NADA Wants Mandatory Autonomous Vehicle Inspections


Tesla Autopilot

Tesla Autopilot

Kia Soul EV (autonomous test prototype)

Kia Soul EV (autonomous test prototype)

The National Automobile Dealers Association is calling for mandatory inspection of all vehicles with autonomous driving features.

Much like cars are required to pass emissions tests in some states, NADA believes that any vehicle equipped with autonomous driving systems should be subject to routine inspections of items such as sensors and cameras.

As Automotive News reports:

Steven Szakaly, speaking here at the Center for Automotive Research’s Management Briefing Seminars on Tuesday, said the auto industry should take its cue from the aviation and mining industries, which bring their vehicles in for regular, mandated service to ensure systems are working properly.

“You cannot allow those systems to fail,” Szakaly said. “And if you have those systems fail, or you don’t properly maintain those systems and that leads to failure, that liability is on those manufacturers.”

“There’s a 100 percent certainty that if we don’t have mandated service intervals someone’s system is not going to be properly maintained, and there’s a 100 percent certainty that will end catastrophically in some way,” he said.”

Make sense to us, but the problem will be in handling these inspections, which are typically performed by some sort of third party or dealership (hence NADA’s self-serving interest). Inspecting such complex systems won’t be easy, or come cheap…that’s for sure.

Source: Automotive News

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Sounds like dealers try to create new rent-seeking markets.

An obvious attempt to generate an income source.

These inspections need to happen online continuously and not by paying a dealership for an unnecessary yearly service appointment.

Tesla would never require its cars to come to a Tesla Service Center for an unnecessary $700 annual service in an obvious attempt to generate income. Oh wait. Never mind.

Tesla doesn’t require it. And not doing it doesn’t void your warranty. Been there, done that.

You can’t say Tesla never required annual service visits. Tesla did require them at first. Customers whined and complained about it on internet forums. Then Tesla backtracked and changed their policy to not require them.

Yeah, I remember that. Not too surprised people made a stink about that. Also no so surprised that Tesla responded.

And no surprise also that sven took this opportunity to try to make a storm in a teapot for an old forgotten irrelevant story. But hey! It’s his every day job to find something bad on Tesla.

Sven takes his position as the ignoble opposition seriously. Sometimes a bit too seriously. Seriously.

LOL “sven” = a person who doesn’t know what they are talking about.

Tesla has no required maintenance or service visits.

They have an elective inspection you can pay for at any time tbh but it’s designed for 12,500-mile intervals.

Elon has stated that the goal for their service division is to run as a no profit division. It never makes a profit. Fees from servicing and parts pay for the salaries of the technicians and rent/lease payments for the buildings… and that’s it.

All for-profit companies ultimately require a return on capital to survive. That’s an undeniable truth and the foundation of capitalism. Investors provide capital to companies through the stock market and expect a return on their investment. If Tesla truly doesn’t make a profit from the capital it invested in it’s service centers, then Tesla has to make up for it with the revenue it generates from car sales and other profit centers.

Looks like sven is going to bat for NADA, good job “taking one for the team” sven!

Or, just be like ‘The Donald’ and declare bankruptcy multiple times, and use the system to come out smelling like a rose.

Only slightly off-topic:

I just got two back-to-back emails reminding me that my 27.5 month service was coming up shortly on my Leaf!

I think I’ll skip it and wait for the 31.333 mo. I think they clean the jets and check the float in the carburettor at that one.

I thought the Leaf was an ev, sans carburetor, float.

It’s a modern world. Ever heard of remote diagnostic?

These dealers are ridiculously outdated. They’re also disgusting. How often does that oil change with free inspection turns into something bigger repair proposal?

About as often as serial anti-Tesla FUDSTER sven comes onto Tesla threads to carpet-bomb them with his obvious agenda and then lie about how he “likes Tesla”!

These idiots don’t even know how modern E/E systems in cars work. There is a whole standard (ISO 26262) dealing with redundancy and fault detection as part of functional safety.

Greasy hands on my shiny EV? No thanks, those guys have no idea that the check can be done wireless by the manufacturer, I feel sorry for their desperation, although they may still have 10 more years of business.

Well, if it’s concerning say, Volvo’s autonomous driving attempts, I’d say they should.

With Tesla, I think they’re pretty on top of that already.

RE: “Much like cars are required to pass emissions tests in some states” … VW would love it if that were the case; to sell vehicles failing emission regulations in states that have none! BUT, emissions regulations and testing occur at a national level, even before a vehicle can be certified by manufactures and placed in service. Hmm … seems NADA’s safety interests are self serving in pushing an agenda to state(s) level where it has already established many laws and policies that favor its chosen business model. FYI: If sensor systems included self test, just like airbags and antilock brake systems … drivers would know as soon as something was wrong with a system, not just after an annual inspection. More importantly, built in diagnostics could disable a cars system from being used, just as some vehicle systems do today. Safety should be design and built in to a vehicles system and not depend on a human performing an inspection at some interval. This does not preclude the need for regular service intervals … just as vehicles are not required to be inspected if the oil was changed. (an example of a system that indicates and notifies when servicing… Read more »

In europe we have mandatory inspections on all vehicles once a year when the vehicle is more than three years. This required by law. As an engineer i understand the need, most definitely. Corrosion affects all vehicles, so does brake wear, wheel hubs, bad tires, suspension systems and so forth. Its simply makes sense to make such an inspection on regular basis. In the nordic market these inspection sites are usually separate from dealer, they are either run by the state or by special garages with specific accreditation by the authorities. The items to check is regulated by the state which also stipulates the criterias for pass/no pass.

Most developed countries already have mandatory periodic vehicle inspection. If not for autonomous driving systems, it is sensible practice to reduce risk of sudden brake, suspension or steering system failures.

I’ll take my EV minus the Autonomous crap.

Inspection problem solved!

Most autonomous systems are pretty much solid state. Other than a good wash, they should be capable of self-diagnostic. I’m pretty sure if the sensors were not reporting data, the computers on-board (pick a brand, you know my fave) would identify a fault. Now… how that gets handled is another thing. I have tire pressure sensors in my car. They report faults. If I had auto-pilot, I expect it wouldn’t activate if the sensors had faults.
I think what the NADA means is they want their dealership mechanics to do code reviews and look for design faults.

If SpaceX starts selling its reusable rockets, do you think the various state dealership laws will require you to buy your space ship through a dealership? Come on, that’s not an unreasonable future.

At some point, they will lose power and influence, but as long as you buy your vehicle through a dealership, they have plenty of money to spend on greasing the palms of the politicians.

This only shows how much of a dinosaur the NADA is – perhaps Seven or one of his lackeys should Google “telemetry”

Autonomous vehicles would cut the car market dramatically, because they’d be cheap taxis. Rental companies and manufacturers will move into the market and cut the dealerships out.

This is simply trying to sow seeds of distrust as a first step to delaying the entry of autonomous vehicles into the market.