NEW UPDATE: Tesla Forms Special Committee To Evaluate Going Private

Tesla CEO Elon Musk


And the whole world is in awe

***UPDATE –  Shortly After 2 PM Eastern – Trading of TSLA stock has now been halted

***UPDATE – 3:30 PM Eastern – Email from Elon Musk to Tesla employees added at bottom of post.

***UPDATE – Trading resumed around 3:40 PM EST. At the time of this writing – 4:10 PM EST – shares were up 11 percent (37.58), at 379.57.

***UPDATE 8/14/2018Tesla has announced the formation of a special committee to evaluate going private. Announcement directly below in its entirety:

Tesla Motors

Aug 14,2018
Tesla Announces Formation of Special Committee to Evaluate Potential Going Private Transaction

PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tesla, Inc. (the “Company”) announced today that its Board of Directors has formed a special committee comprised of three independent directors to act on behalf of the Company in connection with Elon Musk’s previously announced consideration of a transaction to take the Company private (the “Going Private Transaction”). The special committee has not yet received a formal proposal from Mr. Musk regarding any Going Private Transaction nor has it reached any conclusion as to the advisability or feasibility of such a transaction.

The special committee is composed of Brad Buss, Robyn Denholm and Linda Johnson Rice. The special committee has retained Latham & Watkins LLP as its legal counsel and intends to retain an independent financial advisor to assist in its review of a formal proposal once received. The Company has separately retained Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati as its legal counsel in this matter.

The special committee has the full power and authority of the Board of Directors to take any and all actions on behalf of the Board of Directors as it deems necessary to evaluate and negotiate a potential Going Private Transaction and alternatives to any transaction proposed by Mr. Musk. The special committee’s grant of authority provides that no Going Private Transaction will be consummated without the approval of the special committee. The special committee expects to provide a further update concerning the process associated with Mr. Musk’s proposal as soon as practicable.

No assurances can be given regarding the likelihood, terms and details of any proposal or potential Going Private Transaction, that any proposal made by Mr. Musk regarding a potential Going Private Transaction will be accepted by the special committee, that definitive documentation relating to any such Going Private Transaction will be executed or that such a transaction will be completed.

Forward Looking Statements

Certain statements in this announcement, including statements regarding a potential Going Private Transaction, are “forward-looking statements” that are subject to risks, uncertainties and contingencies. These risks, uncertainties and contingencies include, but are not limited to, the impact of the announcement of the formation of the special committee and review of a potential Going Private Transaction on the Company’s business and its ability to implement any potential Going Private Transaction.  Various important factors could cause actual results to differ materially, including the risks identified in our SEC filings.

This list of factors is not intended to be exhaustive. Such forward-looking statements only speak as of the date of this announcement, and the Company disclaims any obligation to update information contained in these forward-looking statements.

***UPDATE 8/13/2018 (10:00 AM EST) – Tesla CEO Elon Musk has released a lengthy update letter with details about taking Tesla private. The full text is included below:

Update on Taking Tesla Private

Elon Musk  – August 13, 2018

As I announced last Tuesday, I’m considering taking Tesla private because I believe it could be good for our shareholders, enable Tesla to operate at its best, and advance our mission of accelerating the transition to sustainable energy. As I continue to consider this, I want to answer some of the questions that have been asked since last Tuesday.

What has happened so far?

On August 2nd, I notified the Tesla board that, in my personal capacity, I wanted to take Tesla private at $420 per share. This was a 20% premium over the ~$350 then current share price (which already reflected a ~16% increase in the price since just prior to announcing Q2 earnings on August 1st). My proposal was based on using a structure where any existing shareholder who wished to remain as a shareholder in a private Tesla could do so, with the $420 per share buyout used only for shareholders that preferred that option.

After an initial meeting of the board’s outside directors to discuss my proposal (I did not participate, nor did Kimbal), a full board meeting was held. During that meeting, I told the board about the funding discussions that had taken place (more on that below) and I explained why this could be in Tesla’s long-term interest.

At the end of that meeting, it was agreed that as a next step, I would reach out to some of Tesla’s largest shareholders. Our largest investors have been extremely supportive of Tesla over the years, and understanding whether they had the ability and desire to remain as shareholders in a private Tesla is of critical importance to me. They are the ones who believed in Tesla when no one else did and they are the ones who most believe in our future. I told the board that I would report back after I had these discussions.

Why did I make a public announcement?

The only way I could have meaningful discussions with our largest shareholders was to be completely forthcoming with them about my desire to take the company private. However, it wouldn’t be right to share information about going private with just our largest investors without sharing the same information with all investors at the same time. As a result, it was clear to me that the right thing to do was announce my intentions publicly. To be clear, when I made the public announcement, just as with this blog post and all other discussions I have had on this topic, I am speaking for myself as a potential bidder for Tesla.

Why did I say “funding secured”?

Going back almost two years, the Saudi Arabian sovereign wealth fund has approached me multiple times about taking Tesla private. They first met with me at the beginning of 2017 to express this interest because of the important need to diversify away from oil. They then held several additional meetings with me over the next year to reiterate this interest and to try to move forward with a going private transaction. Obviously, the Saudi sovereign fund has more than enough capital needed to execute on such a transaction.

Recently, after the Saudi fund bought almost 5% of Tesla stock through the public markets, they reached out to ask for another meeting. That meeting took place on July 31st. During the meeting, the Managing Director of the fund expressed regret that I had not moved forward previously on a going private transaction with them, and he strongly expressed his support for funding a going private transaction for Tesla at this time. I understood from him that no other decision makers were needed and that they were eager to proceed.

I left the July 31st meeting with no question that a deal with the Saudi sovereign fund could be closed, and that it was just a matter of getting the process moving. This is why I referred to “funding secured” in the August 7th announcement.

Following the August 7th announcement, I have continued to communicate with the Managing Director of the Saudi fund. He has expressed support for proceeding subject to financial and other due diligence and their internal review process for obtaining approvals. He has also asked for additional details on how the company would be taken private, including any required percentages and any regulatory requirements.

Another critical point to emphasize is that before anyone is asked to decide on going private, full details of the plan will be provided, including the proposed nature and source of the funding to be used. However, it would be premature to do so now. I continue to have discussions with the Saudi fund, and I also am having discussions with a number of other investors, which is something that I always planned to do since I would like for Tesla to continue to have a broad investor base. It is appropriate to complete those discussions before presenting a detailed proposal to an independent board committee.

It is also worth clarifying that most of the capital required for going private would be funded by equity rather than debt, meaning that this would not be like a standard leveraged buyout structure commonly used when companies are taken private. I do not think it would be wise to burden Tesla with significantly increased debt.

Therefore, reports that more than $70B would be needed to take Tesla private dramatically overstate the actual capital raise needed. The $420 buyout price would only be used for Tesla shareholders who do not remain with our company if it is private. My best estimate right now is that approximately two-thirds of shares owned by all current investors would roll over into a private Tesla.

What are the next steps?

As mentioned earlier, I made the announcement last Tuesday because I felt it was the right and fair thing to do so that all investors had the same information at the same time. I will now continue to talk with investors, and I have engaged advisors to investigate a range of potential structures and options. Among other things, this will allow me to obtain a more precise understanding of how many of Tesla’s existing public shareholders would remain shareholders if we became private.

If and when a final proposal is presented, an appropriate evaluation process will be undertaken by a special committee of Tesla’s board, which I understand is already in the process of being set up, together with the legal counsel it has selected. If the board process results in an approved plan, any required regulatory approvals will need to be obtained and the plan will be presented to Tesla shareholders for a vote.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk sent shockwaves through the financial and automotive worlds today, announcing on Twitter that he is considering taking the California automaker private at $420 a share (is that just a number, or is it connected to something of a “higher” order). The company first went public in June of 2010, offering 13.3 million shares for $17 per share. My, how times have changed.

He says he’s only considering, but it’s fair to say that he is likely “strongly considering,” especially as he’s saying the funding has already been secured. With 169.79 million shares outstanding, $420 per share would put the company’s value at $71.31 billion. Not, obviously, a small number.

As one might expect, Tesla stock reacted swiftly and strongly, leaping over 5 percent almost immediately. It continues to climb and is at $363.18 (up $21.19) as of this writing. We can only imagine this is a bad time to be short on the stock — “short” meaning you’ve made a bet that the stock price would go down.

With the world frantically trying to figure out what the move could mean for the company, or for them, Musk followed that Tweet up with a jolly “good morning,” likely tied to the stock rise:

A new Tweet possibly confirming the authenticity of the first Musk Tweets has just surfaced:

Musk has now just tweeted again some clarification of how this could go down.

Developing story…

Email from Elon below:

Taking Tesla Private
August 7, 2018
The following email was sent to Tesla employees today:

Earlier today, I announced that I’m considering taking Tesla private at a price of $420/share. I wanted to let you know my rationale for this, and why I think this is the best path forward.

First, a final decision has not yet been made, but the reason for doing this is all about creating the environment for Tesla to operate best. As a public company, we are subject to wild swings in our stock price that can be a major distraction for everyone working at Tesla, all of whom are shareholders. Being public also subjects us to the quarterly earnings cycle that puts enormous pressure on Tesla to make decisions that may be right for a given quarter, but not necessarily right for the long-term. Finally, as the most shorted stock in the history of the stock market, being public means that there are large numbers of people who have the incentive to attack the company.

I fundamentally believe that we are at our best when everyone is focused on executing, when we can remain focused on our long-term mission, and when there are not perverse incentives for people to try to harm what we’re all trying to achieve.

This is especially true for a company like Tesla that has a long-term, forward-looking mission. SpaceX is a perfect example: it is far more operationally efficient, and that is largely due to the fact that it is privately held. This is not to say that it will make sense for Tesla to be private over the long-term. In the future, once Tesla enters a phase of slower, more predictable growth, it will likely make sense to return to the public markets.

