Musk #2 On World’s Most Innovative Leaders List

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SEP 9 2018 BY MARK KANE 19

Elon Musk is one of the most innovative leaders in the world

Forbes recently released the top 10 finishers on the list of the World’s Most Innovative Leaders that in full (with 100 names) will be published in 2019.

In first place, we see Jeff Bezos, head of Amazon. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is ranked second with:

  • 3-year market value creation – $48 billion
  • 3-year stock market gains – 819%
  • innovation premium – 79.9%

Here are the first three:

The World’s Most Innovative Leaders (Source: Forbes)

What’s especially interesting here is that at only $48 billion for the 3-year market value creation, Musk is way outdone by both Bezos and Zuckerberg, yet he leads in stock market gains. More importantly for Musk and for Tesla is likely the innovation premium %, which he places highest among the 3.

Source: Forbes

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This makes no sense to me. If his innovation score is the highest of the three, then surely he should be the most innovative.

This is more like the most successful innovative leaders.

Me too. Market cap / stock price increase is an odd way to measure innovation. I guess they are trying to capture innovation at scale. But i’m not sure stock price is a good proxy for that

Obviously you’re right, but this is Forbes after all. They’re a bit less dogmatic than standard business magazines, but financial and retail “innovation” is still likely to be overweighted – but that’s my personal bias (I am a scientist, after all).

Its a hit piece by the wall street against Elon Musk because he does not want to get more capital from them. Since there is this rivalry between Bezos and Elon Musk including Bezos having poached lots of Raptor engineers with irresistible offers and then came out with his own rocket using similar technology, they are probably also aiming to pit the two against each other.

My guess is, none of this matters, its really just a sign he won already.

Only one of the top three actually adds value to the economy, though one other does reduce market friction which is sort of a proxy for limited added value…

So on what planet does Musk win in 2 of the 3 categories, yet come in second? (Someone put a finger on the scale. Personal bias?)

So now let‘s vote who of those 3 would not be missed at all….

Without Elon Musk we wouldn’t have a space program or a manned Mars Mission planned on a timeline we can be happy with.

The guy runs Amazon he really didn’t invent anything all he knew how to do was leverage home delivery and set up supply chains along use low wages which to me would put him in the same boat as a Walmart.

The Guy who made Facebook to me Facebook is a a example of a company growing off of hype.

At least with Musk he had to invent everything that didn’t exist.

I consider Musk more innovative, but to discount Bezo’s impact on retail and commerce is somewhat short sighted. You might be mixing up engineering innovation with innovation in general. In the early days, everyone poo-pooed Bezo’s and questioned how it could be a viable business with the added shipping costs. He dealt with many of the same detractors that Musk has. He changed an entire industry, kind of like Musk.

National Drive Electric week

I think entry level employees are paid better at Tesla. I heard Amazon warehouse workers are not treated well.

Zuk shouldn’t be on the list he should be behind bars!

“Innovative” is mainly judged by financial criteria???

…at Forbes. (Can you say “tunnel vision”?)

Zuckerberg omg his innovation is to take advantage of the less educated and lonely people, I don’t see any value of Facebook for humanity.

Can someone explain the “3-year stock market gains”? Only Amazon had gains like the ones reported. Must mean something else.

Bezos is Dr. Evil.

Elon doesn’t just run Tesla; he also runs SpaceX, which not so long ago amazed the entire world by showing twin rockets descending to land on their tails in perfect synchronicity; a ballistic ballet.

How is possible that Elon doesn’t get the #1 spot?

Zuckerberg and his “innovation” are a plague on the earth.