Musk Tweets – Tesla Roadster To Get Real Rocket Boosters, Might Fly

JUN 10 2018 BY STAFF 21

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is sounding off on Twitter once again.

This latest round of Musk Tweets includes info some shocking, if true, info on the upcoming Tesla Roadster.

Musk says the Roadster will get rockets adapted from SpaceX technology as part of an optional SpaceX package. Say what?

There are a lot of Tweets explaining this and some other Roadster details. Here they are:

Tesla Roadster specs without SpaceX boosters:

  • 7,376 pound-feet of torque
  • 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds
  • 0-100 mph in 4.2 seconds
  • Quarter mile in 8.8 seconds
  • 250+ mph top speed
  • 620 miles of highway range
Elon Musk with the new Tesla Roadster at the electric semi reveal event.
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New Tesla Roadster Tesla Roadster Tesla Roadster Tesla Roadster Tesla Roadster and Tesla Semi at the recent reveal event New Tesla Roadster

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21 Comments on "Musk Tweets – Tesla Roadster To Get Real Rocket Boosters, Might Fly"

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LOL, well done, Trump and this guy will surely make America great again

Drunk tweeting again…

Pneumatic torque boost…. sounds reasonable.

Ten thrusters? Isn’t that the same amount as on the Kittyhawk flying car? This could be interesting.

Sleep deprivation can do nasty things to your head.

Wow, Rockets? That sounds like great for vehicle emissions…. What was the mission again?

I heard it will be compressed air thrusters. Should actually improve air quality to use them.

How can compressed air thrusters help the air quality? Will stirring up dust help?

Well, you and other trolls regularly stir up the dust here. Does it help? 🙂

Just trying to clear the smoke screen and find the truth…

Yeah, you’re into the “truth.” That’s laughable.

😆 😆 😆

You, of all people? Trying to find the Truth? If so, it would only be so you can bury it so nobody else could find it!

How does the compressed air changes emmisions?

Hahahahaha!! Elon Musk is bat-blank crazy, God bless him!!

That is true… He’s a nut job…

I was actually giving him props, Dave. (But you already knew that)

“SpaceX option package for new Tesla Roadster will include ~10 small rocket thrusters arranged seamlessly around car. These rocket engines dramatically improve acceleration, top speed, braking & cornering. Maybe they will even allow a Tesla to fly”

That’s odd, my calendar does not say “April 1″…

When I posted the other day about bolting twin SpaceX rocket boosters to the back of the 2020 Roadster, I was kidding! And despite the calendar, I’m fairly certain Elon is, too.

So what the heck means “COPV”??

From Wikipedia:

A composite overwrapped pressure vessel (COPV) is a vessel consisting of a thin, non-structural liner wrapped with a structural fiber composite, designed to hold a fluid under pressure…. The primary advantage of a COPV as compared to a similar sized metallic pressure vessel is lower weight, but this may be offset by the increased costs of manufacturing and certification.

I am guessing more then anything, it is a way to market SpaceX technology. I don’t doubt you can’t get -some- performance increase, but my guess is more a result reduction in the drag coefficient.

how long has he been mixing prescriptions?