Here’s what I envision being private would mean for all shareholders, including all of our employees.

First, I would like to structure this so that all shareholders have a choice. Either they can stay investors in a private Tesla or they can be bought out at $420 per share, which is a 20% premium over the stock price following our Q2 earnings call (which had already increased by 16%). My hope is for all shareholders to remain, but if they prefer to be bought out, then this would enable that to happen at a nice premium.

Second, my intention is for all Tesla employees to remain shareholders of the company, just as is the case at SpaceX. If we were to go private, employees would still be able to periodically sell their shares and exercise their options. This would enable you to still share in the growing value of the company that you have all worked so hard to build over time.

Third, the intention is not to merge SpaceX and Tesla. They would continue to have separate ownership and governance structures. However, the structure envisioned for Tesla is similar in many ways to the SpaceX structure: external shareholders and employee shareholders have an opportunity to sell or buy approximately every six months.

Finally, this has nothing to do with accumulating control for myself. I own about 20% of the company now, and I don’t envision that being substantially different after any deal is completed.

Basically, I’m trying to accomplish an outcome where Tesla can operate at its best, free from as much distraction and short-term thinking as possible, and where there is as little change for all of our investors, including all of our employees, as possible.

This proposal to go private would ultimately be finalized through a vote of our shareholders. If the process ends the way I expect it will, a private Tesla would ultimately be an enormous opportunity for all of us. Either way, the future is very bright and we’ll keep fighting to achieve our mission.


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He Musk WIN!
St. Elon goes to Wall Street PE Heaven!

Game, Set, Match!

and probably to hell for shorters…

And long call holders above 420$… not cool…

The $4:20 reference is opportune, and Kinda Kushy and Kool!

Smoking some Shorts? AKA “Blunts”!

That would be “Strking Out”

Selling to the saudis? Dont do it. History to repeat? Who killed the electric car?

I know, right? How can people here be warm and fuzzy about handing over significant control of Tesla to the Saudis? It’s like saying Vladimir Putin and the Russian government want to buy a major stake in Tesla. What could possibly go wrong?

They already own USA, not a big deal.

And trading was halted. No surprise there.

Halted Trading, by far the Bluntest, of all of the Wall Street trading instruments, to Short the Shorts, who failed to exit their position!

I only hope he builds the car back (decent car cockpit) in the next e car and does’t stick to the damn iPad car concept! I hate looking at the TV, to be able to see the speed… where even to turn cooling up only by ‘googling the internet first’

Notice all the negative votes…heresy for the cultists.

No, the downvotes are because his comment is off topic. Simply to vent some frustration/anger.

And the downvotes are also because if he doesn’t like a Tesla, nobody is forcing him to buy. Why do all cars have to be the same? Let there be at least 1 iPad car amongst a multitude of gazillions-of-buttons-cars.

Exactly. After some hesitation, I decided to downvote it for off-topic ranting.

Also, note the comments from Munro after their complete teardown of the Model 3. The screen is a major cost saving device. Every feature placed on the screen is another component removed from the cost of the car.

Why does it have to be so ugly though? The dash of the Model 3 is an IKEA table with a computer monitor on it.

Perhaps if you were not a serial Tesla basher, you would take off those Tesla Hater Reality Distortion goggles, and you’d see that the Model 3 interior has an elegant simplicity.

And if you didn’t have your rose tinted fan boy glasses on you might see it for what it really is, a cheap to manufacture interior, much like the IKEA table. If you find a room with a simple table with a computer monitor on it elegant, then I guess you love all the cubicles of the world.

This dashboard screams out, this is not really a car, you don’t want to drive, sit back, relax and watch a movie with your friends. It is clearly Tesla’s stepping stone to prep their buyers for the day when no one drives cars anymore and we all just ride around in generic taxi cabs with a central monitor to pay, input an address and then be entertained.

And yet IKEA is a global leader in selling tables….

Were you aware that your attempted insult actually puts Tesla in the company of a growing global sales leader taking market share from traditional furniture makers everywhere they go?

I would agree that the Model 3 is like IKEA in that they will be a massive disruption of traditional competitors in their market too.

I hope your Model 3 holds up longer than the “global leader” in table sales table does.

Well… I wonder what benefits this would have? One possible benefit would be the elimination of the short sellers. Since often short sellers are responsible for some of the fake news or negative stories against Tesla, they’d have little incentive to continue if they couldn’t buy the stock in the first place.

Another benefit would be eliminating quarterly reports and keeping the internal data private.

And control the narrative without having to publish quarterly reports for all to see.
We all know how much Tesla loves to control the narrative about itself.


Other short crying lol

Who, me? I’m saying “Bro” is holding Tesla up to a double standard. What company doesn’t want to control their narrative? It’s called PR

Control the narrative while squashing any critical reports as FUD/fakenews. How many times have you seen any other automotive CEO clash with critics on social media and blast reporting by award winning media outlets as FUD?

Only one other organization does that like Elon does, and it is the Trump administration.

How many other electric car companies are there in this country?

What does that have to do with anything?
And btw, Tesla is not an “electric car company”. It’s an energy company more than anything that just happens to make EVs. That’s why they changed their mission statement a couple of years ago, to reflect that. Surprised you didn’t know that.

What happens now with your weird anti Tesla obsession?

It’s simple Tesla puts in Jeopardy the oil companies and the other auto companies so they are target.

Answer: Everything.

How many other CEOs have been the target of such consisting ongoing unhinged attacks?

I find Tesla is often the first to throw a punch.

How many awards has CNN won? I’m sure their efforts are awarded amongst their peers in the industry quite often. I won’t even bother to look. In fact, the world of broadcast journalism loves to award itself and laud such awards on their broadcast mediums. Doesn’t your local TV news show off all their Emmys won to you regulrly? I know ours does. Seems a great way if promotion. Yet how much sensationalism, murders, deaths, hyperbole and controversy makes up just one of their broadcasts? The answer: About 75-85%. You and the majority of us have been brainwashed since birth that we must switch on that box that informs us who died, who cheated, who shot and killed and who was destroyed by some form of disaster as “news”. It’s good theater, but all that death is superseded by controversy and conspiracy. We call it “news”, but they call it big business. They know we’ll tune in, like robots addicted to bad news. Who the he’ll wants to be informed about the good, constructive and optimistic events that occur each day?! That is freaking BORING. Thus, they sell tons if advertising. Ever been in a morning production meeting at a… Read more »

They do like to control the narrative, do you think letting Saudi Arabia control the narrative is better? Tesla is the future of electric cars and oil is taking too large an interest.

Yup, every company likes to control the narrative. That’s what a PR department is all about.


Apparently the plan is letting the Saudis come in an buy everything they can. So I guess that’s it for all the “big oil” conspiracy theories? Probably not…

Controlling your own narrative sounds like a smart move. Go Elon!

Didn’t Erin control their and thier books and look what happen to them

Do you mean Enron?

That is probably the company he was babbling about, but he might as well have meant to say “Elmo” for the relevance his post had.

Now, I’m starting to feel kinda “Tickled”!

Why not

Elmo loves you ‼️

That is the most non-sequitur garbage response I’ve seen in a long time.

And accomplished in so few words, too! 😉

When companies control the narrative, it’s a smart move. When countries control the narrative, it’s propaganda!

That’s the reason – he hates that he’s being held to a standard, and doesn’t want to have to be measured the same way every other car company is. The financial and performance data on the company is embarrassing, and it would be far more advantageous if he doesn’t have to disclose the balance sheet. He’s simply contemptuous of any sort of oversight, as he proved on the conference call.

I’m still in awe that the SEC hasn’t opened an investigation on him for pumping – how much money did his one tweet generate for him today? And if it turns out to be like many of his other statements, which is to say, significantly different from reality? He still keeps the pump bump, shrugs his shoulders and says he changed his mind?

$420? So he’s saying Tesla is worth $68b? 60% more than Ford? 20% more than GM and Honda? Almost three times for than Fiat Chrysler? LOLOLOLOL – $420 is an apt number, because he is f****** high.

I hate that publicly traded companies and their CEO’s are held legally accountable for everything they say/do whilst their detractors can say whatever they want and have no accountability… both sides can move the market, but only one side is forced to be truthful and accountable.

Fiat Chrysler, Ford, GM and Honda are run of the mill companies operating on low margins and selling to the mass market. They also have a very difficult transition to make from ICE to BEV whilst remaining profitable. Tesla sell a premium product with better than sector average margins.

It used to be new car companies had to overcome the high cost barrier to entry that your beloved ICE makers had spent over decades to compete. The BEV platform is the future and Tesla have the dominant position and the ICE companies have to catch up.

Good luck with that!

Very good point. There’s quite a few folks on this very forum that’ve had the door to information closed on their ability to turn it into mis-information. That’s gotta sting. Now all they are relegated to doing is merely thumbsing folks down like me, but nothing more.

“I hate that publicly traded companies and their CEO’s are held legally accountable for everything they say/do whilst their detractors can say whatever they want” The difference in accountability is because, of course, corporate leaders are privy to proprietary information that the market doesn’t have, and thus are rightly held to a higher standard. This is basic equity law – read some cases if you’re so confused about it and try to understand why every public market in the world has these laws. “They also have a very difficult transition to make from ICE to BEV whilst remaining profitable. Tesla sell a premium product with better than sector average margins.” “Very difficult” transition – says who? You? And I’m pretty sure that Ford and Honda have actually had more than a few profitable quarters in their hundred year history. Tesla’s on year 15, with nothing but burned cash to show for it. Even if everything you said was true, and that Honda and Ford were making a “very difficult transition,” does that make them worth 20% less than Tesla? Conversely, Tesla is having a “very difficult” developing a robust distribution system (time making cars, delivering cars, and fixing cars), something… Read more »

So you concede that Model X is a clear choice?

