Nerdy Video Review – Cadillac ELR


Cadillac ELR

Cadillac ELR

“Page One Auto and GM loaned me a Cadillac ELR to conduct my very first nerdy car review!”

States Barnacules Nerdgasm, uploader of this YouTube ELR review.

Nerdgasm (clearly not a real name) is blown away by the Cadillac ELR, stating:

“I really was sad when they took the car back because I fell in love with it.”

The ELR really is that good.  The only issue is its high price tag.  But recently, massive price cuts have made the ELR far more affordable and, in the opinion of some, a real bargain.

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Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Yep, $55k before subsidies _could_ be justifiable given the materials upgrades, design, etc. I’d still avoid one that didn’t get the updated battery (or Voltec 2.0) unless there was an even bigger discount though. I’d rather have the cash than a free charger + install as I already have a 60A EVSE installed 😉

Obviously you did not watch the video. This car is well worth 75K. The crash prevention features alone justify the price. Add in the interactivity, comfort and a killer sound system and it sounds like a deal. Oh did I mention it’s a PHEV. Fantastic car.

The only problem I have is how am I not going to laugh so hard I piss in my pants next time any other automaker trys to advertise “All the latest Tech.”

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Volt is $35k, all that electronic stuff (half of which Volt already has, and the other half is just additional software for the radar and camera sensors that are already there for lane departure and parking radar, with some servos for the braking) along with the upgraded interior and other bits is worth no more than $20k. $40k is outrageous, and I reckon is borne out in the sales figures. ELR was just a naked money grab whose premium over its Chevy counterpart was way out of proportion to comparable Cadillacs’ premia over their Chevy cousins.

GM moves SLOWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwly..

The ELR (High return) was a big reason that we General Publics got the Volt (Low return) in the first place.

Then came this singular dice roll that they and we received in 2009.. we could revise our GM plan regarding the Volt, but.. well, lets face it, Lutz is outa’ here (soon)..

SOOoo.. back to basics.. release the Volt (Cavalier), then release a Very Limited Production E L R (Cimmaron).. it worked So Well the first time, as we don’t read the automotive press anyway and have No Idea that Cimarron was a Crushing Embarrassment for the Cadillac Group. and if the investor profit numbers are there, who-the-hell-cares? So WHAT if we sold only 13 Cimmarons, the profit margin Still put it in the Black.

ROFLMAO.. but earnest hope in new CEO.. she Could get them on track and spending Gobs on fixing poor componentry hints that she
Just.. Might.

Another modern wonder that the GM Board didn’t send one-of-ten-thousand bean counting view-less males to do a woman’s job.. (as opposed the the GM CEO credo of and Pardon the mis-reference – “Quality is JOB ONE, as long as it’s really Cheap)

Great sound effects! LOL!

Yeah the sound effects were good, and so was the overall presentation. Looks like an old power plant and nearby a huge wood building with Weyerhauser Company stenciled on it. Maybe in the northwest:Oregon or Washington.

Washington. Missed it the first time in the patter of the opening.

take the Weyerhauser tour some time, I was there as a teenager and I assure you I never forgot it..

Ah, well, I’m glad this dude loved the car, I thought I was going to like both the Tesla “S” and the Caddy “ELR”, but, in the end I liked neither.

I guess my Roadster, and My 2011 Volt, is, for me, as good as it gets.

Maybe Via will eventually have something worth looking at.