NeGEM – World’s First Electric Carrier

DEC 24 2014 BY MARK KANE 5

lithium-ion battery module LIM50E-8

lithium-ion battery module LIM50E-8

GS Yuasa and Nippon Sharyo presented earlier this year the New-Generation Electric Powered Carrier NeGEM, which according to the press release is the first such vehicle ever made.

Nippon Sharyo adopted the HEC1050S model for lithium-ion batteries from GS Yuasa and a permanent magnet synchronous motor.

It weighs 28 tons, and can take up to 105 tons of load.

Speed is just 15 to 20 km/h, but this is enough to do the job in a steelworks or shipyards.

Power is supplied from 40 LIM50E-8 battery modules (total 57 kWh) at almost 600 V nominal.

NeGEM has a 60 kW compact generator, to use when there’s need for more range.

Here is what we know:


Model HEC1050S
Loading weight 105 tons
Own weight 28 t
Speed Empty 20 / product car 15 (km / h)
Dimension 13,600mm × 2,700mm × 1,600mm (total length × overall width × height)
Loading platform lift amount 600mm (1,600mm ± 300mm)
Driving source Lithium-ion battery (57kWh), generator (60kw)
Number of drive shaft 2-axis (4 unit, 8-wheel)
Number of braking axis 3-axis (6 unit, 12-wheel)

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Is this Santa’s new sled!

Merry Christmas Inside EV…

Jay Cole

Merry Christmas Delta!


What does a carrier carry? 🙂


Do you think the driver has any range anxiety?


It is like an i3, electric propulsion, battery for most range needs and a Rex for the occasional extra range.