Netherlands Enjoys Three-Digit Growth Of Plug-In Car Sales

SEP 11 2018 BY MARK KANE 4

Netherlands is one of the fastest growing plug-in car markets this year.

EV Sales Blog reports that in August some 1,845 plug-in electric cars were sold in the Netherlands, which translates to roughly 165% more than a year ago, although we must remember that 2017 was pretty slow year (after a few years of tremendous results fueled by high incentives for plug-in hybrids).

Last month, Nissan delivered record number of 331 LEAFs in the Netherlands, although the most popular model was the Tesla Model S at 400, followed by Tesla Model X (200) in third. 600 Teslas stands for one third of total sales in the country.

The best selling models so far this year in the Netherlands are:

  • Tesla Model S – 2,327
  • Nissan LEAF – 1,777
  • Volkswagen e-Golf – 1,474
  • Tesla Model X – 1,319
  • Hyundai IONIQ Electric – 1,034

It’s pleasing to see that the first batch of 78 Hyundai Kona Electric were registered.

After eight months of this year, total sales stand at 12,289 (up by over 140%) and 3.7% market share (4.5% in August).

According to a report by industry analyst Matthias Schmidt (, the Netherlands is now a very important for Tesla in Europe, as the country accounted for 40% of S and X sold in Western Europe last month.

Source: EV Sales Blog

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There are 245 McDonald’s restaurants in The Netherlands.

And 168 McDonald’s restaurants will start offering fast charging within the next 3 years.

The Netherlands is becoming more EV friendly every year.

It’s true. If you see a limo (by Dutch standards of course) on the highway or need a taxi, it’s a Tesla! Great achievement. Let’s hope the government keeps up its clean air policy!

A 300 mile range is a luxury in a flat, small country such as Netherlands. There is only one major airport after all, and no such thing as a domestic flight as far as I know.

There is actually one more thing that the Dutch Government could do in order to increase sales of new EV’s in The Netherlands.

And that is to offer some kind of an incentive for Dutch private people in order to buy a new EV at a lower price. Perhaps something like the program that they currently have in Germany?