National Drive Electric Week – Sneak Peek At Huntington Beach “The Tipping Point” Event

JUN 26 2014 BY DSCHURIG 11

National Drive Electric Week is September 15-21 this year. There will be approximately 200 events across the country celebrating the widespread availability of plug-in vehicles and highlight the benefits of all-electric and plug-in hybrid-electric cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more. They are fun to drive, are less expensive and more convenient to fuel than gasoline vehicles, are better for the environment, promote local jobs, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Come Out And Drive Your Favorite EV You Have Yet To Own Yourself!

Come Out And Drive Your Favorite EV You Have Yet To Own Yourself!

Each event is led by local plug-in drivers and advocates and typically includes some combination of EV parades, ride-and-drives, electric tailgate parties, press conferences, award ceremonies, informational booths, and more.

If you are going to be in Southern California at that time, there is one such event in Huntington Beach. β€œThe Tipping Point” promises to be one of the largest Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) events in the country.

See and experience the complete PEV transportation solution including the vehicles and the complimentary industry and infrastructure that make it a seamless, real-world, cost-saving and life simplifying choice TODAY.

National Drive Electric Week Event – Huntington Beach

Day:Saturday, September 20th, 2014
Time:10am – 4pm
Location:City Beach
21500 Pacific Coast Hwy (across from Hyatt)
Huntington Beach, CA, United States

Centered in the largest EV market in the world feeding an attendance forecast in the thousands, it has attracted participation from virtually every PEV OEM for automobiles. Many will have ride and drives to sample the amazingly smooth and quiet sensation of electric propulsion. There will also be exhibition of exotics, trucks, motorcycles, buses, skateboards and more.

OEM logosTalk to representatives from the utilities providers, photovoltaic manufacturers and in-stallers, EV supply equipment manufacturers, public charging station companies, conversion and after-market product manu-facturers and retailers.

Bring your PEV and participate in the attempt to break the world record for the longest PEV parade

Drawing on the largest base of PEVs in the world, it could be a very longstanding record. There will be food, music and bounce houses for the kids as well as special guest appearances. Register free now at The Tipping Point.

For information on any of the other 200 events across the country, click National Drive Electric Week. Oh and most important, don’t forget to Like this, Tweet it and recommend it on Google below.

Editor’s Note:Β  InsideEVs is proud to help promote National Drive Electric Week, which runs from September 15th – 21st, 2014.

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I went to National plug in day last year in Tucson. Very entertaining as there were also DIY EV’s like a converted VW rabbit and Passat. Also some Roadsters and Tesla S’s.

> There will also be exhibition of … skateboards


Electric skateboards are really popular in California…

“2014 National Plug In Day In Burlington, VT (photo credit State of Vermont)”

How do you have a picture from the 2014 event in Burlington? Is there some kind of hole in space-time there?

t you are talking about…it clearly says 2013. As always we in no way went back intot he story and edited it, (;

/thanks, fixed

Oh, you’re right! I must have copied/pasted it wrong πŸ˜‰

I know you didn’t edit the story. There’s no way to edit comments, so surely that applied to the stories as well πŸ˜‰

Nice post Darren. Looking forward to your coverage of the event for those unable to attend.