Are Musk’s Social Media Tirades Leading To Canceled Tesla Model 3 Orders?


It seems a few Tesla Model 3 reservation holders in Australia are getting fed up. Are there more than we’re aware of?

While Australians knew the waiting game would be long when they placed their reservations, some are having second thoughts. To reserve a Tesla Model 3 in Oz, one had to put down a deposit of A$1,500 ($1,096), which some did way back in 2016. Since Tesla doesn’t disclose regional data, there is no accurate count of the amount of Aussies that reserved a spot in the Model 3 line. However, we can tell you that there are more than a handful of pre-orders from the country and these prospective buyers have little information as to when their car may arrive.

Wards Auto reported that a Tesla spokesperson confirmed right-hand drive vehicles will begin to be produced in the middle of next year, with deliveries following shortly thereafter. According to the publication, not only are some Australians upset about the lack of a concrete timeline and communication from Tesla, but also the company’s outspoken CEO’s recent comments on Twitter.

Model 3 reservation-holder Ashley Fanning pulled the plug on her pre-order last month. She was concerned that she still has no idea when it may be coming or even how much it will cost. Fanning is also unhappy with Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s Twitter comments against journalists and also about the recent rescue diver in Thailand. She shared:

I have no idea if it’s ever going to show up, and if I’m going to be able to afford it.

I’m not at all loyal to the brand like I felt I was when I subscribed. You see him call that guy a ‘pedo.’

It turns out Fanning isn’t the only one with such concerns. Another man from Sydney that requested to remain unnamed also reported canceling his reservation. Similar to Fanning, he was initially bothered by Tesla’s lack of transparency with regards to the car’s release date. However, the tipping point that caused him to cancel came down to the automaker’s CEO and his recent social media behavior. Additionally, he was having second thoughts when he heard that cars are being built in a tent. The man said:

Seeing parts for the Model 3 being built in a tent really turned me off. If I’m buying a new car … I would like it to be built to the highest possible standards.

Still, others disagree with basing a car purchase decision on the words and actions of its CEO. Mat and Pia Peterson own a chauffeur service in Sydney that uses electric cars. Mat is in agreement that Musk needs to stop the social media banter. He said that he has shared this opinion with friends and on his channels. However, it won’t stop him from supporting Tesla even is he doesn’t agree with Musk. He concluded:

We’ll continue to support the company rather than him.

I’m used to waiting with Tesla. We call it ‘Elon time.’

IBISWorld Australia senior industry analyst James Thomson believes that most car buyers would not cancel a reservation based solely on being upset over an executive’s tweets. With that being said, he thinks that most cancellations come down to concerns with wait times, lack of pricing information, and vehicle quality. He explained:

For a major purchase like a vehicle, we would expect (buyers) to look past that and focus on the vehicle quality and the level of service.

Nonetheless, there has been quite a bit of talk surrounding Musk’s social media presence. It surely keeps the automaker in the news and that’s likely the goal. Tesla doesn’t advertise in the traditional sense, but its CEO uses his large networks to his advantage. However, some argue that much of the negativity in the news may begin to subside if Musk would simply dial down the tweeting or if his messages had to be approved by the board first.

What do you think?

Source: WardsAuto


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2. Tesla Model 3 Range: 310 miles; 136/123 mpg-e. Still maintaining a long waiting list as production ramps up slowly, the new compact Tesla Model 3 sedan is a smaller and cheaper, but no less stylish, alternative, to the fledgling automaker’s popular Model S. This estimate is for a Model 3 with the “optional” (at $9,000) long-range battery, which is as of this writing still the only configuration available. The standard battery, which is expected to become available later in 2018, is estimated to run for 220 miles on a charge. Tesla Model 3 charge port (U.S.) Tesla Model 3 front seats Tesla Model 3 at Atascadero, CA Supercharging station (via Mark F!) Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3 The Tesla Model 3 is not hiding anymore! Tesla Model 3 (Image Credit: Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs) Tesla Model 3 Inside the Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3 rear seats Tesla Model 3 Road Trip arrives in Tallahassee Tesla Model 3 charges in Tallahassee, trunk open.


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Why don’t we just put out a buffet for the trolls to come feed on?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Dude, didn’t you know Fridays is buffet day?

I see that you’re the first on line Nix.

Yes, it’s very nice to see that the first comment posted to an article related to Tesla’s finances isn’t from a serial Tesla basher. Sadly, that’s all too rare.

Yep zero relevance troll bait designed to kick off another troll fest. Bizarre how important trolls appear to be for websites like this.

I agree, people don’t cancel because of Elon tweeting.

But I myself feel less attached to the company because of it, than I was 4 years ago.

