Musk Tweetstorm Continues: Simplest Model 3 Builds First, S & X To Get Self Raising/Lowering Steering Wheel

Tesla Model 3


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Elon Musk won’t make the same idiotic mistake that he did with the Tesla Model X.

According to Musk, the first Model 3 builds will be the simplest configurations. This means that reservations holders hoping for AWD and some other fancy features will have to wait awhile to take delivery of their electric sedans.  This of course should still not be confused with “base” models being built first, but rather that the more sophisticated to build features won’t be offered out of the gate.

As Musk notes in a Tweet, this is basically what Tesla did when it launched the Model S. However, Tesla went against this grain with the Model X launch and Musk admits this was idiotic on his part. Here’s the Tweet:

In an unrelated Tweet, but still part of Musk’s three-day Tweetstorm, Elon noted that both the Model S and Model X will get some added steering wheel functionality. We’re assuming this is to make ingress and egress easier. Here’s the Tweet:

There’s a trend that’s become more and more evident as the launch of the Model 3 draws near. Tesla is continually upgrading the Model S and X to make both of those vehicles stand out against the much simpler 3. This is highlighted in our Model 3/Model S comparative post from earlier today.

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So the steering wheel thing will be an OTA?

He means it’ll raise and lower on exit and entry if you already have a power steering wheel.

All Model S have power raise/lower. The steering wheel position is part of the seat memory. Seat memory was recently (OTA) assigned to each key, upon the driver’s approach. If that doesn’t work, perhaps putting the car in park will automatically be another trigger for “auto-raise”. A good thing.

I wonder if Model 3 gets a mechanical lever, or, gasp, a fixed steering wheel rake?

I’d prefer a manual lever vs. something that could fail.


Hear, hear!

Auto makers keep adding more and more totally unnecessary things to cars that can go wrong. And force us to pay for them whether we want them or not!

Not that I’d want to drive a Ford Model T. I am in favor of such things as cruise control, air conditioning, and disc brakes. Not to mention turn signals. 🙂

i understand what you mean, one of the popular criticisms of a car I own (when it was still for sale as a new car) was the manual convertible soft top. But I thinks it’s great. No motors to fail, no sensors to fail, no control switches to fail. It’s still a fairly complex mechanism. It takes only seconds to unlatch, open the trunk, fold it down, close trunk, and off you go.

Frankly this makes sense. I do feel bad for all of us early signers who expected to get a high-end Model 3 before everyone else — But I can live with getting a more basic version today (plus the tax credit) and maybe a second one in a few years. Anyone who really wants a top of the line model can just push there reservation back until they are available in 2018

Good news for us! We’re not high option folk and with In-Store launch day west coast placeholder, looks like we’re sitting pretty for 2017!

Anyone who is an Urban dweller doesn’t really need AWD only if you expect to hitting hilly, windy or snowy areas.

Fully optioned vehicles, regardless of make and model, have a much higher profit margin. Starting production with fully optioned Model X was a smart move not an idiotic mistake. Launching production with base Model 3s means less delays and easier MASS production. The Model X is essentially LIMITED production. This is simply common sense. Eric Loveday, if you think you’re smarter/wiser than Elon Musk why don’t you start your own auto company?

Got up on the wrong foot there Jimmy?
Eric is simply reporting what Musk tweeted.
Maybe a few more hours of sleep would do you good…

Wow there tough guy behind the keyboard.

Musk makes sense to go production #s over profit since that’s the marker for the Model 3 and expectations set. Musk is just being self deprecating (business 101) to show the way forward on the Model 3

Strongly agree. Musk understands that Tesla is making a very difficult transition, from a boutique car maker to a mass-market one. If Tesla manages this well, and not too long from now the mainstream media is running articles about how the M3 is outselling this Ford or that Honda, then they will be well on their way to changing the entire car industry.

Well said, Lou!

The Model 3 represents a change of direction for Tesla. It’s smart of Elon to put a priority on getting the car into production with as few problems as possible, over making the highest profit margin per car.

That said, I’m puzzled by Elon’s claim that the initial production on the Model X was in any way different than the initial production on the Model S. As I recall, for the Model S, the highest-price trim levels and most highly optioned cars were also given production priority when Tesla first started producing the MS. Now, it’s true that there were some options, such as the “D” twin motor trim level, which were not available when the car was new, and were only introduced later. Perhaps that’s what he’s talking about. But let’s not forget that the first Model S’s produced were the “Founders’ Edition”, followed by the “Performance” trim level. Those were the highest trim level, most highly optioned cars available during the first year of production of the Model S, and they were produced first.