Sorry, I have a short attention span and you lost me with the multitude of quotes in your post.

If you’re a soccer mom who likes minivan styling with gimmicky doors that prevent roof storage and has poor build quality, then the X is definitely the clear choice.

Man, you are good. How did you know I was a soccer mom?

We call those Hockey Moms up North, K.A.! And such mothers likely have zero interest in roof storage, as on the whole, most women are smaller than most men, and have a harder time reaching said roof box. On the scale of things, however, there’s nothing uglier than a roof mounted cargo box. The main value of the Model X design is the ability to get to the third row. You should try it sometime, in the Tesloop ride share service. You can sit in the back and pretend everyone can hear you rant. You’ll be comfortable.

He could even bring four dummies along to listen to him.

You store a lot of stuff on the roof of your car?

” EVs are the future, and Tesla has a lead. That lead ends in about 12 months, when Porsche, Audi, MB, etc. all bring products to market that will directly compete for Tesla’s already very low volume.””.
All of these companies will bring BEVs to the market and I and most others would show little or no interest. How do you drive them across country? No charging system outside of the county. DOA in my opinion. At least when Tesla started the intent was to deliver a charging infrastructure along with the car. This was tough at first but it got better fairly quickly. None of the companies you have listed show any interest in building an infrastructure. Porsche may be an exception but they are looking at their own dealerships. DOA. Ask Nissan.

With the growth of EVs, it’s room for everybody.
Add 5-7 years, and there will be more fierce competition. By then most brands will offer several electric models.
Will be more models for customers to choose from, with more competetive prices, more integrated and developed drive units and power electronics.
Will be interesting to follow the cars evolve.

How did you drive Teslas before it started building Superchargers? And when was the last time you actually drove cross country? LOL. Regardless, there are chargers everywhere, and Porsche and other marques are committed to building more. I mean, to accept the basic premise of your argument is to say that EVs will never be a true alternative to ICE, because only Teslas could ever recharge when you take that cross country trip that no one takes, and thus, will be perennially impractical.

Geez. I dunno. Oh wait, I blogged about this 5 years ago, driving all over the place in the Mid-West in 2013. Then, I drove to California before the route was entirely finished. And that trip to California? Way cheaper than 5 airplane tickets. The electricity was free. Thanks, Elon!

About three weeks ago I took a trip to South Dakota from Chicago. The charger network was up and running before I bought my car in 2015. It’s a lot better now than it was then.

What was your point? Because your question was Kind A Dumb.

I don’t know many people who can afford a ~$90k car but not a plane ticket.

The importance of driving ultra-luxury cars across the country is somewhat overstated.

I don’t know anyone who can afford a $10k car but not a plane ticket – have you seen the quality of air passengers these days?

The fabled “cross country trip” is something almost no one with a car – much less an EV – does, ever.

It’s funny that people would never buy a Tesla because you can’t drive it across the country, but now people won’t buy a Tesla just because you can drive it across the country. I go on long road trips every year (this year was Wisconsin to Idaho and back), and the Tesla is the best car I’ve had for the long drives. Up and down mountains at with the cruise set 90MPH and not touching a pedal is kind of awesome. Driving through mountains is so much more awesome than flying over them anyway.

Wow. Allow me to introduce you to the Sound of Silence rally. A Tesla auto rally in Custer, SD which draws all over N. America. So many people there go by the name “Almost No-one. ” I find it amusing the bubble you live in. Gas prices rise for holiday driving in the US. I, for one, dislike the TSA’s rubber-glove handling of air travel, and avoid them when I can.

Except for people who travel with a large pet or bicycles, or a gun or that have circulation issues, or pregnant family member or those affraid to fly, etc.

“The fabled ‘cross country trip’ is something almost no one with a car – much less an EV – does, ever.”

Perhaps on Bizarro Planet FUDster, where you live.

On Planet Earth, where I live, a good percentage of people take long road trips in their cars every year. Perhaps not as often as they fly, but it’s certainly not the vanishingly rare event you are asserting.

If it was that rare, then Tesla wouldn’t be getting a lot of free publicity — and a lot more sales — from its Supercharger network. And a Tesla Death Cultist FUDster like you wouldn’t bother to write FUD about it, either.

Price a flight to Sioux Falls, SD from Chicago for four people. (just did that, it’s $2,580) Add in the cost of renting a car once you get there ($85/day) and you can easily get to $3,000 for the trip. Driving it might take five more hours than the flight assuming good weather and no delays at the airport.

Most of the people I’ve seen at superchargers are within one charger stop of home, but I did meet a family in Minnesota who started in Arizona, went to Oregon, then were headed to Wisconsin before circling back through Missouri on their way back home. They were visiting family along the way, seeing attractions, enjoying themselves. Very few people will do that, but for those who want to, the SC network makes it more enjoyable.

It’s a different problem than that. Yes, until someone commits to replicating the SC network, I would only buy another Tesla. But the bigger issue for the legacy companies is that every EV they sell won’t be taking sales away from Tesla, they’ll be taking sales away from their own ICE fleet.

Porsche will cannibalize itself. VW will cannibalize itself and so on. Tesla created demand for great EVs. The company’s products are on the minds of everyone. So when a guy is used to buying/leasing Audi cars and his current car is ready for replacement, he’ll think to himself, “Should I look at the Tesla offerings or stick with Audi?” If they go into the Audi show room and they find an EV that’s not better than what Tesla produces, they’ll either buy another Audi ICE or get a Tesla. They won’t buy an EV Audi that’s not better than what they can already get elsewhere. So Audi is going to have to design these cars to beat their current ICE offerings.

Nah, like I’ve said so many times before, the vehicle is only half the equation- the other half is a CANVASSED fast-charging network like the Superchargers. Of which, none of your aforementioned manufacturers have and still won’t have (save for a few dozen token locations) when they release their “Tesla Killers.” You can ignore it (as you will), but it’s the moat/great equalizer/game changer that Tesla solely possesses.

And I’m sure that’s gotta sting. But hey, at least you still have a cool Bolt..

Now get that ‘thumbs down’ button finger fired up!

And as I pointed out, how did Tesla sell cars before they built their Superchargers? By your logic, without Superchargers, EVs are impractical, so how did Tesla sell cars before they built the chargers? What were people with Roadsters charging their cars with, and why did they buy them if they couldn’t charge them? And what is it that you think will prevent competing car manufacturers (or federal or State governments) from building their own system of chargers? What law, financial, or technological hurdle stands in their way?

And again, who drives cross country? I don’t think I’ve ever taken a road trip that was longer than 250 miles – at that distance, why would you drive when you can fly or take the train? And who would drive more than 250 miles in a day?

And finally, you do know that there are chargers other than Tesla’s right? I mean, where I live, they’re everywhere – in parking spots, in garages, and at businesses.

So, “nah,” it doesn’t sting because your arguments don’t make sense.

“And what is it that you think will prevent competing car manufacturers… from building their own system of chargers?”

The same thing that prevented all of them from building their own system of gas stations.

“What law, financial, or technological hurdle stands in their way?”

The financial hurdle — more than hurdle, it’s an absolute barrier — is that building an EV charging network would have negative impact on their core product, gasmobiles. More public EV chargers would make EVs more competitive against their own gasmobiles, which is the very last thing any legacy auto maker wants now and for at least several years to come.

It’s “kinda weird” that you pretend not to understand something so obvious to anyone interested in financial matters, as a “short” investor like you must be.

No, I understand your arguments, or rather the glaring faults in them. Some car companies DID build their own gas stations, until the economics of gas dispensaries changed and it made more sense to let a secondary market service that need.

If ICE makers are so terrified of cannibalizing their ICE products that they won’t build charges for the EVs they have spent billions developing and plan on selling, then why are they investing in EVs at all? I mean, Porsche, Audi, Nissan, GM, MB, VW – they’re all pouring tremendous amounts of time and money into building EVs – is that what you do when you want something to fail?

You’re beyond obtuse – you’re barking mad, really. You’ve got some sort of Tesla/Elon fever.

Tesla will be a private co. So what is to you? And Porche, Audi, and all those other car companies dealers will love selling their EV cars, just ask GM and Nissan how much their dealers push to sell those EV’s. All they have to do is sell tires and close their cash cow which is the maintenance departments and Quick Lube centers.

Show me the volumes they’re planning to build.

“Some car companies DID build their own gas stations, until the economics of gas dispensaries changed…”

I call B.S. Cite your source for that.

Before gas stations, early motorcar enthusiasts bought gasoline in a tin at hardware stores and drug stores.

Derp. They announced the SC network pretty early on. The first cross country trip was possible less than two years after the first car was sold.

“Tesla’s on year 15, with nothing but burned cash to show for it.”

Thanks for that excellent example of oft-repeated Tesla Death Cult FUD, which is one of the primary motives behind Elon mulling over taking the company private.

A highly relevant quote:

Tesla’s finances — investing vs. burning: …there’s a difference between “burning cash” and investing cash into rapid, transformative growth. Tesla isn’t “burning cash” with nothing to show for it. It has gone from producing zero cars to an annualized production rate of approximately 300,000 in the course of a decade. Each quarter shows dramatically more production and deliveries than the quarter a year before. Last July, Tesla delivered 30 Model 3’s. This July, it may end up delivering 20,000 or so. Is that “burning cash” or is that ramping up production of a mass market car?

— Zachary Shahan, “Tesla Shorts Are Scared, Exposed, & Desperate”

Oh, well if “Zachary Shahan” of “” wrote it in an opinion piece, it must be true lol.

Simple question: To date, how much net profit has Tesla generated?

