NASCAR Joins DoE’s Workplace Charging Challenge


NASCAR has become the latest “workplace” to join the US Department of Energy’s (DoE’s) Workplace Charging Challenge.

The Goal is Simple: Get More EVSEs Installed at Places of Work

The Goal is Simple: Get More EVSEs Installed at Places of Work


The challenge’s goal is, of course, to increase the number of US employers who offer workplace charging.

For NASCAR, 20 charging stations have now been installed at various US sites, including 5 at it Charlotte, NC location and 8 in Daytona Beach.

Along with NASCAR, Sprint joined the DoE’s challenge too.  Sprint is a leading sponsor for NASCAR, and has committed to installing charging stations in each of the 14 parking garages at its headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas.

Other major US employers who previously joined the Workplace Charging Challenge include 3M, Coca-Cola Company, Ford Motor Company and General Motors, just to name a few.  All told, more than 55 US employers are involved in the challenge.

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This is big.

Employers, for years have been encouraged to promote car pooling for ther commuting employees. The IRS even allows a tax credit of over $250 pet employee once implemented.
LEED Certification also comes into play as well as other IRS allowed fringe benefits and perks.

The DoE’s Work Place Charging is designed to bring these smog and reduced fossil fuels scheme into the present.


Best angle here is that with most employees on site for 8 hours or more, 110V AC will work just fine for the average 34 mile commute!


Thomas J. Thias