MyEV Deal of The Week: 2015 Chevy Spark EV for $9,250


Put some Spark EV back in your commute

Since our good friends over at launched their site, the selection of awesome used electric vehicles for sale there has grown significantly. Starting now, we’re going to comb through all these listings and bring you the best, or most interesting, deal we can find each week. We understand, of course, that our choices might not fit your exact needs, so we would also invite you to head over and try out some of the buying tools for yourselves. You may just be surprised at what you can find!

To kick things off, we’ve chosen this lovely Chevrolet Spark EV. Before getting into any details, we should say that this model, the first all-electric lithium-battery-powered vehicle from General Motors, is much beloved by those who’ve had the privilege of owning one. The LG-Chem battery is well engineered and features a temperature management system (TPS). If it has the optional CCS Fast-Charge Port — this one does — it can quench 80 percent of the battery’s thirst in 20 minutes, or completely in 45 minutes. Plus, with its 140 hp and 329 pound-feet of torque, it’s pretty fun to drive, zipping up to 60 miles per hour in 7.8 seconds from a dead stop.

This particular example is a 2015 model and comes in its original electric blue paint. Boasting a range of 82 miles from its 18.4-kWh battery, it carried its first owner faithfully for 32,000 miles. Though said to be the 1LT trim level, we suspect it’s actually the 2LT, as it appears to be feature packed, coming with 15-inch alloy wheels, leatherette seats, keyless entry, remote start, heated front seats, cruise control, tilt steering, and air conditioning, among other things.

While it originally came with an MRSP of $25,170, it is now being offered for $9,250. Currently located in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin, you can get a delivery estimate on the site, as well as message the owner directly.

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That’s actually a 2LT, since it has leatherette seats and leather-wrapped wheel. Also, the 15/16 LG-Chem battery isn’t 21kwh. GM never said exactly what it was, but it’s closer to 19kwh. The 2014 has the 21kwh A123 battery. Finally, in any kind of decent weather, the range is more like 90-100 miles.

Nitpicking aside, they’re great cars! Perfect size for commuting.


The 2015 Chevy Spark has pretty good resale value, especially if it comes with CCS-Fast Charge Port.

David Gould

Given that we got a great deal and ended up paying 10,600 for a new 2016 out the door, I’d say that is really good resale.

Excellent car indeed. Had one for 2 years. Incredibly efficient – great for a city commute like I had.

Pair this baby with a Tesla, Volt, or Clarity. Kiss gas goodbye. 🙂

SparkEV BoltEV

I thought you have a BoltEV + SparkEV. Do you have another car that gets drunk?

The Spark was mine, traded it in when I got the Bolt. My wife has a Volt but she is waiting on the Model 3 🙂

SparkEV BoltEV

0-60 for 2015+ SparkEV is rated 7.2 seconds. 2014 with 20.4 kWh battery was rated 7.5 second. Waivecar, free car rental service that has giant billboard on top, rates it 7.8 seconds. I suspect the one on sale does not have the giant billboard on top.

Something to note is that used SparkEV price seems to be increasing. It used to hover about $8K few months ago, now they hover around $10K. I hope the prices go down with those who took the lease in Apr. 2015 (about 950 of them in a month) come due this month.

Kevin C

I would absolutely love to pick up one of these little cars. Wife will have none of it. She’s too fondly attached to our wee gas-guzzling Honda Insight. Sigh.

Robert Weekley

The 2 seat insight was about the best value ever, for a fuel sipping car, and even at 6’3″, I fit in it comfortably! It would be a nice package to be an EV!


I think he meant newer one


I drove the original Insight for 12 years and 210,000 miles. Averaged 68.3 mpg. Amazing what Honda did with a 1 kWh battery. Loved telling people it was powered with 120 D-cells.

Kevin C

We’ve had the car 16 years and only have 110,000 miles on it. It’s been an awfully reliable car. Still runs great. Free battery replacement by Honda. Someone should offer us $10,000 for it😁!
I’m ready to travel solely on electrons.


A piece of history. Maybe a collector would be interested.I think of what the EV-1 is worth now. What, all but a handful were crushed.
So they’re not comparable as far as rarity goes, but they are out of production.
11,017 produced 40 left ev-1:


“11,017 produced 40 left ev-1:”

You meant 1,017 were produced and Not all of those were even leased. There was incredible response to them. They shutdown the phone banks that were taking calls for them. That in spite of them only actually being offered in SCAL and Phoenix initially. I tried desperately to get one but they never had any intention of producing them to sell.


