Nelson Piquet Jr On Gen 2 Formula E Car


Coming next year to a city street track near you…

Video description:

Motorsport Network’s Julia Piquet asks her inaugural Formula E champion brother Nelson Jr what his expectations are for the Gen 2 Formula E car, which debuts in season five of the all-electric single-seater series.

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Did you watch the video, it’s just talking about the body work. Nothing even remotely about the power train.

Not even that – the video is only about the sturdiness of the body panels 😀

They are using one car and not 2. This is the first huge step to real racing and he talks about the bodywork? Common…I wanna hear about the battery and how they made it last the entire race!

It’s made by lucid motors using 21700 cells from Sony. Double top wire bonding like model 3 but with base cooling and likely some thermal potting.