You mean the Zachary Shahan who has built a sucessfull website on green tech?

Meanwhile you are just another bitter and jealous anti-Tesla troll on the internet.

Who needs a hug because nobody is driving across the country to visit him, now that all his friends have a Tesla. It’s our fault, people. We made K.A, the way he is. A victim of circumstances!

Yeah, exactly that guy I’ve never heard of who has a website I’ve never heard of who wrote an opinion piece that isn’t legitimate journalism.

You’ve never heard of Clean Technica?

Well then, perhaps you should learn more about “green tech”, rather than continue to expose your ignorance on the subject.

Umm… Yes, company management needs to be held to a higher standard since they have inside information which can impact the performance of the stock. Their position/knowledge causes their statements to be given significant weight.

Meanwhile, no one thinks a random man on the street knows what is happening inside a company, therefore they don’t take his opinion as seriously and it’s not as much of a concern what he says.

It’s disappointing to me that so many choose to identify with a company to the point where they want to start changing the rules just for it’s benefit (and all of our detriment). The level of fanboyism is really getting ridiculous.

You must be short TSLA ,If you are ,you was not paying attention ,but keep on hating Tesla and Elon ,you will be taken to the toilet and flushed down down with your money.

Every other car company? Porsche used to be private before they merged with VW. I’m sure it’s not the only one. (Just one I happen to know of.)

I think I’m sensing some desperation in your tone. I always assumed you are just trolling as a pastime; but now I can’t help thinking, those calling you a shorter spreading FUD for financial gain, might have been right after all…

The majority of companies in the US are privately owned. Do you apply the same negative standard for the majority of US companies that are privately owned?

Yet another double standard and concert trolling over Tesla

What are you talking about? We’re talking about a public company, and I’m talking about Securities law. I mean, there are times your posts are nothing more reflexive word salad – “Bah! Tesla! Bah! Double standard! Bah Conspiracy! Bah!”

Losing stings, I get it.

Losing what? You’re unhinged – you’re fighting a war in your head, and you’re the only combatant in the engagement.

Poor baby. You were warned by Elon about the coming short squeeze, and you ignored it.

You’re getting precisely what you deserve… Loser!

Stop posting bullpucky where you apply a double standard just to Tesla, and I won’t have to call you on your BS.

Try this: Before you finish your post, think through what you typed and see how your post would apply to other companies. If it clearly fails, don’t post it. Then I won’t have to call you on it.

What you just wrote is the definition of an ‘ad hominem,” which despite being told many, many times you don’t seem to understand and should investigate, you still haven’t. “Your argument doesn’t apply because other examples of people perpetrating the same injustice exist!” I don’t know what else to say – you’re just too gormless to debate.

Congratulations on complaining about ad hominem and perpetrating same in a single post…

“…you’re just too gormless to debate.”

Dude, you don’t even know what the word “debate” means. All you know how to do is insult and post FUD.

And how will that affect you Troll1999 since you won’t be able to be an equity owner anymore?

Certainly everyone who criticizes anything about Tesla is the same person – it’s the only logical possible explanation.

Of course not, it’s several different guys in their basements.

I just outfitted my basement (not parent’s basement like Get FUD) with a pretty sweet projector system. I could log onto IEVs and outwit you fanbois on a glorious 130″ screen if I wanted to. But that’d be a complete waste of the projector bulb life. 😉
Could some IEVs staff once and for all confirm I’m not Kinda Weird? The incessant accusations are really getting old.

Your basement sounds awesome but why are you replying to me about the impersonation accusations? Are you losing track of different conversation threads? mentioned me a few comments above with his cute “Troll1999” moniker, and then you reply to him with your basement comment. I took it as a reference to me, so I replied back. Amazing how the interwebs work, huh?

That’s how your mind works – it has nothing to do with the internet.

You sound more and more like the Trumpster, going on about how wealthy you are mental MadBro.

You must be very insecure about yourself!

No but most of them are the same KIND of troll.

The reply was for Bro but it’s fitting that you felt excluded and had to jump in.

You all copy each others’ Tesla Death Cult FUD and spread it around, so you might as well all be clones of the same person.

Just like all you in the “Elon is My Savior fanboi cult”. Swap out the user names and most people wouldn’t be able to tell who was who. Except for you, PP. Your trolling style is a cut above the other fanbois (not in a good way).
And Get FUD due to his horrible grammar and 18 alt user names.

It simplifies the media discussion about Tesla. Even after they confirmed in their Q2 SEC filings they won’t need to borrow from the markets and that Q3/Q4 will be profitable the media were still claiming Tesla’s impending doom.

Who cares if a private company goes belly up? Short sellers can’t profit from it.

I’m sorry for your short lost

Sorry you lost so much money, maybe no Model 3 in the cards for you after all.. you’ll be able to keep your Bolt, though, right?

Have never lost a single cent on Tesla (nor have I ever shorted it, or any stock actually). When I cashed out my Tesla holdings a while back, I made a profit of nearly $200/share. That could have paid for several months of Bolt payments. 😉

Let’s do some math here. Several Bolt payments, say 4 months at $500, total of $2,000. If you divide it by your fantastic profit of $200 a share, that would make you an owner of 10 Tesla shares. Wow, you must have been so proud of your “Tesla holdings”.

Next time, when you write crap to impress someone, do simple arithmetic first. Your story will be more plausible.

Did I say I could have used *all* my TSLA profits on Bolt payments? There are these things called “529 college savings accounts” too. Living in your parents basement, you probably don’t have the slightest clue about the expenses of raising children. Or even having a female friend that’s not your mother.

How many TSLA shares do you own? Judging by your posts, I’m sure you already committed your life savings. Whether your life savings equates to 1/2 a share or 50, inquiring minds want to know. 😉

You have to try a lot harder if you want to insult me.

Hey you also post under your old screenname on this one? Kind a Weird…

…double carpet bombing , obsessed much? ROFLOL!

You’ll still be hutt-burt no matter what their capital structure is.

Yeah but that’s out of the business of going to the markets

And no more stupid questions from the ANALysts at earning calls.

“ANAL!” Good one! “tRump,” am I right? LOL!

“Another benefit would be eliminating quarterly reports and keeping the internal data private.”

Yup, definitely a benefit for Tesla. But the opposite for us industry watchers trying to peer in from the outside!

In principle, I support transparency and data sharing.

Considering that Tesla is the most shorted stock on the market, the harder their information is to get, the better their chances of success.

Same as advertising, in my view. Musk knew he didn’t have the cash to get into a war, shaping the message. He also isn’t getting a fair chance at “advertising” what Tesla can financially do, or stands for in the capital markets. He is getting grossly out-spent, by those who narrate and clickbate the company as failing. Going private could mean walking from a fight Tesla doesn’t have to have, or need. But could it be Saudi Wealth Fund capital??

I will miss the Russian trolls here Lol

I’ll miss laughing at them. 😉

We will NOT miss your inane short/FUD comment nonsense.
(for the love of God, PLEASE take Tesla private Elon so we can be spared PP’s short diarrhea of the mouth)

LOL! 😆 😆 😆 Thanks for the belly laugh, MadBro!

WOW are the shorters getting their panties in a bunch!

It is because Tesla isn’t making a profit and he isn’t just getting pressure from shorters, he is getting pressure from the institutional investors. “Who are like WTF you sold all the m3 through the 2nd quarter at a loss, and you are only aiming for 15% gross margin when you are only selling the most expensive, highest optioned cars in the 3rd and 4th quarter?”

Seriously, I am -sure- Musk is on the hotseat.

Sure, that’s why he has no trouble finding people willing to pay >$71,000,000,000 for the buyout…

It’s probably only 10-20 billion. Musk won’t sell, not employees, some funds, etc. Shorts will provide 17b of cash.

What benefit would that really be? Despite what some people around here claim it makes very little difference if a few short sellers post negative remarks. Furthermore it would just make clear that most negative posters are just normal skeptics.

On the other side of the coin you’d lose the more numerous small time investor-cheerleaders posting about how great Tesla is, even though they really don’t know enough to have a valid opinion.

What this would really benefit is Tesla if they’re not going to be able to hit their financial targets. Not so much those financing the deal in that case though.

You don’t get it Asak. Anyone remotely critical of Tesla is in on the anti-Tesla conspiracy that wants to see the stock tank and the company fail. There is no in-between to the Tesla fanboi cultists. You either devote your life to Lord Elon, or you are the devil. The TSLA fanbois love to operate in absolutes. Makes me wonder if they are Sith. LOL

I hope this doesn’t go through, as I wanted to be a part of this story for many years to come. And if it does, I hope Elon finds a way to involve us (small retail investors) so we can keep our tiny stakes in his company, would be nice after many of us took quite some risk doing so…

Phew, Elon just confirmed that all current investors would be able to stay…

Pretty much if your in It, you WIN IT!

How would shares held in a private equity fund (or whatever it would be) work? Could you cash out at any time just like a publicly traded stock?

No. He said liquidity events would be limited to maybe every 6 months, like Space X. This is in the article now. (It was around 3pm, right when you asked it)

@bro1999 said: “Could you cash out at any time just like a publicly traded stock?”

A reasonable question that did not deserve down votes.

There would not be same instant liquidity of selling public traded shares… the cash out option would depend on what the private company determines. Likely along the lines in Musk’s letter to Tesla employees:

Elon Musk said: “…If we were to go private, employees would still be able to periodically sell their shares and exercise their options. This would enable you to still share in the growing value of the company that you have all worked so hard to build over time.”

The problem is that his intent on asking the question is to fish for ways to turn it into an attack on Tesla, not out of legitimate concern over how investing his money in Tesla would work. He’s never going to do that, he is just looking for any flimsy excuse to try and spin this negatively.

