Near-Crash Prevented By Blazing Acceleration Of Tesla Model S – Video


Jason Hughes (aka the Tesla hacker who leaked the information on the P100D) tells the story (via Teslarati) of how the blazing acceleration of his Model S P85D prevented him from being rear-ended by a Toyota Prius:

Near Crash Avoided

Near Crash Avoided

“It looked like the Prius driver might have attempted to pass me in a panic before realizing there was traffic coming (which I was waiting on to make my left). You can mentally mark my position and the position of the Prius as it attempted to stop and it’s pretty clear he would have hit me if I hadn’t moved.”

Some additional details were provided by Hughes in the video description:

This was *not* autonomous. I hit the pedal to go.

The Prius definitely would have smashed into the rear of my car had I not moved.

I was slowing to a stop to yield to opposing traffic in order to make a left turn. You can hear my blinker is on… you can also see the opposing traffic pass by.

This rear facing wide angle video doesn’t do the acceleration justice. Probably not many other cars out there that could have done this successfully. I was back up to nearly the speed limit (55 MPH) by just after the time this video cut off and by the time the Prius was nearly stopped in the space I was previously stopped.

via Teslarati

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what awesome excellent excuse to have a fast car 😉

Stupid Prius drivers often act like they are driving a Ferrari.

Two things I hate about driving.

1) Prius Drivers

2) Prius Taxi Drivers

Just like Orange Pylons !

Especially the Orange Prius C’s !!

I have to make a left turn into work on probably the busiest road in our region, which happens to be a 55 mph ground level undivided highway. I was rear ended in my Volt about 3 years ago waiting to turn left. Everyone was ok and so was my Volt, the car of the girl that hit me however was destroyed. Between what happened to me and this video, I’m trying to convince my wife that it’d be much safer for me to get the performance version when I get my Model 3.

Good acceleration will also be useful for autonomous mode. The faster the car can accelerate, the less likely it will refuse to pull into traffic because it’d be illegal. :p

Why is the Tesla basically parked in the middle of a highway until the Prius arrives? I was expecting a stop sign or something.

It seems a little staged.

Oops, I see. Making a left turn. Nevermind. This does emphasize the value of not going over 55mph on two lane highways.

Also helps when a 55mph highway has wide shoulders, which means that as long as the left turner moves to the left hand side of their lane somebody can pass on the shoulder.

That causes more problems than it solves here in Colorado. I swear that people must be taught in drivers ED in this state to invent their own lanes to drive in. People are constantly using the bike lanes, sidewalks and shoulders to go around. Wreaking havoc and stirring up debris as they go.

Honestly I welcome the autonomous car because it won’t be in such a damn hurry to kill itself as most of the drivers out there.

My guess is he didn’t want to cut across the path of the fast approaching pickup and car following in the other direction.

I see. The Tesla was waiting to turn left into the road you see the white truck on, due to the on coming traffic, the Tesla is stopped. That is why the blinker is on.

Kudos to Tesla and alert driving. Never get locked in entirely to what you are doing.

Kinda looks to me like the Prius was gonna hit the ditch, luckily the Tesla driver was paying attention and the Prius came back to the road.

Could have been a much worse situation any other way…

The Prius stopped half a car length ahead of where the Tesla was previously.

It doesn’t take amazing acceleration to move half a car length in that amount of time.

WAY more than that! @ :04 secs, the Tesla’s rear bumper was at a long shadow extending across the road from a power pole in the parking lot on the right. See the Prius go a car length or two past that!

Definitely avoided an ax. Good observational skills by the Tesla pilot.

They’re called collisions.
“Accident” implies there’s nobody to blame.



Agreed but accident also infers it wasn’t intentional which a collision can be.

I was using the same shadow. Looks like half a car length past that to me.

Moving a half a car length in 4 seconds doesn’t take a lot of acceleration. Even a full car length in 4 seconds wouldn’t take much.

Are you really that persistently stupid?
The Prius was hauling ass, apparently oblivious to the Tesla in front. Who knew if it was going to even try to stop? Oncoming traffic and no other lane to go to.
If you have a driver’s license, please cut it up and put it in the trash now.

Mostly, it might be enough to convince one’s wife to go for the high performance version. That’s all that’s needed IMHO.

Hard to believe that the Prius driver would not have seen the turn signal or the oncoming traffic. Are you sure they weren’t simply distracted and veering into the oncoming lane? I think you are giving them too much credit. I had a somewhat similar experience in my LEAF. A bicyclist had just been hit by a car entering the road from a side street. I pulled to the side of the road (this was a stretch of 45mph, 4 lane divided road with a curb, so couldn’t pull OFF the road) while my wife got out to help. I had my flashers on. Granted, not a super safe place to stop, but the bicyclist and bike was partially out into the road as well. After a few minutes with no incident (most passing vehicles clearly saw us and pulled into the left lane going at slow speed), I saw an SUV coming up VERY fast behind me. I slammed on the pedal and took off an the car was probably only 5-6 feet off my bumper before they finally realized it and swerved. Granted, not the acceleration of a Tesla, but the quick acceleration to 40mph definitely saved me… Read more »

Well of course the Prius driver was distracted, for whatever reason.

Distracted driving certainly predates cell phones. Some decades ago, I was rear-ended when sitting at the end of a stalled line of cars in a freeway on-ramp. The driver’s excuse for not noticing the stopped line of cars in front of him? He was trying to light a cigarette.

Stupid Prius driver indeed.

My insurance agent just told me 1 in 3 accidents are mobile device related. Meaning you now have to be twice the driver as before. The very reason I am all for autonomous driving for that bonehead who’d rather focus on other things besides driving.

Well To take that statistic to its logical conclusion, that would imply that a full 66% or 2 out of 3 accidents are caused by people who are not distracted by a mobile device the question becomes why are we not cracking down on people who are driving without mobile phones 🙂 lol!

We are in the UK.
A four figure fine, was 3 points on your licence is now six, and most top insurance companies then will refuse to insure you.

Also this demonstrates an Excellent reason why you shouldn’t crank your wheels before making a left turn.

The first thing I was taught when I was hired to drive for UPS years ago. You’d be surprised how many people don’t know this safety rule. My bad, because I just asked my wife if she knew this and she did not. She knows now… Thanks for the reminder Miser Tim !!

That Prius driver needs to calm-down /

I am pretty sure a Leaf could have avoided being hit from behind in that case…

Look at where he was stopped and where the Prius driver stopped.

“Intercept course complete, the rogue ship is in our grasp! Why haven’t we locked on tractor beam!?!”
“They’re gone, sir.”