Oops! I forgot the Signature Edition of the Tesla Model S, which was produced after the Founders’ Edition but before the Performance trim level.

But that only underscores the point I was making.

More options are only higher profit margin if they don’t have to spend a bunch of money on reworks and customer complaints.

Which they won’t, with Model 3. No FWDs. The initial batches won’t include AWD, but the first cars are likely to have fancy wheels, higher range, XM radio or name your highest margin-adding, yet easy to add equipment.

I’m hoping that the larger battery pack will be available in the first year. That’s the only option that will cause me to postpone my order completion.

Agree… range #1, speed #2, don’t care about anything else.

Probably going to have to wait for 75D.

Yea, I was hoping for a range option but will take what’s offered. According to everything I have seen, I am in the top 50k orders, so I am hoping for soon.

pj — yup, that’s why Elon is saying the rollout of the Model X was tougher. It did have all that extra stuff the TM3 won’t at first launch.

Jimmy Seko said:

“Eric Loveday, if you think you’re smarter/wiser than Elon Musk why don’t you start your own auto company?”

Dude, you are the one who is claiming to know better than Elon Musk does about how to run Tesla Inc.

Contrariwise, Mr. Loveday was merely agreeing with Elon’s self-assessment.

That said, Elon does need to do better at listening to others. If he wasn’t a “my way or the highway” kind of guy, if he was more willing to listen to advice from others, then Tesla would likely make fewer significant blunders.

It would be nice if an approximate ETA is displayed in the order configuration screens. Additional delays (or not) caused by a particular option or combination of options are very likely to affect someone’s choice!

Reads like another limitation based on inadequate testing before production start.

LOL. Found the short.

You can stick it with that accusation.

Well, that’s the glass-half-empty way to look at the situation.

The glass-half-full viewpoint would be that by charging ahead and taking risks that older, more traditional auto makers would not, Tesla is demonstrating exactly the sort of business strategy which allows new, agile “young Turk” companies to grow quickly and grab a large market share during a disruptive tech revolution, leaving older, more cautious, slower-moving companies in the dust, with reduced market share or even being driven out of business because they’re too slow to respond.

If Tesla can keep growing its production — and its market share — by 40%-50% per year, then it certainly shouldn’t let some problems with early production cars stop it! Only if and when those problems become so severe that they have a significant impact on demand, should Tesla slow down and start approaching putting new models and new tech into production with the caution of GM and other legacy auto makers.

Tesla shouldn’t slow down; Go Tesla!

yeehaw!!!! can’t wait for the auto raising-lowering steering wheel that should have happened ages ago! might also consider and S instead of my X later on…

I wish they would just reveal all the details. It is getting annoying have all these timelines thrown around but having only small amounts of information to go off of. I have no idea if I should expect my car in January or next summer. I guess their anti-Osborning started dictates as little information as possible unless its bad news.

Like the rest of the dimensions, rear leg room, head room, etc…

GM released most of the Bolt’s specs 10 months before ordering opened up. Only things that weren’t release were pricing, final EPA ratings, and exact fast charging specs.

And it’s taking GM 10 more months to roll the Bolt out across the country. I’ve still not seen one in real life because I life in the Midwest and GM hasn’t deemed us worthy.

GM told everyone in the US when the Bolt was going to be available in their state and when it could be ordered. They’ve been fairly open about this info since the beginning.

Yes but Veruca Salt says …

So, one of our resident Tesla-bashing trolls thinks Tesla should be more like GM.

Personally, I think GM should be more like Tesla. A lot more!

And, c’mon, bro1999; if Tesla was really like GM, then you wouldn’t try short-selling the stock, now would you? BTW, how much money have you lost on that this year? LOL! 😀

I’d love to believe he means that the pure base will be delivered first but that’s doubtful…Most likely he just means “trim” wise, which is no AWD or no P initially…That doesn’t necessarily apply to options…Say there’s 2 battery sizes, is the smallest battery really that much “simpler” than the larger battery? Is cloth that much simpler than leather when you’re using machines?

I’m sure loaded RWD 75’s will go first. Anyone expecting a smaller battery 3 this year will be sorely disappointed.

I agree, however it would appear ALL 2017 deliveries will be to employees and if they can exhaust those orders next comes Tesla owners Model 3s…Very curious to hear what configuration options they can select from…

I don’t think there will be a 75. That would overlap the Model S in numbers.

55 and 70 is my guess. I would also expect that loaded “big battery” configs would sell first, but I’m not sure Musk didn’t just contradict that.

I can see a loaded RWD 75 being around $55-60k. That’s in my ballpark when ordering.

I could see it being cheaper. I know there’s more to it, but at $100-150 per kwh battery, now we’re looking at 75 kwh in the $7,500-$11,250 range, vs a 55 kwh being $5,500-8,250.

