Musk Tweets – Summon For Tesla Model 3, Augmented Mode For Roadster

Tesla Summon

JUN 8 2018 BY STAFF 11

This first reply from Musk indicates the Tesla Model 3 will get Summon mode, but don’t expect aluminum pedals.

The second reply focuses on the upcoming Tesla Roadster and indicates it will get some form of higher level Autopilot.

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@Elon Musk Twitted: “[Tesla G2 Roadster] Will have Augmented Mode… Like a flying metal suit…”


This Elon comment will have the exotic car makers loosing sleep trying to decipher what the heck that comment means…

They know outlandish Elon comments can’t necessarily be entirely discounted…

Landing 1st stage rocket on a pitching deck of a boat… Boaring Co. … Flame Thrower Gun… Starman… etc.

Elon’s comments will get him in court sooner or later. Tesla builds some fantastic looking and performing cars. Musk promises features, but he has trouble delivering to his promises.

@theflew said: “Musk promises features, but he has trouble delivering to his promises.”

Seems to me the opposite is true:

Musk promises features, and he generally in time deliverers those features.

Musk delivers on his promises a lot more than not. He has significant problems meeting self-imposed deadlines, but generally no problem achieving what he claimed as fact that he could do!

Unfortunately, a lot of Tesla detractors have trouble differentiating between a “promise” and Elon musing about a future possibility which may or may not come to pass.

A reply to a tweet is not a line item in a contract.

Y’all remember how his “spaceship-like controls” comment about the Model 3 morphed into certainty in the Collective Public Imagination that it would have a HUD? My point is, I expect this comment about the Roadster II will have the same effect: wild speculation leading ultimately to disappointment in whatever it turns out to really be. I’m not trying to be a downer here; I just thought the whole HUD “letdown” was detrimental to the company, and I don’t want to see this to go the same way.

Also, he’s clearly alluding to Iron Man, a reference to people calling him “the Real Tony Stark.”

And on the subject of Summon, I love it and use it all the time with the key fob, but probably won’t so much in the Model 3 with my phone. I don’t want to have to turn on (or worse: leave on :O ) my GPS just to use the summon. I wish they’d make the key fob optional; I’d pay extra for it.

Thats funny, I believe the HUD is still coming. Maybe first on Roadster 2020, but included in the next Gen S and X. Expect the dash layout of the next S and X to be in line with 3 and Roadster 2020.

He’s not going to have the time and cost constraints on the roadster that he had with Model 3. So, I don’t think the comparison is apt.

I like Marques’ tag of “Roadster 2020”. Better sounding the Roadster 2, or 2.0.

How reliable is Summons Mode now? Jack Richard over at EVTV bloviates that most whiz-bang futurismo features on his Model S work about one third of the time, including Summons Mode.

If that is true, he says levels 4 and 5 of Autononomous driving are a pipedream or at least 20 years out. I tend to agree with Jack but to a lesser extent. To me, Augmented Performance and Autopilot are buzzwords that create awe and wonder amongst millennials. It’s also clever free marketing on Musk’s part and, hey, we all can and should dream big dreams. Musk is half in today’s reality and half marketing what could be, or will be…Someday.

I’m not downing Elon at all. Dreamers have moved us forward all throughout history. Humans seem to need be inspired by dreamers to set new and higher goals. For me, it seems obvious that what is truly the target, focus and what we all should concentrate on is the New Energy fuel source and powertrain. The rest is fodder for fun speculation and conversation, sure. But the eye on the prize is the violent takeover of the Internally combusted vehicle by superior long range EVs.

No – Elon’s goal is to drastically cut the number of vehicles on the road and autonomy is pivotal to this.
Even Mercedes, GM and Lutz get this.…/former-gm-chairman-bob-lutz-says-the-end-of-the-car-industry-is-n…