Like his other post pretending to be Oh! So! Concerned! about the well-being of investors that are invested in the long haul in the success of Tesla.

It was a simple question that I wanted answered. I thank CDAVIS for answering and not being a dickhead like you.

No, it was not “a simple question”, nor an honest one, any more than the rest of your incessant Tesla bashing is. You can quit pretending butter doesn’t melt in your mouth.

Thanks to Nix for outing that as just one more concern troll post.

So when are you buying TSLA stocks where you would use this info? If you want, you can send me a share in TSLA if you want to finally pay off your bet you keep trying to ignore.

I’ll stick with my call, and counter you with a double dumbass

@bro1999, You do have a reputation on this forum for serially bashing Tesla and often reaching very far to do that while at the same time enjoying Tesla provided HPWC Destination Chargers for your Bolt vis-a-vis a charge plug adapter.

It does seem to many including myself that you have a mission on this Forum to discredit Tesla.

For that reason many Tesla fans on this site understandably automatically assume a Tesla inquiry coming from you is a anti-Tesla setup question… so you being an obviously intelligent guy should not be surprised by that.

Tesla does not need to be everything bad for your Chevy Bolt to be good. After all, it was Tesla that inspired GM to produce the Volt which subsequently lead to the Bolt production.

The potential problem is how the stock is valued when private. It is opaque for all but the insiders; the open market is ultimately (in the longer run) a better judge of value.

If the owners of a significant percent of the current shares choose to take the cash out Tesla would have to raise a lot of cash. Debt probably not an option or at least not a good idea so this would require new equity investments at $420 per share.

Musk says the financing is lined up; it would be interesting to know the details.

What do you care? Once your short positions are officially up in smoke, you’ve got nothing left. Because I’m sure you didn’t back any of your shorts with long positions.

(sorry for your loss..)

I don’t own any Tesla stock or short positions. Keep believing that in your tiny mind if it makes you feel better.

Hahaha! My tiny mind still gets into yours. At least enough to draw out your emotional response, thank you for validating what I already knew.

Bro is being straight forward and honest, while you, John, are the one framing him otherwise!!

If it gives the trolls like John some tiny pleasure in an otherwise miserable existence, I’m OK with that. Even pitiful people need some happiness in their lives. 😉

Emotional response? Just a canned response to a boring TSLA troll. Can’t waste much energy on the simpletons

“I don’t own any Tesla stock or short positions.”

It’s truly amazing how after Tesla Death Cultists very firmly establish a reputation for never telling the truth about anything related to Tesla, they seem to think people are gonna believe them whey they claim they’re not shorting Tesla stock.

Well then, if you aren’t shorting TSLA, then why are you oh-so-concerned about the result if it happens?

And then mental MadBro contradicts himself later in the thread when he states he “sold” his Tesla stock at at “$379”.
What a serial liar you are troll.

Where did I contradict myself? I *OWNED* (past tense) Tesla stock via an outright purchase, no shorting. I no longer own any Tesla stock. Hence, “I don’t own any Tesla stock or short positions” is completely accurate right now.

The biggest benefit of Tesla going private will be not having to see you (and many others here) accuse anyone that posts the slightest negative thing about them of being a short. I’m sure there will be some other conspiracy theory, though.

Exactly. This lashing out with stereotyping and branding is getting old.

100% ASSURED another conspiracy theory will be propped up. The TSLA fanbois won’t be happy unless they can tear into critics with imagined conspiracies. To them, it’s not possible to be critical of Tesla without belonging to some kind of conspiracy.
Hell, I even asked a simple question about private equity funds, and the cultists started attacking me anyways. LOL

No one with any brain is shorting Tesla stock–doesn’t matter whether they like the company or not. You’d have to be an idiot to step in front of the freight train of positive sentiment that has boosted the stock to such overvalued levels.

He’s reminding the short sellers he’s in control and could crush them anytime he wants too. He has billionaire friends that could and would jump in if asked. Remember Einhorn has 40 companies in his portfolio that he has shorted and all but one he lost money on. Hahaha

If that is all he was trying to accomplish with that Tweet, and he isn’t honestly pursuing privatization, he’ll be going to jail for market manipulation for making a material false statement with the intent of affecting a stock’s price.

Kink a Wierd said: “…material false statement…”

Basically Musk has stated what he wants to do and why he wants to do it… he clearly stated no decision has been made yet. For sure he sought and secured preliminary support for the underwriting he needs if he goes forward.

Musk is covered…

The Jim Chanos anti-Tesla Wolfpack on the other hand have a full blown crisis on their hands.

The Fall of Jim Chanos… playing out in dramatic fashion.

This kind of weird troll is definitely more then kind of stupid.

And yet, between the two of us, I bet I’m the only one that’s actually studied securities law.

Between the two of us, I bet you are the only one who shorts Tesla and you just lost.

Wrong again – I guess that’s sort of your thing? Always being wrong?

You likely should’ve spent that time doing market research on your Tesla short..

“I’m the only one that’s actually studied securities law.”

And yet, you wound up shorting TSLA even after a very clear warning from Elon that a huge short squeeze was coming.

If you’re trying to convince us you’re a smart guy… MAJOR FAIL!

I’ve no position in TSLA. You keep repeating this claim as if it trumps my arguments, when all it does is expose just how weak your rebuttals are.



I think you mean Oops. I mean, who says Opps? Like Opportunities? He is the CEO of the company making a decision to put going private to a shareholder vote. The shareholder filings include “watch his Twitter account” as a valid means of dispersal. Is there some formal ceremony I missed where the CEO must, on a velvet pillow, issue such announcement cards?

So you ignored the opinion of the former head of the SEC and are still promoting your totally uniformed one – “opps.”

He doesn’t say what you think he said is the problem. It is like if I said you would be a rapist if you had sex with someone without consent, and you took that as an accusation that you are a rapist.

And yet your handle is misspelled. Clearly not an A student, K.A.! I have recently written a report for work regarding Sarbanes Oxley. Does that count as securities law?

Is “Vexar” the way you spell “Vexar?”

“For sure he sought and secured preliminary support for the underwriting he needs if he goes forward.” For sure? Says who? You? Are you the CFO of Tesla?

Claiming he has funds secured is a material statement. If he in fact does not, he has broken securities law. Like I said, if all he was trying to do was burn shorts, and he does not in fact have funding to go private, he’s fucked.

Kind A Wierd said: “…if all he was trying to do was burn shorts…”

Jim Chanos’s (and his anti-Tesla wolfpack) burned themselves by ignoring Tesla’s long standing published declaration that Tesla does not intent to develop and expand under the traditional car maker model… Chanos elected to ignore Tesla’s core mission is promoting energy sustainability… and clearly Tesla has in-fact over the years at each step of their growth cycle proven they intend to execute their declared core objective.

Tesla has by-and-large attracted investors that are in support of Tesla’s stated core mission… a mission that a reasonable investor should comprehend means Tesla is not intended to be evaluated as a traditional car maker.

What will be interesting to see is if it turns out that Chanos was directly receiving any type of financial gain from 3rd party interests to short Tesla to the detriment of the Kynikos Associates fund.

Can we short Jim Chanos?

Nah, he can always say that he was honest but things didn’t work out, it is too hard to prove. He is about to change the world for the better so he is above the law and morals, remember?

And it is in his interest after all to avoid open market scrutiny and still keep investor’s money coming in through some fund shell, so why not.

If he simply made up the part about funding, and it can be proven, then he broke the law. But I’m pretty sure he has the funding.

Not if they are true. He did warn them plenty of times…as recent as 2 weeks ago if i recall…by “them” i meant “you”.

This is a prime example of why Tesla should go private.

Agreed, too many distractions fighting the shorts and the oil shills. With the shorts destroyed there is only one type of parasite left to fight.

Yup. Sadly, taking Tesla private wont stop Big Oil shills like “Montana Skeptic” from continuing to post Tesla Death Cult FUD. But it certainly will cut down on the FUD substantially; virtually all the FUD that originates at Seeking Alpha should disappear overnight!

I suspect some of the SA shills actually have no interest in the case stock anyway so they will reorganize and move elsewhere to post trash.

Yes, a free press that – hypothetically – is isolated from technocrats is exactly why a guy like Elon Musk would want to take his highly-subsidized, highly-speculative, underperforming company private.

Yeah, he’s going to jail for sharing future plans. Where do you idiots come from??

Ones who have some understanding of securities law.

Hahahaha! You nut-jobs don’t quit. I’ll give you that much.

Kettle, meet pot.

And meet mental MadBro, a charter member of the InsiideEvs Tesla death cult!

*Tesla fanboi death cult*
I don’t want Tesla the company to “die”. Just its abhorrent fans.

“…he’ll be going to jail for market manipulation for making a material false statement with the intent of affecting a stock’s price.”

The hypocrisy of you accusing Elon of doing exactly what you yourself are doing in that very post is downright disgusting.

First, I don’t care about TSLA’s price because I don’t own any. Second, you don’t understand security law, and yet you keep commenting on it. You see, there is a difference in how the law treats an individual with no privileged knowledge about a company and how it treats an officer of a company with privileged knowledge about a company.

Do you care how uninformed you come across as, or is the goal to just vomit words onto the internet?

Wait, you mean that investors (and the law) care more about what the CEO of a company says than some random internet poster?

I don’t know, but they certainly care more about what the former head of the body charged with policing the securities market has to say than some random internet poster.

“First, I don’t care about TSLA’s price because I don’t own any.”

Yeah, you’ve posted dozens of comments and troll posts attacking Elon’s plans to take Tesla private, just to show how “little” you care about that.

“…or is the goal to just vomit words onto the internet?”

No, clearly you’ve cornered the market on that.

