Nearly 121,000 Plug-In Electric Cars Were Sold In October

NOV 30 2017 BY MARK KANE 4

Plug-In Electric Car Sales Worldwide – 2017 October (data source: EV Sales Blog)

Nearly another record month for plug-in electric cars on the global scale.

BAIC EC-Series

In October, plug-in electric car sales nearly hit a new record, set in September at 123,000. EV Sales Blog estimates almost 121,000 deliveries of plug-in electric cars globally in October, which is 84% more one than year ago.

YTD the number stands at 888,000 worldwide and with two months to go, the actual forecast of 1,250,000 for 2017 seems achievable.

The BAIC EC-Series, which attracted more than 49,000 customers YTD (including an all-time record of 11,315 in October), is now the #1 seller worldwide this year.The small, all-electric car with up to 200 km (124 miles) of range seems to fit perfectly for Chinese needs.

Tesla Model S fell from #1 to #3, right behind the Toyota Prius Prime.

Nissan LEAF rebounded in October with nearly 5,000 sales!

Chevrolet Volt remains in the Top 10 zone, but just barely

World’s Top 10 Selling Plug-In Cars – 2017 October (data source: EV Sales Blog)

Roewe joined the Top 10 plug-in manufacturers list in October as the fourth Chinese company, replacing Volkswagen.

BYD stepped up its lead with a strong 11,807 result and almost 81,000 YTD. Tesla is now second (+4,740 in October), but maybe the Model 3 will be able to help clinch the win for Tesla for the year.

World’s Top 10 Plug-In Car Manufacturers – 2017 October (data source: EV Sales Blog)

Our thanks to EV Sales Blog for tallying up and estimating the individual sales by OEM.

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4 Comments on "Nearly 121,000 Plug-In Electric Cars Were Sold In October"

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So the Model S outsold the Leaf?

Yes, the seven year old Leaf 1 was outsold by the S in the former’s final model year. We’ll see if this continues once the 2018 Leaf is delivered worldwide.

Should say “top selling brands” because if it’s companies then Renault-Nissan would be in second place.

Wow, sweet news. So we can see the 1 million mark achieved in 2017-11.
2017-10 sales of 120,912
2017-YTD sales of 888,400

Actually this excludes nearly 25,000 sales of public vehicles (Buses & Trucks) in China.

Nissan Leaf has become #2 in worldwide sales with 4,940 with BAIC EC-180 bagging 11,315 in sales last month. Leaf sales is powered by the latest generation and now it has vaulted past Toyota to move to #5.

Hope the Leaf will take Renault/Nissan alliance to greater heights soon.