In my opinion Twitter is something for c list celebrities and trolls. Not for CEOs and politicians.

Not so sure. As you state your attachment has diminished, I’m guessing some were closer to the tipping point that you are, and with other options becoming available its easier to pull the plug and place your support elsewhere.
Its one of the issues of building a brand so intrinsically tied to an individual, when you lose faith with the individual, the brand gets smeared.

Which is why many CEOs of multiple billion dollar companies use Twitter only sparingly, not as a daily obsession.

You mean the same CEOs whose companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising every year so they can sell their products and of course that considerable expense adds to the cost of their products?

Yeah, I thought so.

Twitter IS free advertisement if you have the following and if you use it effectively, that’s true.

It may be the tweets, and it may be a sign of instability at the top of the company. Elon really doesn’t look well, he admits to a very stressful past year, he exhibits erratic behavior. All of this doesn’t exactly paint a picture of a stable, confident CEO. Hence the headline here.

In the Marques Brownlee interviews, he seems on top of things. But yes on Twitter Musk is seeming crazy and unprofessional. They just need to get rid of his Twitter account – and problem solved.

Twitter is good for more than “c list celebrities and trolls”. I’m on it because I can follow climate scientists and real journalists, plus a few sports-related accounts.

So they give other automakers a pass for their atrocities (Dieselgate emissions cheating leading to tens of thousands of deaths, GM ignition scandal, etc) but who cares about getting a Tesla to save the environment now with a company who also greatly helped the australian grid because God forbid Elon replied to a loser who told him to shove his submarine up his arse after trying to help the kids. What a f*ing joke.

These reservation holders knew what they signed up for given Tesla’s previous timelines, and as the large majority of owners can attest, it is well worth the wait. This reaks of short desperation.

To my knowledge there weren’t any emissions violations in Australia.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Got it!
As long as it didn’t happen “Here” let’s continue to reward them by giving them our money.

To be honest, VW is paying a heavy price for their mistakes, and now building us USA folks a massive charging network… I forgive them, but I have never been a VW customer, until placing a deposit on Taycan… Even that is pending seeing the final production car.

What happend to your iPace? How many EVs you need?
Maybe it would be cheaper to buy a fleet in bulk, to get a discount?

It appears some other guy is using the screen name “Some Guy”. It’s odd that the system didn’t flag that screen name as already in use by someone else when I typed my other comments (and this comment) in this thread. 🤔

I’ll have to change my screen name to Some Other Guy from here on out.

Yeah, that’s an ongoing problem with this site not requiring registration for those posting comments. But Steven Loveday says that’s coming soon.

Until then, choosing a rather common “name” can be problematic. You’re not the only one who has had that problem. Personally, I’m not too worried about someone else choosing “Pushmi-Pullyu”. 😉

Haha true. The system sees it by email and IP address, so since the other some guy as a different IP and email, the current system allows it. We’ve had several James, John, David, etc. The new system will come in the fall and will have a registration process. Thank you for pointing this out.

As the original “Some Guy”, posting here for over a year now, I appreciate this.

Maybe you can be…

An Extra Ordinary Guy

Excellent. Also, consider introducing a modest membership fee. Maybe $0.99/month for general public and $4.20 for TM3 reservation holders. The number of trolls will go down immediately.

“I’m not too worried about someone else choosing ‘Pushmi-Pullyu'”

I just bought a Cessna Skymaster O2-A for my employer to use as a test aircraft. Its dual centerline engines are often referred to as a “Push-me Pull-you” configuration. So hey, you never know! 🙂

Dr. Dolittle starring Rex Harrison comes to mind. Pushmi-Pullyu was a llama with two heads, on either end. As a Disney children’s film, they cleverly left out the detail of what happens to the hay the animal eats once it is fully-digested.

Clearly you fail to understand that the Pushmi-Pullyu is a personal friend of Mother Nature, and she gave it (that is, me) a special dispensation to have a perfect metabolism. No part of what I eat or drink is wasted, so there’s no waste that needs to be eliminated.

I would be worried about impersonation…

By “Stable”, are you trying to suggest that we are becoming surrounded by pretend “electric horsemen”!

Hopefully, your just horsing around with Putins paid pretenders!😂

Pushi LOL that was funny I needed a good laugh.

I thought the new comment moderation and banning policy implemented by InsideEVs would prohibit abusive, blatant, personal attacks and bullying like the trolling comment Pusshi posted above attacking David Green and Seven Electrics. The new policy was the reason I returned to the comments section. But it appears that absolutely nothing has changed.

