National Electric Vehicle Sweden Breaks Ground For Production In China

JUL 1 2015 BY MARK KANE 10

Nevs’ Chairman Kai Johan Jiang at the ground breaking ceremony in Tianjin June 28

Nevs’ Chairman Kai Johan Jiang at the ground breaking ceremony in Tianjin June 28

National Electric Vehicle Sweden, who is trying to resurrect SAAB and begin production of electric cars, celebrated a ground breaking ceremony for production and R&D in Tianjin, China.

That’s interesting because just 9-months ago they were struggling, laying off workers.

But after the reorganization and finding two new strategic investors in China, they’re back in the game and intend to bring on the market new energy vehicles – but not in Europe (China), and not under the SAAB banner.

The factory in Tianjin will have an annual capacity of 200,000 units, which sounds bold even in China. We will just sit and watch whether NEVS can deliver.

“National Electric Vehicle Sweden (Nevs) held its project launching ceremony for the production and Research&Development joint ventures in Tianjin Binhai Hi-tech zone on 28th June, marking the start of Nevs strategic setup in China.

Inside The Saab 9-3 EV Prototype

Inside The Saab 9-3 EV Prototype

Nevs Tianjin factory will be focused on new energy vehicles with an annual capacity of 200 000 units. Nevs will have two global production units with Trollhättan factory to support the Tianjin factory with manufacturing planning, workers training and product supply in the initial stage.

Nevs recently announced two new strategic shareholders of Nevs from China with the city of Tianjin and State Research Information Technology, SRIT.

Now two Chinese joint ventures are registered, for Production and R&D. Besides Nevs the parties are SRIT and the It-company Teamsun, which investments initially will be 1 bn RMB respectively 200 MRMB. The three parties will combine their industrial and software engineering competence to co-develop future car connectivity systems.

At the same time the Bank of China in an agreement with Nevs granted a credit of 10 bn RMB, to support the development of Nevs’ business in China.

Nevs research and development will be managed from its headquarters in Trollhättan.There will be a close collaboration between the R&Ds in China and in Sweden to generate future vehicle technology and to develop tailor-made vehicle models for the Chinese consumers.

Based on the engineering expertise and experience in Sweden, the R&D in Tianjin is also designed to provide excellent engineering service to other Chinese brands that will create industrial synergies with Nevs’ own products.”

Mattias Bergman, President of NEVS, said:

“The two JV establishments in Tianjin will be a strong complementary to our existing resources in Sweden, and is an important first step for Nevs to pave the foundation for further development in China.”

Saab 9-3 EV Prototype On The Track

Saab 9-3 EV Prototype On The Track

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What is the point of investing in NEVS if you are not going to used the SAAB brand?

The real SAAB company (which is a much larger, very successful company which hasn’t been involved in cars for 25 years) let the car manufacturing company use the name SAAB and the logotype.

With all the problems and bankruptcies and reconstructions and sales and almost sales to different companies the real SAAB got tired and withdrew the right to use the SAAB name and logotype.

Now SAAB can continue to be a very successful company making aircrafts, weapons and defense products without getting calls or having customers worried about SAAB having problems or even going into bankruptcy when it’s not even about the same company.

Notice that they still use the name at their homepage:

“…they’re back in the game and intend to bring on the market new energy vehicles – but not in Europe (China)…”

So, does that mean NEVS plans to make EVs only for the Asian market, or possibly only the domestic China market, with no intent to sell cars anywhere else? I wish the article was more clear on that point.

* * * * *

To add to the acronym confusion, I see we now have:

NEVs = Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (all EV-related reports except English language articles about the China market)

NEVs = New Energy Vehicles (only in English language reports about alternative energy vehicles in China)

NEVS = National Electric Vehicle Sweden

The article isn’t more clear because there isn’t any more information to share. Contrary to what this article says I have yet to see any declaration from NEVs that they are planning to introduce cars under a new name. It is understood that NEVs intend to continue to make cars available worldwide at some point in the future. They appear to be angling to get rights to the Saab name again but to do so would require them to be financially stable with a real chance of success. No other way Saab proper is going to give them any name rights. So they are moving forward trying to meet the conditions. There is of course a backup plan if that doesn’t work out and that mainly centers around China and future business there.

Nevs new factory will only make cars for the chinese market, the swedish factory will produce cars for Europe and the rest of the world The HQ ,production and development will as usual have its center in Sweden.
Read more here:

I really hope they will bring something with the relatively cheap (but a little more bulky/heavy) LiFePo4-chemistry to the European market. Somethink like the Denza EV.

Nice cars, safe and fun to drive.
I want one!

Wow . . . I thought this Saab/NEV thing was dead. Good luck to them! I’d love to have the chance to buy an electric Saab convertible!

And some marketing person needs to get them to drop the NEV name! The aliasing with Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (sub 25 mph vehicles in the USA) is a disaster.

I would rather see a modern electric version of the SAAB 96, which was light and innovative: