MYEV Deal of The Week: 2018 Nissan LEAF $24,088


New car, used price!

The 2018 LEAF is the completely refreshed version of this “affordable EV” pioneer from Nissan. Among the first all-electric from any brand, its latest model year now boasts mainstream styling and a 40 kWh battery, rated by the EPA to offer 151 miles of range. Plus, it has an extra 40 horsepower under the hood for decidedly-improved performance.  Our deal of the week, then, is this 2018 example in deep blue pearl for $24,088.

This Nissan LEAF is a great around-town commuter with enough battery for weekend getaways. It pulls strong off the line, yet has a ride tuned to tame the harsh pavement in U.S. cities. A contender for the Motor Trend Car of The Year, it’s also received high praise from CNet’s Road Show who called it one of the best truly affordable EVs.

This particular car is even more affordable than those you’ll find on a dealer’s lot and is the cheapest 2018 on the website at the moment. At $24,800, the S trim level hatchback has a mere 15 miles showing on the odometer, so it’s basically as brand-spankin’ new as it gets.

The car is currently located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado and you can get a delivery estimate on the website. Since the site is free for buyers and sellers, there is no commission or fees involved for either party. In fact, you can message the owner directly through the site to make arrangements or perhaps negotiate a better deal.

Below is the seller’s story for this vehicle:


S ALL WEATHER PACKAGE -inc: Heated Steering Wheel, Heated Outside Mirrors, Rear Heater Ducts, Heated Front Seats, S CHARGE PACKAGE -inc: Portable Charge Cable, 120V/240V EVSE, Quick Charge Port , [CARPETED FLOOR MATS & CARGO AREA MAT, SPLASH GUARDS, Wheels: 16″ Steel w/Covers, Variable Intermittent Wipers, Trip Computer, Transmission: Single Speed Reducer, Torsion Beam Rear Suspension w/Coil Springs, Tires: 205/55R16 AS.



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That’s $7000 less than prices around here. Looks like a great deal for someone looking for a Leaf!

Paul K

That’s the exact colour and model I ordered hoping to get one before the Ontario incentives were cancelled. That was over 3 months ago. Then the deal was off, then supposedly on again. Score one of these and you can tell everyone you’ve got a model S!

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

No Active TMS, No Sale.


Wake up folks!


“No Sale”, EVen if you only put on an another additional 15 miles on it, before you resell it to its new third owner?

With only a mere 30 miles on the odometer?

Seems as though that might be a bit harsh, on the cute little Blue #rapidgate 2018 Leaf.

I ran across an Test Mule EV (3 ton cargo capacity) Van yesterday, with a 110 kWh CATL battery, Charging all the way up to 100% on CCS Combo.

It had “NO Active TMS”, and it was absolutely frightening, I didn’t know what to do, FCS!

BoltEV (was SparkEV)

Free charging SUCKS!!!!!


That’s not much of a deal. In Colorado, there’s a 5K rebate on every EV, plus Xcel Energy is offering another $3K off for its customers. So dealer is making at least $1K on this deal.


even on use EVs


I’ve seen quite a few local ads for under 23K for brand new one.


In Ohio


Yes, especially considering the fact that since it’s now technically used, the buyer would not be able to take advantage of any of the incentives that realistically bring the price of a new one down to below $20k for one like this.


I don’t live in Colorado


$20k for that my offer. its base plus no showing of chadmeo


NO CHAdeMO, NO Sale!


It comes with the “S Charge Package”.


What’s the S package

Don Zenga

I see 29 Nissan Leafs at a price below $25,000. What is the reason for a dealer to sell at a price of $5,000 below MSRP. Are they trying to damage the brand value by debasing the price. Either dealers prevent from selling electric vehicles or set such a low price so that all other customers will look for that price.

I don’t think they will make any profit if they set such a low price. Time for Nissan to enquire into such sales.


Factory incentives programs, aka “spiffs”, can typically add $2k to a dealerships bottom line, to move vehicles at the end of a sales quarter.

Even if this Leaf sells at factory invoice, there can be as much as 3% Nissan Stealership profit, depending on sales volume, leading to a $1k minimum profit.


Or the dealer can use it as a demo and take the $7500 tax credit and sell it use for 25k and get factory spiff