Mr. Loveday, please explain why Pushmi is allowed to post a comment that is nothing more than a 100% personal attack, devoid of any relation or bearing to the subject of this news story. NOBODY wants to read these repetitious, personal attacks day in and day out, over and over again by the same usual suspects (Pushmi, Get Real, etc.). We get it, they don’t like Seven Electrics or David Green. I’m sure the feeling is mutual, but at least they don’t engage in relentless personal attacks against Pushmi, Get Real, etc..

Does the new moderation and banning policy prohibit these relentless, off topic, personal attacks? If it doesn’t, then InsideEVs has jumped the shark and I’m out of here for good.

I read the comments about 18 hours a day, aside from trying to run the site and write articles. I was just in a meeting and missed it. At this point, I’m having to moderate and delete 100s a day. Sorry if it wasn’t fast enough.

You mean to go with David “Green”‘s Duramax diesel truck, Hummer, Cadillac CTS V?

“What happend to your iPace? How many EVs you need?”
None….he has none and needs none. Him and Seven have alot in common.

I would suggest moving on to some other taunt. I am thoroughly bored of this one.

Does that mean you’re going to stop pretending to own both a Model X and a Model 3? Or that you’re going to stop “owning” seven imaginary EVs?

I will buy the I-Pace for sure, will replace my wifes Range Rover, Taycan will be my weekend car. We have always had 3 cars, as i do not drive my work pickup on the weekends, its way too hard to park in town, or at the mall.

I think some people on this forum might find it difficult to visualize a rural household that does need more than one vehicle to function 🙂

First David “Green” claimed he had bought an I-Pace; now he’s only claiming he’s going to buy one.

“O, what a tangled web we weave
When first we practise to deceive!”

— Walter Scott

I tried to place a deposit on the Taycan, but the local dealer told me it was unnecessary. That may be code for “we’ve sold out.”

“To my knowledge there weren’t any emissions violations in Australia.”

This is the kind of thinking that brings the house down on the other car makers. “Was it legal?” sets a low bar. It’s right up there with “Can’t see it, it won’t hurt me” and putting hankies at the tail pipe.

People remember the companies that don’t really reach.

Perhaps not. . . but that’s only because we (or our politicians) are too stupid to have any standards!

Reminds me of the guy who wanted to eliminate crime by making everything legal.

Tesla4theWin said: “… because God forbid Elon replied to a loser who told him to shove his submarine up his arse after trying to help the kids. What a f*ing joke.” That “loser’s” vital contributions to the rescue effort saved those kids. He dived and explored this vast and complex cave system for many years. His intracte knowledge of the cave system, especially when it’s flooded, allowed the Thai rescue divers to map the cave system and prepare for the treacherous conditions they would encounter. That “loser” also pinpointed the exact spot that the kids would seek shelter from the rising water, allowing the Thai rescue divers to find them almost immediately after they started their search. That “loser” also advised the Thai governent to contact world’s best cave diving experts from the U.K. to lead, plan, and coordinate the rescue operation. Without that “loser’s” quick thinking, knowledge of the cave system, and sage advice, those kids would be dead. And he did all this without trying to promote himself and/or his efforts on social media. Also, if anyone would know whether Elon’s mini submarine would fit through the narrow and winding passageways to reach the trapped boys, it would… Read more »

I don’t approve of Elon’s reaction but he didn’t pick that fight.
It was Unsworth who started it and told Elon where he could stick the submarine.
If all he’d said was that based on his personal experience it stood little chance of working, that would have been the end of it.
So while he may not be a pedo, he is an arsehole.

My theory on the pedo comment was that Unsworth felt it was safer to drug the children (as would a paedophile, I presume) than try to manouver what was designed and tested to function in a lab, but never tested by divers in rescue situations. I don’t think Elon called him a “pedo” randomly, I think there was some thread of context. Elon was clearly upset, uncharacteristically naive as to how safety workers make decisions in rescue operations, and unprepared in dealing with Unsworth’s ego when he decided to call the shots. Who, as a career diver, would try something not tested in a rescue scenario when the eyes of the world are upon you? This guy had to deliver, and was risk averse. To him, a new solution was disruptive (queue Tesla/SpaceX theme song) presented more risk than techniques used in the past. Another individual would not have made the decision Unsworth had made, and that includes picking an argument with a billionaire inventor. In my mind, if I were a kid, I’d rather ride in something a billionaire inventor built than take drugs that make my physical condition even weaker. I’m sure as those boys get older, they… Read more »

Crazy talk

The guy obviously didn’t like Elon’s huge ego intruding on a problem they were already dealing with. As if no one else in the world could possibly rescue those boys except Elon “the expert on everything” Musk.

Elon was encouraged by more than one person outside his own circle to take action to assist in the rescue. It wasn’t Elon’s “ego” who sent him e-mails which encouraged him to take action.