Yep, added a 1 oops, thanks.
Right it was super popular.

jim stack

GM also made EV1 drive train S-10 pick up that were sold and not leased. They didn’t get crushed. A friend in Mesa AZ bought all 100 he could get, re-engineered them with NiMH batteries from crushed EV1 cars and sold them to cooler climates. (NOTE NiMH didn’t do well in heat). I’m sure there are some of them still on the road.
Also we reuse SPARK EV battery packs from accident salvage cars. They work great for conversions. The built in Liquid cooling makes them last almost forever 20+ years. I have also reused some of those battery packs for Solar backup and Off GRID use. They are great batteries. Go Chevy SPARK EV,Volt and Bolt.


So you do conversions. Do you have a website


I need to get my imiev on there! I have it on Craigslist for $5,500 and I get nothing but spammers and scams.


Which city?


I have it listed in mansfield oh and cleveland oh

Robert Weekley

Not far from Toronto, Ontario!
Maybe list on & .ca!


Really here in Elyria Ohio. I like to take a look


Feel free to contact me through Craigslist.
https://cleveland DOT craigslist DOT org/cto/d/2012-mitsubishi-imiev-ev/6633582987.html


FYI, in June 2015, I leased a 2015 Spark EV 2LT. Only put 9,000 miles on it. Put $2,500 down and paid $113/month including CA sales tax.
Chevy buyout was around $14,600.
Car was in excellent shape.
Carmax offered me $7,000.

Turned it in.
My wife and I miss it! We are left w/a 2016 Volt…no heated seats. Not as much fun to drive, but holds two road bikes w/back seats folded down.

Paul K

Sigh…….. Used electric cars in Canada seem to be twice the price of what they sell for in the U.S. Used Leafs are on dealer’s lots for $17,000 and up and they sell! On another track its really hard to figure out GMs relationship with EVs. They can produce extremely competent EVs that are well loved by the owners/leasees but don’t want to produce them in any significant numbers.


Well, first you have to covert the price to Canadian and add taxes which put it about $13,000 to 15,0000 CAD. That is maybe $2,000 less than you can get a Spark EV in Canada. That is the normal Canadian premium for a car.

Gas is more expensive, electricity cheaper and people in some markets prefer small cars. All of those things push Leaf values up.


I leased 2 ’16 Spark EVs a couple of years ago while juggling cars till I got my Bolt. First Spark I leased for $150/month, $0 down (and including MD taxes which charge full tax on a lease. argh). I traded in that Spark EV 2 months later for another Spark EV, and even trading in a lease 2 months after signing the papers, I was able to get the new Spark for $148/month, $0 down. And for each Spark EV lease, I was able to receive a free Bosch 240V EVSE (deal at the time was buy/lease a Spark EV, get a free Bosch charging station), which I promptly sold on Ebay.
I also received a $2,300 rebate from MD for the first Spark, and ended up selling the 2nd Spark a couple of months later via Ebay.
All said and told, leasing those 2 Spark EVs actually made me money! Lol Fun little car it was.


Hit with any penalties


Nope. Just extra money in my pocket.


I’m in the third year of a 2016 Spark EV lease. It’s a great little car. Absolutely no problems, and you can go 80 to 100 miles on a charge. It was basically no cost to lease after the various rebates, so was kind of a no-brainer. That said, we will probably turn it in and buy a second Bolt EV when the lease is up. It’s just too small to be useful for all the things we’ll need long-term, and the range is good but still limited.


Level 2 onboard charger is only 3kw, too slow! DCFC is not as important now because rarely any available and too expensive! Level 2 10KW charger us more important and practical as most homes have 50A 240V circuit wired in already! So my verdict: Pass!

SparkEV BoltEV

10kW would fully charge SparkEV from completely empty to full in less than 2 hours. So you only sleep less than 2 hours a day or do you have difficulty understanding the concept of time? I suspect the latter. Most people sleep more than 6 hours a day (fully charge from empty) plus shower is more than 8 hours a day. Plenty enough for home.

As for DCFC not important, L2 is practically irrelevant in trip charging even with 10 kW. As with trying to explain the convenience of home charging to gasbags, you have no idea how important quick DCFC is for EV until you actually use it.