 2011, the PHEVs rapidly gained marketshare in an examplary case of how to game incentives (as the German manufacturers are good in,, but also Volvo and Mitsubishi Outlander took their share). Especially fleet operators without intention of ever charging the low AER cars took advantage, so the government corrected the legislation to only favor EVs, but gave a few months heads-up, which was of course maxed out. The more important part of this news is the high marketshare of Tesla, even without a single Model 3, having 5.6% marketshare among new car registrations, proving all naysayers that predict declining demand wrong (Model S set new record for Netherlands, best monthly Model S sales ever). I expect similar or maybe even higher numbers until end of the year, and then the Model 3 will land in Tilburg. In other news, Audi is now once more under investigation for cheating. Test protocols for South Korean emission tests were forged and then, to cover up,… Read more »

The BIK rate (goverment incentives) will only be valid for cars below €50.000 in 2019, so the model S/X will not qualify anymore (only for the first €50.000, after that the full rate of 22% will be applied).

Thats why there is such a huge demand for Tesla right now, everyone want one in 2018. Same with the Outlanders in 2015. Demand for the Tesla model S/X will plummet in 2019, almost no one drives such expensive cars in The Netherlands because of the high BIK rate. Tesla sold 1800 cars in September in the Netherlands, but I think they will sell less than 1500 in total in 2019.

The Model 3 on the other hand will probably skyrocket if it stays near €50.000. The Kona and IONIQ are such a hit in the Netherlands right now!

True, but 18% less taxes on 50 k is still a 9 k€ discount when compared to a comparable luxury ICE. I think the entry level Model S and Model X still will be relevant, and sell in good numbers, but a good portion of the sales normally expected in the first half of the year will already be in Q4/2018. The competition has nothing yet that matches the specs or the production numbers, so combined with the Model 3, Tesla has a bright future ahead in the Netherlands. I wish Germany was that far advanced already.

Even Ford got into the 2015 action, selling about 1200 C-Max Energi’s in the Netherlands. Hardly seems worth the trouble for 1200 sales.

Audi & VW are scumbags. Trying to poison us voor 2 decades now with their clean diesel. The EU did not do much about it. Money rules over here. Not our health.
As for Tesla in my country: go go go!!! I want some clean air while driving my Zero DS! (always overtaking the many, many diesels over here)

Well, they trusted the car companies. Not a good idea.

Dutch people will still be leasing (and also buying) both the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X in 2019. Though not as many as in 2018. Perhaps still at least an annual total of about 1,000 of each in 2019, but probably more than that. Remember that some people don’t mind having to pay more money, as long as they do get the best quality product. Tesla produces the best EV models. And every person has access to the internet.

It would be interesting to see California’s numbers for September. I believe the TM3 more than doubled the percentage of Plug Ins sold in the US. California is a much larger market than The Netherlands and it was at 5% prior to the burst of TM3 production. With California receiving a slightly disproportional number of TM3s we could be in excess of 10% plugins which previously is the accepted level of mainstream.

Within California the Bay Area (also a larger market than the Netherlands) has been at about double the rate of the rest of the state. We might be in the 20-30% range.

Great news, another 15,000 fossil fuel burning vehicles off the road. They will love their X, S, LEAF, and Hyundai EVs while being instrumental in promoting global EV acceptance.