Musk Tweets – Tesla Gigafactory Energy, Body Repair Speed, Pedals

JUN 9 2018 BY STAFF 10

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is sounding off on Twitter once again.

Surprised? We aren’t.

This latest round of Musk Tweets includes info on the Gigafactory and it’s transition to solar /wind:

Next up is an update on Tesla Model 3 pedals. Looks like aluminum is in:

And lastly, an update on how Tesla hopes to improve the speed of its service:

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10 Comments on "Musk Tweets – Tesla Gigafactory Energy, Body Repair Speed, Pedals"

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Aluminum pedal covers? Why would I want to cover my pedals?

WTF who cares about pedal covers? I want nice grippy rubbber on my pedals, not metal that gets slippery when my soles are wet or when I have picked up some slimy decaying leaf.

metal pedals look interesting, and are designed to grip the shoe.

I was hoping the “pedals” news was that he’d be putting in cycle pedals for the driver (car speed relative to how hard you pedal), so people could get a workout while being driven.

You mean e-bicycle, I think. Already millions of them, not courtesy of Tesla, and they’re much more environmentally friendly.

Six months to repair our Leaf.
16 weeks would have been great.

It would be great if you could do some kind of research and story on the electricity use in the Gigafactory. It becoming 100% renewable is most likely one of those lies by omission by Elon.

It’s most likely, almost certain, that the Gigafactory will be using fossil electricity for up to a decade.

Still it beats the crap out of Chinese/Japanese/Korean high coal power batteries but it would be nice to know the truth about it so that we can do proper calculations on the foot print.

GF1 using solar? 1% so far maybe… No wind installed yet…

Actually every battery factory I have seen in China has complete solar arrays, both BYD, and CATL…

“Rollout of solar already begun.” Lying again Elon? Solar project at GF1 was halted back in March… Cash flow problems… I guess…

Meanwhile TSLA $342 per share WOW Bro1999 is depressed today, call suicide prevention if you can’t handle the stress lol GO TESLA GO DESTROY DIRTY GAS GUZZLERS CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP