2017 National Drive Electric Week Breaks Records




Vancouver, WA; Photo Credit: Tracy Ceravolo; Nissan Leaf sits next to a Tesla Model S.


We’ve been huge supporters of National Drive Electric Week (NDEW) for years having sponsored some amazing NDEW parties in the past. Last year, the reoccurring theme we noticed was that everyone attending an NDEW event seemed to be getting a Tesla Model 3. This year, according to one of the sponsors, Sierra Club, NDEW was huge — reaching all 50 U.S. states for the first time ever with a total of 278 events in 251 cities, across six different countries.

Ron Freund, chair of another sponsor, the Electric Auto Association, explains: “National Drive Electric Week is more than a week full of fun events – it’s a rallying cry for our leaders and corporations to do more to take advantage of readily available [EV] technology.”

In order to promote driving electric this year, NDEW offered over 8,000 ride-and-drives to attendees. Tesla owners typically come out in full force and a few attendees walk away convinced that a Tesla could be their next car.

*This article comes to us courtesy of EVANNEX (which also makes aftermarket Tesla accessories). Authored by Matt Pressman.


Aiken, SC; Photo Credit: Todd Lista; Sydney Maddox, Jacob Early, Alex Ledbetter, and Evan Early exploring a Tesla Model X.

The events offer potential EV car buyers an opportunity to hear directly from electric vehicle owners.

“At first, consumers may have been motivated by the fact that these cars are zero emissions. Now, we’re getting consumers who just know these are better cars — more fun to drive, lower maintenance and more responsive,” explains Joel Levin, executive director of another key NDEW sponsor, Plug In America.


Cupertino, CA; Photo Credit: Ben White; General Motors EV1 displayed by G. Stuckert and the California Auto Museum in Sacramento, CA.

Even though we couldn’t attend a local NDEW event this year due to Hurricane Irma, we were able to send some cool EVANNEX goodie bags to Kent Okaski from the Electric Auto Association of Silicon Valley for their Cupertino NDEW event. Okaski even sent us a photo of this ultra-rare GM EV1 (see above) which they had on display. In any event, be sure to check out this gallery of NDEW photos from all across the country and be sure to sign up for a local event near you next year!



Santa Cruz, CA; Photo Credit: Ecology Action; General community members, in the foreground there is a Tesla Model X.



San Antonio, TX; Photo Credit: Dave Talboys – Talboys Photography; Tesla Model S, Kia Soul EV, and more electric vehicles behind the Kia. 



Richmond, VA; Photo Credit: Humphrey Liu; Local EV owners explained the benefits of their cars to many interested visitors.



Denver, CO; Photo Credit: Denver Clean Cities; Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model S, Chevy Bolt, and a converted VW beetle.



Bend, OR; Photo Credit: Photo by Pine Mountain Sports; Vehicles visible in photo, left to right, Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt, Fiat 500e, Kia Soul Electric, VW e-Golf, (front row) Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf, and another Kia Soul Electric.



Woodland Hills, CA; Photo Credit: Ian Taras; LA City Controller Ron Galperin speaking about LA City’s environmental goals.



Scottsdale, AZ; Photo Credit: Martina Torge; A Tesla S 90D, the first with a Vegan interior that inspired Tesla to always offer that option.



Honolulu, HI; Photo Credit: Reggie Padilla; The participants at one of three staging areas for the 2017 Electric Island Drive with their various models of electric vehicles.


Photos: National Drive Electric Week

*Editor’s Note: EVANNEX, which also sells aftermarket gear for Teslas, has kindly allowed us to share some of its content with our readers. Our thanks go out to EVANNEX, Check out the site here.

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What a gorgeous EV1! Wish I coulda seen it.

We had a great turnout here in Grapevine. A city in the middle of the Dallas-Ft Worth area. About 190 EVs was the final count I think. As usual, one of the largest in the country.

Lots of interest in the Bolt. I was pretty much talking to people about the car for 2 hours straight. 🙂

Also the new owner of my old Spark EV showed up! She seems to love the car even more than I did! 😀

Tony Williams was at San Diego event. He looked a lot older than I thought. Creating the best EV aftermarket product company (ie, risky), I thought he’d be a young punk.

Curiously, both the Western NY locations and a few southern ontario locations seem less populated than in past years – although this is usually not the fault of the organizers.

Seemed to be much less dealer interest this year than in the past also – perhaps they didn’t get the leads they were expecting from former years.

Only Rochester, NY near me had a decent turnout – but that was because they were well organized and had plenty of free-charging to demonstrate it for ev’s , or to provide a free way for those owners of Leafs to get back home without another interim charging.

Does EVANNEX pay InsideEVs for placement of these posts? If so, that should be fully disclosed.

No, not at all.

EVANNEX puts out a lot of nice content, almost always on Tesla (obv given what they do), which frees up our writers to be able to focus more on the more niche/obscure corners of the EV scene. We asked EVANNEX if we could feature some of their stories, they agreed without conditions. Still, we add in a nod to them, and a link saying what they do…because it was the right thing to do.

InsideEVs has never had a “paid placement” or “sponsored” story in its history. We also have never been “paid” to go to a review, or accepted free travel/food in exchange for coverage of a product.

Should probably also mention at the same time (in case people are curious), InsideEVs has a policy of no security/stock ownership position of any kind, for any automaker for its employees…so no one here has a vested interest (other than being an EV advocate) in the topics they write about.

Thanks for the clarification.


No problem. I do understand they don’t exactly fit the tone of the rest of the articles on the site…which is why we label them from EVANNEX and but a note in the top half of every story (and at the bottom) saying as much.