Nearly Two Years After Its Launch, Is BMW i8 Still The Car Of The Future? – Video

JAN 16 2016 BY MARK KANE 13

BMW i8

BMW i8

BMW i8 sure is one of the automobiles that could be called the car of the future.

The look of the concept a few years ago was stunning and the production version is similar, thus it attracts a lot of attention.

Yahoo! recently wondered whether or not the aging i8 is still the car of the future – over year after its introduction on the market:

“It’s been a couple of years since the BMW i8 was declared the car of the future. But is that still the case? Alex Lloyd climbs behind the wheel to find out.”

Source: Yahoo!

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Car has a lot of potential. Even having the front i3 motor put out its regular 170hp and putting in a 300hp 2.0 liter 4 cylinder would make this even faster. There arent any three cylinder cars out there that compete with it. Put a four cylinder in it and it would outperform any factory four cylinder out there and most V8s. Will take mine in black please.

It appears raising the HP of the front motor in the i8 requires a more energy dense battery, but for implementing in the i8, cannot be more bulky than the current one. I believe the i8’s battery expert – Samsung SDI – has already achieved this. Whether BMW choose to buy this newer more powerful cell and upgrade the i8 remains to be seen. If I had to bet, I would say given we are approaching BMW’s centenary

More energy density does not necessarily equal more power output. However, given the choice, I’d want more energy density to help increase the range of the vehicle in EV mode.

It’s A DISASTER from the Very Start …I’d Say., Bury It Cut the Losses & Stop The Nonsense!


Based on the sales numbers demand for the i8 is rather strong, 656 sold last month in the US. It shows that plugins don’t necessarily have to be affordable or have a fifth seat in order to sell, they have to be attractive.

Now if BMW makes a pure electric AWD version… 🙂

… and cost 1/3 of of the i8 AND BMW had a world-wide ultra-fast charging infrastructure AND it had similar passenger and luggage capacity to an ordinary mid-sized car AND it wasn’t powered by a stinking ICE AND … etc etc… MW

Clearly the design of the i8 was not meant to be eco friendly. Otherwise it would get better fuel economy on gas and long range on EV power. However, I like that they are showing the world that you can achieve extra performance by making a car a PHEV without taking a huge sacrifice on fuel economy and emissions.

I wish this car was half it’s price with regular opening doors and double the EV range. Even if the acceleration performance were much less. Then I’d buy one.

The i8 is pretty, but it’s not a car I’d want to own.

I saw a white one yesterday driving and it was striking

made me break my neck lol

i’d buy one if it was half the price

Betteridge’s law of headlines, which states that any article title that asks a question, the answer is “no”. Therefore, the i8 is not still the car of the future.

Is it the car of the future? Of course not! It’s got an engine in it. Jeez, where have you been for the last 2 years? MW

Seemed to be pretty popular in Jeremy Clarkson’s book from what I remember and that guy drives all sorts of cars for a living. More cars than any of you whiners on these forums will drive. Anyone ever thought of considering these facts before drawing up conclusions and opinions on cars you’ve never driven or could afford.