MYEV Deal of The Week: 2015 Nissan LEAF $10,000


Black cars look better in the shade!

If you’re looking for a solid electric vehicle bargain, it’s hard to do better than this 2015 LEAF S. This was the last model year to offer the 24-kWh battery and so the market has discounted its price all the way down to $10,000 for this example, painted in cool-looking Super Black. That’s a far cry from its original MSRP of $30,680. If its 84-mile (when new) EPA range works for your driving patterns, then why pay more?

This Nissan LEAF is a great around-town commuter. It pulls strong off the line, yet has a ride tuned to tame the harsh pavement in U.S. cities. For 2015, it did see some minor improvements made to the model, with the S, like the one here, receiving standard “B-Mode,” which engages regenerative braking more aggressively while decelerating.

Interestingly, this particular LEAF is on the market now because of another name in electric vehicles. According to the seller’s story (below), his Tesla Model 3 was produced far earlier than anticipated, so the EV he had picked up to tide him over had to be let go after only a couple months of ownership.

The car is currently located in Montgomery County, Maryland and you can get a delivery estimate on the website. Since the site is free for buyers and sellers, there is no commission or fees involved for either party. In fact, you can message the owner directly through the site to make arrangements or perhaps negotiate a better deal.

Below is the seller’s story for this vehicle:


I bought this car in May 2018 because I was told by Tesla that my model 3 would not be delivered until February 2019. In August, I got the email that my Model 3 is ready. I really like this car, but I am hoping I will like my model 3 more….



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These used short-range EVs make great commuter vehicles. Refuse to give up your gas guzzler SUV or pick-up? Fine, park it in the garage during the work week and save massive amounts of gasoline money & depreciation on your SUV & pick-up by driving this extremely cheap to fuel EV back & forth to work during the week.

Your SUV will depreciate even if not driven. At $10k this is too much to make it work, you need something below $5k if you want to keep your fat pig and still save $.

This EV will pay for its self if you put 100k miles on it over a gas car that gets 25mpg with gas at 2.50 dollars per gallon. It will pay for its self in 75k miles over a gas car that gets 25 mpg with gas at 3.30 dollars per gallon.

Your math assumes that electricity cost is 0 (which it is for me since i’m on pv but i doubt that’s the case for most out there) and that a similar size ice gets 25mpg….nice assumptions. Try again. Also not convinced that the battery of this leaf will go 100K miles and still have usable range.

you’re probably right especially in any hot climate (battery killer) or cold climate (range killer).

I’m in both and after 3 years my 2015’s range was looking like it’d hit the 70% level in the 7th year, after the 6yr / 60k warranty expires.

You’ve gotta drive 50 miles or so a day for the BEV to save money on gas, but 50 miles on a 70% battery in the winter ain’t going to happen.

Figure somewhere between 80-90k miles of useable range, for the 24kWh 2015 Lizard battery (8 years usage cycle, approximately).

$2.50? average is $2.85 today. Iran sanctions will send it higher. its close to $4 where I live but thats an outlier….with millions of car buyers though.

Weren’t NEW 2017 leafs selling at $10-12k most of last yr after incentives?? ($10k thru utilities, $7.5k federal credit & local incentives)

Why would you pay $10k for a used 2015 leaf considering people got a new 2017 leaf for the same cost and the used ones already have degraded batteries & depreciation? Even $5k is a bit high..

Special thanks to Tesla, for getting some additional pre owned Nissan Leafs on the EV market, after ramping up the Model 3, through a pretty rough patch of “Production Hell”.

Leaf bargains abound!

Make sure to check the pre owned Leaf battery SOH, by using LeafSpy Pro, before purchase is finalized.

Any degradation/capacity loss OVER 3% per year /12 k mi. drive cycle (+ or – 1/2%), is considered excessive, for the typical Nissan Leaf, especially the 2015 “Lizzard” battery pack. This 2015 Leaf should easily be an excellent 12 Bar Car!


For what it is, this thing is super expensive!

I agree

Put 10k dollars to purchase a gasser and you will spend another 10k in fuel prices to make it go 100k miles if it gets 25 mpg with gas at 2.50 dollars per gallon let alone the maintenance which will be around the price for electricity to make this EV go 100k miles. Do the math… Math is your friend.

A 3 year old car that’s nearly free to fuel that costs only $10K is expensive? Really?

