Mythbuster: Volkswagen e-Golf Slow Commercial


Myth #3

Myth #3

Electric vehicles…every last one of them…are slow.  That’s a fact.  Or is it?

“Myth #03: Electric cars aren’t very fast.”

“The Mythbuster doesn’t need an excuse to go for a drive in his e-Golf. However if people insist on spreading falsehoods about all electric cars being slow then he’ll happily put his driving shades on and demonstrate how wrong this myth is.”

The Volkswagen e-Golf itself isn’t particularly quick, but there’s no denying the fact that several electric vehicles available today can easily run with the quickest of the field of ICE automobiles.

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I dunno – the attempt is worthy enough, but they imply quickness only – and people will need to be shown, I think.

Is the weird noise when the egolf takes off, VW’s pedestrian alert sound?

It was the “advertising department does not think anyone will buy that it is going fast unless it makes a noise” noise.

I wondered the same.. I was expecting him to spin the tires or something.. I was less than impressed with the commercial. It would have been better to show him getting up on the freeway and passing people or something like that.

Where can I buy one of these? And how much do they cost?

About the same battery KWH and range of the leaf, with a CCS charger standard. Might as well have made charging by nuclear fusion standard at this point. There are virtually none where they are going to be selling it, mainly COW states (California Oregon Washington).

There are hundreds where they have been selling the e-Golf for a few months in Europe…

Then they are not expecting too sell much here no?

Seriously, stop selling these to the Germans. They have no sense of humor and don’t understand EVs.

Don’t forget myth #4

Did they foley in some car noise? That sounded ridiculous.

Myth #5: EVs are 15-20 years away because they will overload the grid

#VW’s hyprocracy

An article for every one of their little videos? Could you please call it “sponsored article” or something like this, because I’m pretty sure that’s what it is. Nothing wrong about it, just call the kid by it’s name…

There is also an article written on InsideEVs everytime Elon Musk farts. I’m happy that they publish every bit of EV-related news.

Thanks…we try.

InsideEVs has never received a dime or even a free fancy dinner in terms of compensation from any automaker. We break from the norm here. No free hotel rooms either.

Well, seems I got the wrong impression. Sorry bout that.

@mutle: We all know – Elon Musk doesn’t fart, he ocasionally releases the odor of cherry blossoms 😉

It is NOT cherry…

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Double-digit 0-60? e-Golf Cart lol…

If you are going to list all of the EV ads, here is the new Mercedes B Class ED:

Interesting ode to Dr. Frankenstein; trying to bring life to his hodge-podge of parts creation / monster, with a bolt of lightening.

Not sure that’s going to generate much demand for the product.

Picking Nits, but who waters their lawn in a sports coat with matching slacks?
In at least one commercial put the guy in an overstuffed chair in his club, smoking a pipe, where the other club members are annoyed by the tweet of his phone. Really ole’ bean.