Ah, so this is how the cash crunch will be solved. There’s one born every minute…

Right. Like Saudi Arabia flush with oil cash, realizing innovation investment is its future.

Meanwhile, the US herd is being led off a cliff. We eat hope, for breakfast.

Hope for Change, brought to you by the good folks over at Aramco!

This Tesla hedge by Aramco, should offset the Public offering coming soon from the ensuing 10% stake in the Aramco Zombie IPO. $100 Billion should go along way in purchasing all outstanding Tesla shares.

LOL. What could possibly go wrong?

I didn’t say **what they’d do** with TSLA. Just what the future is, as things stand.

If we could only be in OPEC. Just think of the “protection”. MAGA /s

See, I knew this was the low hanging PE fruit, that has been dangling on Wall Street, and tempting Elon, for at least a little while.

VW, please meet your new partner, that is also funded the generous M.E. Oil and Gas OPEC Cartel. The consumer EV transportation “space”, just got a shot in arm, Biggly!

Ok Shorts, Now St. Elon is really starting to “Sheik Your Booty”, NEXT!

Saudi Arabia is not flush with cash any more. . . They are bleeding cash to keep the population happy, with few local people working.

The N. Dakota Oil Shale innovations (and I know a guy who is out there!) towards profitability below $64 a barrel really ruined their fun, didn’t it? The UAE has been smart by building an investment economy. They know the end is coming. Saudi Arabia not so quick on the uptake. That, plus they keep funding terrorism, that’s got to be expensive.

Not nearly as expensive as the US military spendings, I’m sure…

John, you need to reconsider your perception of the KSA. They are going to hedge the greatness of their Monarchy going onto a future, where Oil is Too Valuable to burn, when it comes to propelling a 2 ton four wheel vehicle, with only a single passenger.

So your shorter cash in in a crunch of the century you pathetic troll with fake Teslas you hate, RIGHT ON!

This wouldnt actually raise any cash. All the money would go to buying out shareholders.

Try again. Thanks for playing.

Someone else on InsideEVs, reading Securities Law.

It’s true that almost all cash raised would go to shareholders who want to or have to sell. A little might go toward paying bondholders (some bonds have change of control provisions) and it’s possible some would go directly to the company to fund capital expenses.

No money would go to Tesla. Tesla holds no shares in Tesla. They cannot collect $$ from what is essentially a change in ownership. The same as if you sold a Tesla car you bought new from Tesla. Tesla doesn’t get a cut.

Shares are the same way. Tesla does not get a cut in any stock transaction in the secondary market. They only get $$ from offerings.

I don’t blame him. The analysts and short sellers are a constant pain in the ass. It’s going to be so good to show the haters the door.

Also seems nice that he will allow current long investors to retain a stake in the private company.

Exactly. I think he got tired of making decisions and relentlessly driving – all to hit the next quarterly metric targets. You could sense his frustration in the Q1 call when he openly complained that “boring bonehead questions are not cool”. During the 2Q call, Elon was much more serene and at peace. I think he already had the private funding lined up, and knew the quarterly calls will be ending.

I was kinda wondering about that. Announcing this just a few days after the earnings call seems a bit strange… Not sure what to make of it.

Agree with you, timing is a little off. My guess is the needle moved in China.

I think the funding was lined up in principle, but the investors wanted to go through the Q2 numbers before signing the memorandum of understanding.

Seven electric, madbro, David green, how are you all feeling right now? Tesla is going private, youre all about to lose you lousy jobs.

What’s impressive is the Tesla Short Machine has 99% likely sailed, yet they still camp out at these forums to attempt to do.. what..??

So you can’t be a Tesla critic without being a short? Is that how this works?

No, but you should have valid arguments. Critical thinking matters.

You certainly can’t be an INTELLIGENT Tesla critic unless you can come up with better arguments then your repetitive, cut and paste FUD!


Fall of The Chanos anti-Tesla Wolfpack


Perhaps merger of SpaceX & Tesla?

Was sending Tesla Roadster into orbit a clever clue?

Musk is master of keeping it interesting.

There are also lots of TSLA longs that are horrified at the news Elon wants to take Tesla private.

@bro1999 said: “There are also lots of TSLA longs that are horrified at the news Elon wants to take Tesla private.”

Those longs will have option to cash-out at a profit… where is the horror in that? …or they can stay for the ride and go private if Musk keeps that option in place.

Are you horrified? Like horror nights at universal studios?

Funny how you suddenly became worried about people invested in Tesla for the long term…

LMFAO nix!
Mental MadBro gets OWNED for the pathetic serial anti-Tesla troll and GM shill that he is!

Et Tu, Get Real? Yes, lets all twist the knife

Can you imagine, he suddenly cares about Teslas long time investors. just shut up madbro.

“just shut up”
Hope you’re not holding your breath. Lol


Peruse the Tesla forums. Lots of longs with options not happy one bit.

I just checked the Dec 450 Call (one that should be worth 0 if the sale goes through at 420) and it started the day trading around $9 then went all the way up to $14 and closed at $8. If any call holder wanted to make money today they did. Anything else?

I’m somewhat sorry for them. But then again, trading in options is well known to be very risky business… Elon wants to get away from speculation. That kinda goes both ways.

Even Russel was not fond of it

I think his concern is that this essentially kills his stint as an analyst; not necessarily that it’s bad for investors…

Person making money off of publicly traded stocks is not happy that the company might take their stock private? Shocking! News at 11.


And you know that by looking into a crystal ball? just shut the hell up already. it’s over.

What’s over? Your attempts at posting intelligent material?

Kinda A Weird, why would TESLA longs be horrified to pocket a profit?

I’m not sure why you addressed me as kinda weird (that is kinda…weird), but people with positions for options above 420 lost money today. At least that’s what they said. I’m not an options expert by any means.

But you’d agree those aren’t regular shareholders, they are options traders.

There comes a time when you fold up the tent, and just get out of town.
It was the sort mentality you display that led to such horrendous loses for the short-sellers, who still believe as you do.
It’s just a flesh wound.

“There are also lots of TSLA longs that are horrified at the news Elon wants to take Tesla private.”

No doubt they are grateful for your pretended concern, troll.

Possibly, but not at an unattained $420. /share. The follow-up email to employees about folks keeping their shares cooled this heat nicely. I think horrified might be a bit strong, though. Bothered?

You’re not the first to propose this idea and the Roadster 2.0 will have a space X electric truster package…Musk probably always wanted it this way but funding wasn’t yet secured…

Yeah, that has often been stipulated — but I’m not sure why? These companies are in completely different businesses. Why tie together their fates, or their finances? Why force investors in one to also hang for the other?…

I think Chanos just made a ‘mistake’ in his pants. No merger with SpaceX.

@TwoVolts said: “…No merger with SpaceX“

Yup… Elon’s above letter to Tesla employees clearly takes that off table… for a while at least… but that could later change.

Along with other notables who say is Tesla is worthless or worth a lot less.
I estimate shorts will lose close to $8 billion in total, since 2016 if Tesla goes out at $420.

It would seem that the most significant result of such an action would be the sidestepping of many major investment regulations and guarantees.

“Alternative” market investment vehicles are risky for a reason. Why would he ask investors to walk this path after so many years of operation? Because he does not like short-sellers?

Patently absurd.

Look, a new username shorter troll popping in to lamely post some whiney FUD. I’m shocked!

I’m Shocked, I tell you!

Is this a prime example, of the classic EVent, were it becomes glaringly obvious, that it is “too little, Too Late” to post Misanthropic FUD?

No. The short-term profit-mongering is holding Tesla back. They have to make short-sighted decisions to try to make the company look profitable, which includes slowing down the development of new models and improvement of existing models. It takes people and time to do those things. The narrative from the investment community (despite the stock price) is that they won’t tolerate a lack of profit anymore, even though production is still ramping up to the target production rate (which is many months or a year or more away).

I don’t expect Tesla to be consistently turning a profit until 2021 or 2022, when Model 3 production will be steady-state, Model Y reservations will be pouring in, possibly refreshed/redesigned Model S and X are being produced, and the Roadster is in production.

I understand the argument, but in some ways Tesla might actually be beholden to shorts, who methodically harped on every little thing they could that they found wrong with the cars, and Tesla methodically fixed those problems. So in that aspect the shorts were of some benefit as the company would jump through a hoop, and then have another set-up. Also a lot of reorganization, shake-ups in the consultant areas, all efforts to save money, tighten things up, which could be viewed as a response to criticism, that Tesla was incinerating cash. But those efforts were of benefit also. i Musk was doing a lot too, to pressure his own company in the short term, but I think it all turned out pretty well for Tesla. He drove the company hard with the mission of silencing the shorts, along with producing great cars. I do agree with the general point but, why, when it looks, as the smoke clears, that the battle is won and the shorts are driven from the field, why use that as a reason to go private? My own feeling is that this was secret message the Musk warned the shorts of, and it wasn’t to… Read more »

Actually, they claimed at the earnings call their future growth is not cash-constrained; i.e. they aren’t sacrificing growth rate just so they could be profitable at all costs.

I don’t think the short trolls were any benefit. If there are genuine problems with their products, they get enough feedback through normal media. The trolls just try to blow up everything, regardless whether it’s a real concern or not. It’s pure noise.

Yep, Consumer Reports has done that much quite well.

Like when they uncovered the braking issues in their testing? With Tesla immediately thanking CR and putting out an OTA update to fix the issue? That kind of “noise”?

No, that’s precisely the “normal media” I was referring to.

Ridiculous. Tesla got enough criticism from professional reviewers and real-world reports from drivers, as well as well-publicized and sometimes over-the-top criticisms from Consumer Reports, some of which pretty clearly inspired Tesla to take prompt action to correct the situation. Just look at’s long-term driving reports for their Tesla cars; there’s plenty of criticism there without ever wandering into the FUDster territories of half-truths, exaggerations, cherry-picked anecdotes, and outright lies.

