Mythbuster: Volkswagen e-Golf Complicated Commercial


Myth #2

Myth #2

“Sometimes all the Mythbuster wants to do is relax in his hammock with an ice cold drink. But he keeps being disturbed by misguided messages about how difficult it is to charge an e-car. His nap will have to wait.”

As we’re all well aware, charging is ’bout as complicated as tying your shoes.  Why this myth exists is beyond us, but apparently the Mythbuster must respond to this nagging myth in this Volkswagen e-Golf commercial.

We rather enjoy this e-Golf series of “Mythbuster” videos.  How ’bout you?

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“charging is ’bout as complicated as tying your shoes”

Not even. My kid can’t tie shoelaces yet, but has been plugging in the Leaf since she was maybe 3 1/2. 🙂

Yes, I agree with that sentiment. I think taking these myths one at a time and quashing them in a humorous though direct fashion is really well done.

Why did the EV Savvy dude fall out of his hammock like a doofus? 🙁

And he __STILL DOES NOT TAN__ even when laying outside… Creepy.

Haha, charging is simple but extremly slow with e-Golf. In Europe VW ships it just with a simple 3,6 kw single phase loader.
Thats why you NEED 8 hours at home or on Travel with TYP2 for a charge.
Hammock makes sense. Is it includes with a e-Golf purchase ?

I charge ZOE in 1 Hour at Home. No need for hammock. Travel with e-Golf ? Not possible. 100x more existing charging Stations with 3-phase AC in Germany than CCS. Even SMART ED can charge 3-phase.

I do not know the details, but in the US there might be different prerequisites regarding the grid that do not offer the same possibilities for AC charging as in your country.
Anyway the car that you are driving is not offered there. Taking a closer look at it might give the reason. An EV is not all about the charger, but the whole package must be right. Knowing about the quality issues of the Zoe, there is still some work to do for Renault.
So much ignorance…btw I charged CCS just yesterday – worked perfectly.

100x more charging stations than CCS, 8x faster charging at home and fast charging included in the base price is a FACT here.

When you want to DRIVE an electric car you need to charge.

This is no ignorance, it is fact. And I live in Europe.

Yep, I drive a ZOE too, and the 3-phase Chameleon charger is a winner. I can charge it at home in ~2 hrs at 3x16A. I get home from work at 17:00 and at 19:00 she’s good to go for a night out. Try that with an e-Golf.

I don’t know how a person defines “complicated.” Let’s face it, it IS more complicated that filling a car with gas. Mostly because you have to be intelligent enough to know how to locate a charge station when you are out and about. And then figuring out if it is compatible with your car, what speed it charges at, etc. Easy for any person familiar with 21st century technology. It also can be complicated getting an L2 station installed in your garage. Again, nothing to worry about for anyone with half-a-brain.

I would argue that an EV is much simpler than filling a car with gas. I go home, open the charge door, and plug it in. That’s simple.