Mythbuster: Volkswagen e-Golf Ugly Commercial


Myth #4

Myth #4

Ugly?  We’ll, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so what’s ugly is dependent upon one’s own opinion.

Regardless, the Mythbuster is confronted with the “all EVs are ugly” myth and who he responds is priceless.

“Myth #04: Electric cars look ugly compared to most cars.”

“Just when the Mythbuster thought his job was done for the day he receives another ill-informed message about electric cars. Apparently e-cars always look strange compared to other cars. Fortunately the Mythbuster is on hand to prove this myth wrong…eventually.”

We hope you enjoyed this 4-part series of Volkswagen e-Golf “Mythbuster” commercials.  We sure did.

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For being shown outside all the time, that guy is amazingly pale…

This spot makes a good point about VWs EV strategy, using the same styling for all their vehicles, regardless of drivetrain.

Unfortunately, they still need to work on improving range to 150+, beefing up the L2 to 10 kW, boosting their 0-60 moh times, and dumping the archaic analogue dashboard in favor of a configurable, touch operated LCD display.

Yeah but the e-golf will never get noticed on the roads.

That would be the point…

beauty is not in the eye of the “beholder”

every object looks the same to everyones eyes. It’s taste.

and majority of people have bad taste in cars.

e-golf is also not good looking.

Snob alert!

Dieter needs a new suit here. That blue job is fugy. The car no.

“Ugly? We’ll, beauty is in the” misplaced apostrophe? when you get a chance..

The point of VW’s commercial is partially negated by the ugly e-wheels they put on the e-Golf. I predict the usual justification … they’re “more aerodynamic”. If so, then the ugly wheels should be on both cars.

Every time I pass a Golf or Up, I can hear them screaming “I’m soooooooooo fuuuugly, please kill me with fire!”.