There is a pretty wide gulf between being an honest critic and a FUDster. The idea that somehow short-selling FUDsters are or ever were providing a “service” with their smear campaigns, is absurd.

this is probably David green. nice try.

If investors think that this path is not a good one, they have the option to exit at this junction, with a solid profit on their investment. Where’s the problem?…

Well, he did announce a while ago that there was a short-burn of the century coming.
When the timeline is adjusted for “Elon-time”, this additional announcement could be just spot on.
An interesting development for sure.
The “420” would surely be his style, just because its a funny number, but I think that many a short would like to have an official press release or something, to be sure that they are done. I imagine covering the bets could be hard when there is no stock available to buy any more. But still not as cool as Vanderbilt back in the day, who suddenly owned more than 100% of his own railroad stock that others had shorted.
Why is the trading suspeded? Do they have to verify the claims first, or do they want to squeeze the shorts? Nobody suspended VW trading the day they became the most valuable company in the world for a few hours.

Trading is suspended by the SEC when volatility of a stock or questions/rumors about a sale suggest that further information needs to be provided by a company before informed investors can make sale and buy decisions. This is an announcement that probably should have been made after trading hours to avoid panic.

So SEC is investigating

Yes, I am truly astounded that Elon sent that out during business hours. A statement which would so very obviously affect the stock price, in a big way, should have waited until after hours.

Agreed. It should not have showed up during trading hours. That’s just inconsiderate. Not illegal, just inconsiderate.

It was halted on T1/T3:
T1: Halt – News Pending
T3: News and Resumption Times

It may be halted automatically on 10% or more price move in the security in a five-minute period as usual, but it is seems it wasn’t the case.

Owned more than 100% of stock? That’s hilarious 🙂

Whatever you want to do I’m with you Elon. Going to Mars I call Shotgun.

the trolls and shorter got their throat pulled out and fingers cut off my Elon. pretty sure madbro, David green and seven electric will all go into hibernation now

We can only hope they will have to get real jobs now.

My 6 figure job is safe. Just got a raise today actually. Don’t worry about me bud!

6 figures? Suddenly, I respect you so much more knowing that you could afford an Aston Martin but you choose a Bolt instead. The EV revolution couldn’t have happened without you.

I don’t need to compensate for anything by buying an expensive car, unlike some people. 🙂

You are a better man than I am. My cars are expensive because I have a lot to compensate for.

It definitely shows in your comments. 😉

Thank you, that means you read my comments. I have a follower!!!
Will you be my friend?

Face it, you’ve been following GM since the GM Impact (pre-EV1) and you saw the Bolt deliver on that promise so very long ago, so you invested in it. You wanted to send a message back to GM which read: “please keep selling EVs.” Congrats on the raise. I get that not everybody wants or likes Tesla and I am glad you bought what you wanted to buy. I wanted a Tesla since the beginning, but I didn’t want the Roadster, so when White Star was announced, I started paying attention and saving. The one, maddening question you must ask yourself is this: would GM have made the BoltEV if Tesla never existed?

Question: if you bought a Tesla for your wife, what does that say about you? She used to drive a Ford Focus (not FFE, either).

That’s how rich people are rich they are fugal

Whatever lies you have to tell to make it through the might you loser troll.

What lies? I do make 6 figures. Not that I need to prove that to a random internet troll. Lol
But I do have a fairly hefty mortgage to pay every month. I almost envy you and your rent-free accommodations in your parent’s basement and endless supply of free Cheetos. 😉

So you got promoted to the service manager at your stealership.

I’m a retired Army (Infantry Branch) NCO where honor was required, unlike the world of Stealerships and lying/shilling/trolling that you come from loser.


Shorts crying….pure comedy!
+10% on the day.

I brought this up a couple of weeks ago but I didn’t think anything was this close.

They pretty much have to do it now that trading has been halted or it would backfire.

Shorts are going to go insane in the comments sections of stories.

Trading was halted but it’s on now. It looks like it was stopped only for about an hour and 40 minutes.

Interesting the stock didn’t immediately pop up to $420 after trading resumed. If Elon all but guaranteed he had funding lined up @$420, shouldn’t the stock have jumped at least that high? I guess there are still doubts there are the votes to support Tesla going private. That, or people doubt Elon actually has the funding locked down.

Bro, seriously…are you really asking because you don’t know or just trolling?
The stock….any stock….that has a binary event on the horizon….like mergers, buyouts….their stock will jump but never to the established buyout price. The market alway leaves some risk premium just in case something happens and the transaction doesn’t go through as planed. If this is confirmed the stock will stay at 400 -410 until the last day.

If does take it private, what will happen if half of the stockholders want to sell ? Do they have the cash

@Will said: “Do they have the cash [?]”

Musk said: “Funding secured.”

While probably true, that’s a loaded statement. Buffet could do debt finance, to take out shareholders who surrender, or there could be an offering party who is looking to grow an equity position. The financing can came in various forms. In big size, like this, I remember Buffet buying 5 billion preferred stock, in Goldman Sachs, to help them capitalize as an FDIC insured bank during the financial crisis.

There are a number of ways funding can be secured, but I hear others who recognize 60+ billion is rather large.

Berkshire Hathaway is sitting on $129.6 billion in cash just waiting for good investment opportunities.

I’m sitting on a lot less cash but am also waiting for good investment opportunities.
Should I get TSLA at $379 a share?

With a 90% guarantee of a 10% return in under 6 months, I’d do it.
(I get hammered with 6% fees buying and selling from my country so not worth the effort)

Thank you.

At this point, anything reasonably under $420 a share is a safe bet you’ll make money. K.A., is that right? You’ve read Securities Law. I just want to be sure…

Not their cup of tea.

So a takeover that will be part of Berkshire

Funding secured could mean anything if it’s not in writing

Twitter et al count as in writing.

It would go to a shareholder vote.

How many are shorters and long term investors

Do shorts even have a vote? I thought they floated options and thus didn’t actually own any stock outright.
If someone wanted to post a “shorting for dummies” primer, that’d be appreciated, because I’m not even sure I understand how they make money.

Shorts do not vote. Shareholders who lend their shares to a short seller do not get to vote. It’s all quite arcane and not well understood.

A short seller borrows shares from a shareholder, then sells those shares. The broker holds the cash from the sale in a kind of escrow.

The share lender no longer owns actual shares, just a promise from the short seller. She cannot vote and does not get dividends from the company. Instead, the short seller sends her “payment in lieu of dividends”.

The short seller later buys shares in the market, hopefully at a lower price, and returns the shares to the lender. The shares he returns are not the exact same ones he borrowed, but “all shares are created equal”, lol, so it’s ok.

In most cases brokers arrange all this behind the scenes, makes money doing so, and would prefer you not know about it.

AWESOME! Kill those naked shorters! Destroy them! I wish more CEO’s had that balls to do this. Naked shorting of stocks is the bane of the securities exchange system.

Agreed – it’s time to ban gambling to the confines of casinos, and return the investment markets to investing (stocks, bonds, commodities, etc.).

Stock market is a form of gambling. To confine gambling to casinos, you would have to ban all stock exchanges and that would have a disastrous effect on the global economy.

Whether you like it or not, short sales are as legitimate as other forms of investment.

I don’t have an issue with short selling – just all the FUD, lies and BS that accompanies it.

That’s exactly my point.
Short selling is legitimate, “pumping and dumping” and other price manipulation tactics are not.

None of those things are legitimate investing. Do not confuse “gambling” with “risk”. Risk is inherent in all investments, but that does not mean that all risk-taking is gambling. Investing is about putting your money where you think it will grow, based on a company’s products, management, strategy, etc., thus lending capital to said company for growth. If you don’t like where a company is going, then you do not buy their stock; or, if you already own their stock, then you sell it. That is called investing. That is what the capital gains tax is for: to encourage investing by holding onto assets for a minimum period of time such that any gains would be taxed at a flat 15% rate instead of being counted as normal income (which, when the capital gains tax was instituted, could be taxed as much as 91% if you were rich enough). Betting on whether a stock will go up or down in relatively short intervals based on a short-term indicator is gambling. Such decisions have nothing to do with the medium- or long-term viability of the company – in other words, puts & shorts & microtrading & nanotrading, etc., are all gambling,… Read more »

Yes, I appreciate your rosy perspective on capitalism. Don’t agree with a lot of your points, but am not planning on arguing any further.

We both seem to support Tesla so let’s focus on that instead.

Do options actually affect the stock price at all?

They do, in a larger way than a straight investment with the same amount of money.

Options can affect the stock price. If a flood of people start buying call options, the options broker will hedge his position by purchasing the stock and buying puts. This pushes the stock upward.

“…that does not mean that all risk-taking is gambling.”

When it comes to risking money, gambling is exactly what it means. It may be more “respectable” to play the stock market than to gamble in a casino, but the result is pretty much the same. In both cases, the “games” are rigged so that the house always wins. For the stock market, that comes in brokerage fees and insider trading.

The difference is that in gambling, the chaos is intentional and totally random; while in stock trading, chaos results inherently from other events; and thus in theory is predictable to *some* extent, given enough information…

VW was naked shorted, by Porsche. Porsche lost, in what may be the biggest squeeze of all time. In the US, it is illegal to short more than the quantity of floated stock (naked shorting). Every short position in US has borrowed a share to sell, from someone else’s bank account.

I noticed today, that 27% of Tesla’s shares are now short. After going down 2bn, they upped their position! That tells me these are program traded institutions (or industrials), who can take the loss.

Porsche did not short VW, naked or otherwise. They were long shares and secretly long even more shares through undisclosed private call options.