Again, an oversimplification for sure, but the added cost, is in the range of $2,000-3,000 at cost, plus whatever other special requirements come with the bigger battery.

Now, I suppose if the 55 comes with a 200 kW motor and the 70-75 comes with a 350+ kW, that could significantly increase cost or perceived value/price.

The base size battery car must come first to ensure that the promised base price of $35,000 is delivered. If the first car available is one cent above the $35,000 mark, Tesla will be hammered by all the naysayers.

A larger battery requires more cells. Those cells might be deficient. The Gigafactory is far from 100% complete.

But have we confirmed cells are at all a limiting factor? Reportedly the smaller battery Tesla’s are still cells, which are dead/blanks into the packs so while creating the “active” cells may be less simple than the creating “dead” cells, but when it comes to assembling the parts at Fremont, same number of cells regardless of dead or active may go into the every vehicle…

The other reason for the bigger battery is to “reward” the very people with federal tax credit who are willing to spend more…Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to roll out $35K base vehicle that can qualify for the tax credit when you could reward those willing to pay more to get the tax credit…

The simple answer is: whatever they can make the car the fastest and least errors/mistakes.

The measuring stick for the Model 3 is production number. If there is a leather color deficiency — back of the line. If it’s red paint – no red car for you!

I wouldn’t be surprised that a single battery model is offered at the beginning with simple options like paint, cloth/leather, radio, autopilot. No extra battery, no sunroof, no D+P models. Even winter package probably not there since initial is West coast anyways.

KIS, keep the lines running as quick as possible to crank out the units.

“Say there’s 2 battery sizes, is the smallest battery really that much ‘simpler’ than the larger battery?”

I agree; if Tesla is going to offer only one battery size for the first cars into production, then it would seem to make more sense for that one size to be the larger one.

But didn’t Tesla specify that it will only be offering the smaller size for initial production? Or am I confusing a rumor with an official Tesla announcement?

according to analysts (what I assume to be the same ones involving the claim of Bolts losing money per vehicle) claim that any model 3 under $41k will lose money.

They been wrong before…

This is the way to go and i completely agree with Elon on this. Who needs the tax credit the most? The person buying the fully loaded model or the base model? Most likely these 2 buyers come from 2 different tax brackets anyway (even thou some low income buyers may not have enough liability to fully take advantage of this unless leasing). I’m sure the fully loaded models will also get some partial credits.

Auto raising and retracting steering wheel isn’t a big deal, my 15 years old Buick had it along with driver seat that automatically moves back and lowers…

Any “luxury” car with power adjustment often allows the driver to program that into the power/memory seat setting as the part of “driver exit” setting.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

It’s just more things that can break in the car.

I would prefer to opt out of it if it’s possible.

If Elon Musk was an idiot on Model X (his words, not mine), what kind of idiot is he with his plans bringing humans to Mars? ludicrous idiot?
Sometimes I don’t understand him: he realized that the fuel cell is evidently a “fool cell”, but going to Mars isn’t foolish at all to him?

The world needs more visionaries like Elon Musk. I don’t regard his plans for colonizing Mars in the near term as realistic, but I’m very glad that he’s popularizing the idea and getting people to talk about it. That’s the first step in making it happen someday.

I personally think we should be planning in terms of a scientific research base on Mars, rather than a colony; and in terms of a long-term terraforming project that will at least partially terraform Mars before we try to plant any colonists there. What’s the point of being a “colonist” on Mars if you have to spend nearly all of your time underground so you’ll remain protected from high-energy radiation from space? Real colonists shouldn’t have to live like moles!

But we need dreamers like Elon Musk to lead us forward. I certainly do agree with him and Bill Gates on this: For the long-term survival of our species, we do need to spread to other habitats, so we don’t have all our “eggs in one basket” here on Earth!

feh. M3 is the 4.0 version of Tesla. We’ll see.

Actually it’s the 3.0 version. The Model X is version 2.5, at best.

I cringe whenever people compare Musk with Trump, despite their shared propensity for “Tweet Storms”. Why? Trump obfuscates, Musk illuminates. Trump NEVER admits to mistakes he makes repeatedly, Musk isn’t afraid to own his and learn from them.

Well, they are both men.. both living in the USA. Otherwise, I don’t see much similarity at all. Thank goodness Elon is very unlike that other guy!

Very smart move for mass production of the T3.
Welcome to volume for Tesla. 🙂
Hope they keep the direct selling etc.
A brilliant change for the industry with a big win for the customers.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I wonder if you can opt out of the Auto raising and retracting steering wheel?