The issue here is that we have here an electric car that goes under 100 miles when new and the Leaf has a history of battery degradation that other models don’t have. Besides, this one is the base model S that does not have even navigation. Once the newer electric cars with more than 200 miles of range start to hit the second hand market this will lose value sharply.

cars that have a 50 mile range at best don’t need navigation. you’re not going anywhere you haven’t been a million times.

This further assertes the limited usefulness of an EV with only 50 mile range. I do, however, use navigation in my short hops to places in the city that I’m not familiar with. Besides, between a car that has navigation and another that does not have, I tend to give preference to the one that has, even if I’m not going to use it often or could survive not having one at all.

People here are arguing about values and not so much facts here. For some 50 mile round trip range is plenty and wouldn’t want to buy more. For others, that’s not enough. Some demand a navigation system, others think its unnecessary gadgetry. I bought my 3-year old LEAF (2015 Model S) at the end of the lease for $9600 and have thoroughly enjoyed the simplicity and affordability of owning one and do a lot of running around town with it. It’s the go-to car for errands and commuting. It’s a good match for ME. It would not be a good match for others. Is a LEAF a good car or not? Of course it is, if it its the tool that is needed for your application. If I am trying to tighten up a nut and you bring me caliper, its a bad tool. Bring me a wrench and it is a good tool. Context is everything with EVs. (actually all tools)

This car will probably not drop anymore in price as it will be found by Norwegian used car dealers and shipped to Norway. As i understand it has been driven in the northern part of USA and thus probably have very little battery degradation. My Leaf is now 6 years, has been driven 81 000 km (50 000 miles) and about 100-200 Quick Charges and has dropped 15% battery capacity according to LeafSpy. If it drops to 70% capacity after 12 years its still great as secondary car as there is almost zero maintenance. I only replace cabin air filter every year to $15 and fill window washer fluid. Service every 4 year or so to change fluids. Oh, and i replaced rear braking pads now after 6 years but realized they could have lasted a year or two more…

Interesting that in Norway there is a good value for this car even with a possible future degraded battery. Given that you probably will use more heating (and the Leaf S does not have the heat pump like the SL and SV after 2014) the range must get a hit in the winter climate and getting stranded during winter must be a much worse problem there than here, however, I assume that the access to charging stations must be much better than in California, which reduces the range anxiety by a lot.

That same car sold new for $12k last year…yes, really!

That’s still high depreciation, about 20% in a year? 🙂

17% ;p
Yeah, little on the high side, but not by much.

It had $20k in credits so depreciation is minimal. Let’s not pretend the credits are not part of the equation.

it’s a great grocery getter. If you only need 40 miles of range in a day it will have a $1/day cost of ownership for the foreseeable future, out to 200,000 miles and beyond.

I have a 2015 Leaf, I have a round trip of 16 miles to work, and I costs me 38 cents per day. Plus it’s fun to drive! I still have an old truck that I use for bad winter days, or hauling crap home from the hardware store, but it handles 95% of my commuting. Bought it last September for 12k, haven’t regretted it for a single day. 🙂

$7000 is the market value of this

Domenick, you asked to let you know when I posted my car. I finally got around to listing my Imiev on myev. I had a buyer ready to go, but she backed out due to finances. I just got the email saying it is under review. Black Imiev for $5,500 in Wooster, OH

The Mitsubishi Imiev is the best Jelly bean of the bunch!
Keep the price low, and that little Jelly Belly will Go.

I’ll keep an eye out for it, thanks!

Posting is live now.

That’s in middle of nowhere. At least there’s fast chargers in Medina, Akron, and Strongsville and Lodi.

Going north is no problem. Every other direction would be rough for a drive home. I trailered it when I got it.

Better get it delivered

Unfortunately, I’ve seen quite a few of these 1st gen Leafs on used dealer lots with significant battery degradation. So, buyer beware. You may end up with a vehicle with 65 miles of range under good conditions and 50 miles or less in bad weather.

I’m going to guess that the used car dealers are not keeping the battery charged 40-60%… instead letting it drop to near 0 or 100%. Sigh.

Coulda bought my 2015 S for $9600 + tax etc. Decided the 16kWh upgrade and e-Pedal was worth an extra $5,000 instead (I got $4,500 off MSRP plus also am getting $15,500 in rebates etc . . . plus 0% for 72 months was a nice sweetener too)

Good deal

Why not wait five months and get 107 mile range leaf for less than $10k?