Nearly 6,000 Plug-In BMWs Were Sold Globally In October

NOV 27 2016 BY MARK KANE 13

BMW has ramped up the pace of plug-in sales this fall.

In October, 5,952 BMW i and BMW iPerformance models were delivered, which is nearly 3.6% of total BMW sales (or 1 in every 28 sales).  Extrapolated out over a full year, that would work out to over 70,000 plug-ins sold.

BMW 740Le xDrive iPerformance

BMW 740Le xDrive iPerformance

Still, sales are growing strong, and have reached 47,286 PEV sales through the end of October.

And to be fair, that number could have been much higher, as the company as perpetually been out of stock on the 330e and new 740e since their announced launches, and the new 94 Ah/33 kWh BMW i3 has also been very slow to get to market, leaving deep inventory gaps in the model around the world.

As BMW has now sold just over 100,000 plug-ins to date, roughly half of that total has been achieved in the first 10 months of this year.

Dr. Ian Robertson, Member of the BMW AG Board of Management with responsibility for Sales and Marketing BMW said:

“Our sustained efforts in the field of electro-mobility are paying off. BMW i and BMW iPerformance offer customers the largest range of electric drive trains across all segments and BMW i continues its role as the spearhead of innovation at the BMW Group, enabling technologies which can be applied across our entire model range,” he continued.

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Cool. Now imagine how good sales will be when they don’t have such a polarizing plug-in car. (Well, I guess they do with the SUV that has the weird code name of something like X5 xDrive40 whatever.)

are all the BMWs with the name Xdrive on them plug ins??

No. XDrive is the bmw-name for 4×4.

It’s the “e” for e-drive that suggests it’s a plugin.

Like the 330e or the BMW X5 40e.

Mercedes is doing the same. For example the Mercedes C350e

ok, thanks a lot.

Short EV ranges and artificially short supply.


Or engineering an entirely new technology is hard, it takes years to plan the production of such a thing, you can’t crap battery plants out of your rear end, and it’s impossible to accurately forecast demand and there is billions of dollars of investment on the line so conservatism w.r.t. marketing and forecasts is not only called for but the only responsible way to run a company. Or greenwashing. You pick.

Having short supply may be something you can’t avoid if you didn’t commit. But bragging about how green you are when you can’t even make the cars you have is something you can avoid.

Making braggadocios claims about their greenness when they mostly sell plug-ins with the minimum range to qualify for incentives in Europe is a choice. And it’s greenwashing.

No other manufacturer in the world is producing more carbon fiber parts, than BMW.

BMW is the volume leader in lightweight construction.

Of course there’s a market for higher end brands. If not, everybody would have the same Nissan Model T.

I just aint going to pay $500 a month to lease one when I can get 80% of the bang for 20% of the buck from Chevy.

My brother wanted to test drive a 330e this weekend at the local dealership. Not one in stock.

Tell him to request such test-drive thru bmw directly. The cars are in short supply.

As Clive said, the 330e is in short supply in the US. I spoke to a BMW iPerformance product manager at the LA Auto Show last week and was told they are allocating most of the 330e cars to Europe with the majority of the X5 40e vehicles allocated to the US market.

It’s going to be a few months before they can build more of them than they are currently making.