And those CEOs will with booted by the board

Bad for investors, great move for Tesla and Elon Musk.
Tesla can have long term plan without worry about report quarter numbers to the public, and they don’t have to worry about everyone over analyzing everything.

Elon spends way too much time watching stock market and battling short sellers. He can use the time to better manage Tesla and SpaceX

How is that bad for investors? Shares rose to astronomical levels within the last few days.
If you like transparency, sell your shares before Tesla goes private.

Of course, if you shorted Tesla then it is very bad for you.

I think he missed “some investors” when he wrote.

Yes, that would alter the meaning of his post.

Good idea, the only problem that somebody still needs to provide constant flow of funds to burn 😉

I’m standing by ready to provide my $$$


“Q3/Q4 and here on will be profitable”

It’s FUD, lies and BS from thousands of idiots like you that forced this move… go crawl back under your rock.

And your money lost through your stupid shorting will help fund Tesla!

Tired of all the bone head ANALyst questions? Go private!

Take the Analyst perspective, for a moment. You are handed a company, like Tesla, and supposed to produce a (+) cash flow schedule into the future. Sure, boneheads can be rearward looking, but even the ones using telescopes are being asked to sign off on pretty insane earnings multiples. If they “Price target” beneath the current market price, they get attacked. But, then again, It doesn’t look so professional, to endorse something on “sentiment”. Anyone picking ~$400 (meaning ~60bn in market cap), needs to find ~4 billion in annual profit in order to endorse a an “auto sector multiple”, like 15 times. And that’s generous. In order to get to numbers like this, you need enormous future cash flows discounted backwards, at almost no interest rate.

To “Graham and Dodd” price Tesla, you’d have to assign a willingness to get less back (maybe negative return), do crowd funding at 0%, and several other realistic reasons why Tesla may trade so high.

This. A thousand times this. Even if everything happens exactly as Tesla predicts, it still doesn’t support their market cap; how long do people think it will take Tesla to move the same volume as Ford or Honda or Fiat or GM or any other of the car companies that Tesla’s market cap eclipses? Does anyone really think Tesla could do that kind of volume in a decade? And I’m not talking market share (demand) in the face of shortly forthcoming competition, which is a totally different and equally troubling issue, I’m just taking volume – the ability to make a deliver 6m cars a year like the other major marques. If Tesla could do all those things, why would it deserve 2x or 3x or 4x the value of a similar company doing the exact same thing? Because a celebrity runs it? It’s totally bizarre.

In the history of markets, there hasn’t been this sort of irrational exuberance since Tulip Fever. The real history of this phenomena will be told in a decade or two, and I bet it will be fascinating and full of a not insignificant amount of skullduggery.

Look at Norway’s new vehicle market begin 50% EV. This is what the vehicle market will look like in all first world countries in a few short years.

Who will survive in this type of market?
Who will fold?

Now apply the same forward thinking to:
Autonomous vehicles
Autonomous ride sharing fleets

Do you genuinely believe Ford, Honda or GM will be competitive in these new markets?

Norway has fewer people than L.A. county, North Sea oil has made them wealthy. That is not your typical world profile.
Tesla must sell lots of cars at a premium price, they may not be able to do that years from now.

Well, since Ford just spent a billion dollars to buy one of the foremost autonomous vehicle startups Argo AI and has made autonomous vehicles key to their future product lineup (, yeah, I think Ford will be a player in the market.

Hey, you’ve read Securities Law, have you read Jason and the Argonauts? That name is hysterical! Wandering around, lost for a decade. Great name!
Snarking aside, good for them. What would be better is if they invested in EVs, but yeah, nobody is buying EVs.

The majority of your post is unintelligible.

I found it perfectly intelligible.

Oh, it’s entirely intelligible… to people educated enough to know how to spell “weird”, and who don’t feel the need to overcompensate for their lack of education by claiming to to have “studied” securities law.

I didn’t realize there was a Securities Law for Dummies book. 😉

AI fleets that are profitable are 25-30 years away

Of those listed, I think GM is the best situated with owning Maven and Cruise Automation.

Yes, I do believe Tesla could move several million cars per year a decade from now. Or they could move less, but at a higher margin than the mass manufacturers.

Sure, it’s optimistic; but not crazy.

You “believe” it – based on what data? Don’t give me your opinion – which is meaningless emotion – give me your data that informs the hypothesis. You can’t – this is a religion for you, not a rational economic decision.

Says the rabidly obsessed Tesla Death Cultist.

Ford and GM are loosing market share, pickup trucks are heavily tarriff protected and not competitive outside North America, Fiat could go backrupt in ten years, traditional auto is saddled with union labor, dealership and advertising cost that Tesla is not. Tesla has additional market lines that make it unique. I’d say that only half of the companies you list will exist on 20 years.

You know it’s the dealership that buys the vehicles not the consumer

By far the two most interesting words in this developing story are: “funding secured”.

From where? And under what terms and conditions?

Looks like a prime candidate, and only a wild guess, might be the possibly of the deep pockets over at Fidelity Investments, coming to the rescue!

Hard to know for sure, until there is an actual statement from FMR LLC, and their affiliate, Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC.

Berkshire Hathway
Apple? Google?

Hard to say how much cash needed. Do institutional investors often invest in private companies? I suspect they do. So all they need is commitments from large stake holders and maybe $20 billion extra.

Most mutual funds can only hold stocks that trade on public exchanges. Pension funds, insurers, etc. can hold private companies in many cases.

I agree with 20 billion. I doubt Berkshire is involved, but the other companies you list could be. Sovereign wealth funds (Saudi Arabia, Norway, China, etc.) are also candidates. Billionaires who support the mission could participate.

So the Chinese are going to buy out Tesla??

— be careful what you wish for….

“Elon Musk might have a secret plan to fix Tesla’s troubling cash problems — and it could involve China”
Business Insider/ June 9, 2018

Noticed this pesky little word “could” in the Business Insider quote? Pure speculation.
Now contrast this with your “the Chinese are going to buy out Tesla” – too much certainty to that statement.

You don’t know the difference between a statement and a question ??

Might be a little “pesky” of you to drop my question mark, hmmmmm?

I dropped two of your question marks.
I figured the second one cancels out the first one, sort of like double negative becomes positive.

Did you read the Business Insider article?

Of course not, why would I do that?

No reason to, when you’ve got me to listen to. So you CAN take out the question mark (s).

It’s the Chinese. — final answer.
/you’re welcome
//1600 new coal fired power plants can’t be wrong

“1600 new coal fired power plants”
Hopefully all in your basement….sorry, i meant living room.

Why, .. no. Most of them are in China.
They’ve got a shovel, too … with your name on it.

Good, i needed something to hit you with.

Someone needs a nap and a time-out.

P.S. … if you’re serious about wanting a physical confrontation (no shovels, .. but a boxing/wrestling type of deal? … oh yeah, .. I’m game. I’ve got plenty of airline miles … so I could meet you.

Just hit yourself a with a few good blows and we’re golden.

Grow up.

I intensely dislike Business Insider. Thanks for sparing me from reading the article.

Business Insider? The same rag founded by someone convicted of financial crimes and forced to surrender his license?

That “Business Insider”?

It’s obviously the Chinese.

There’s no one else who would fit that bill, .. for quite a few reasons.

..and Elon has to be pretty sure about the whole deal or he’d be risking accusations of securities fraud.

Plus Elon has a billion reasons for getting cozy with the Chinese. About 1.4 billion reasons to be precise.

Business Insider, the website which ran all those “articles” full of FUD attacking Tesla and Elon Musk? The “articles” written by dishonest journalist Linette Lopez, who Tesla has accused of bribing Martin Tripp to commit industrial espionage and get insider info?

That virtual rag isn’t worth the bother of using it to wrap virtual fish.

Musk accused her with zero evidence, knowing his lapdog fanboys would attack her (as you just did). Lopez denies the accusations. Tripp denied receiving any funds in his legal filling (reply to Musk’s suit against him).

Actually the evidence he eluded to was interviews with Tesla employee(s). Saying the he didn’t provide the evidence to the public that will be used in a lawsuit isn’t the same as saying Musk has “zero evidence”. Only that the evidence has not been disclosed yet.

Your post twists that reality to make it sound like no evidence exists at all. That is simply not in evidence itself.

Good move, they can operate independently now. No worry of shorts, no worry of acquisitions, no worry of false news.
After all they are willing to pay a decent price of $420 / share.
Saudis investing in Tesla is a move to acquire and close the company. Hope you all know that 17% (1/6) of shares in VW are held by Arab fund linked to an OPEC country and we have seen the amount of vaporware from that company.

Here are the Top-3 Generals of Adolf Hitler and now all of them got their fingers burnt. They all said that Tesla stock is worth “0” and they forgot to put # “42” before 0.
David Einhorn
Mark Spiegal
Jim Chanos.

It looks like the Fuhrers Generals D.E./M.S./J.C., are going to have some time to mend their burnt fingers, because their Short ride, in the Wall Street equity markets, is currently Stalin.

“Top-3 Generals of Adolf Hitler”

You’ve lost your mind. Short sellers of a company are not Nazis, particularly when all three of them are JEWISH.

Watch the “parody to mock” video link (see above) first, then post your informative humorous comment.

It will make you look quite a bit more informed and relevant, to the actual topic at hand.
Just sayin’!

Yeah, I still don’t see how that vid makes it ok to call three Jews Nazis simply because they’re shorting the stock of a company/celebrity you like.

And at some point, I start hearing the theme to Blazing Saddles when I read your post…

“Short sellers of a company are not Nazis, particularly when all three of them are JEWISH.”

Ever notice how FUDsters have no sense of humor at all?


Very uncool

Jewfish people don’t like to be compare to nazi

Shouldn’t Edward Niedermeyer be on that short shorter list? 😉