I completely agree with MorinMoss: While Unsworth may not be a “pedo”, he certainly is an arsehole.

Elon was doing his PR crap and got called out for it. It was two weeks in when came out with his ridiculous plan. If he cared, the first moment those kids couldn’t come out, he would have plans those submarines on the first plane to Thailand and kept it private

Elon should not do any work, he should listen to worships and spends his time solving problems half the world away ?

No, more like he should focus on the task at hand and leave other problems to the experts already on the ground to deal with them. He doesn’t need to stick his nose into everything.

Interesting thread titlle …

Them Ozzie’s would be waiting anyway.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

For every person jumping out of line, there will be another jumping in line.

They knew it was going to take long. Just ask the peeps in the US that got their TM3, there should be over16k of them that got theirs just in the month of July.

Did the anonymous person who claims to have canceled their order over some Model 3s being built in a tent also pay to have this article written and was his name Jim Chanos?

Seriously though – you expect me to believe there’s someone savvy enough to be interviewed by you and have enough faith in Tesla to make a deposit for the car, but then back out because they think there’s possibly quality issues?

Too much a mix of being so intelligent and so stupid – they can’t be the same person. It’s a short seller spreading BS.

This is not a surprise… There are many people that really think a lot of Elon Musk, however with his recent actions and the constant loss of talent, and chaos around Tesla, many people are losing hope in the future of Musk, and Tesla.

Also there is finally competitive products beginning to arrive in the market, my sample size is very small, but every person I know who has ordered I-Pace was formerly a Model 3 reservation holder.

I find it very interesting that Mr. Musk has hired MORGAN STANLEY to represent HIMSELF, not the Tesla Board, or the company, in his effort to take Tesla private. Why Tesla stockholders here would be in favor of that is beyond me, but then I’ve had no money in Tesla other than buying their initial stripped Roadster.

Those initial roadsters were pretty cool. very small, but at the time really amazing.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Very small, hell yes it is. I rode in one and I thought my jewels would no longer work after the ride being squeezed.

The ‘Pedo Guy’ comments did it for me. He crossed a line and his half-a$! apology sealed it. The Tesla Model S that I owned and traded in due to numerous problems is the last Tesla I will ever own – period. I also owned and sold back to VW my TDI and very few are giving the company ‘a pass’ for Dieselgate.

Trying to figure out when to sell my long-term position in Tesla stock. The feckless Tesla board of directors should be ashamed of themselves.

You noticed that too, the troll-fest continues as the same group of serial Tesla bashers try and opportunistically re-write their posting history and spin everything about Tesla/Musk as negatively as possible as things come up in the threads.

The sad thing is sometimes they get away with it if nobody points out their revisionism lies and hypocrisy.

Troll-on somewhere else if you would please. ⁉️

Comments seem to be getting crowded these days with serial Tesla bashers complaining about their imaginary Tesla cars.

Why don’t you guys create your own forum, where you can whine to your (absence of) hearts’ content about all the problems you pretend to have with cars you don’t actually own?

And leave the comment sections here for those who are honestly interested in EVs.

Can’t exactly say GM offers anything Inspiring yet, VW’s Bus EV is about 5 years late, so waiting a bit on a Model 3, which won’t come for another year, and complaining they might still have Quality Issues like those delivered in August …. 2017, is just ignoring everything, and showing ignorance, too boot!

Or maybe he thinks – Australia will get the ones Americans didn’t Want – as if they could suddenly become Right Hand Drive Versions!

At first, I thought I read ” ..constant loss of talent, and Chanos around Tesla..” but it was just my wicked suspicious mind.

Don’t you?

Sadly… There just aren’t enough cancellations!!!!!

I’m STILL waiting for my Model 3. Please be offended and DEMAND YOUR REFUND NAO!

As an impatient Model Y waiter, I think this strategy, of getting people to Cancel their Model 3 reservation and/or order, will bring about my actual Model Y production and delivery, that much sooner.

So please, would all of you current Model 3 waiters and reservation holders, take personal offense to Elon Musks atrocious personal behavior, and CANCEL IMMEDIATELY!

Thanks in advance for canceling, all of you that are Model 3 res-holders, and for helping me into a Model Y ASAP!

No, it will cause the company to go bankrupt

Serial Tesla bashers have been trying for years to get people to believe that.

Must be very frustrating for them to see Tesla continue to ignore their predictions; to see Tesla keep growing and, by now, succeeding beyond the wildest dreams of early Tesla supporters!

Go Tesla! Illegitimi non carborundum!

That $35k Model 3 you are waiting for isn’t being produced ever. It will be a loooong wait if ever.
Suggest get in line for the Kona EV.

Said the Anti-Tesla Troll, pretending to be an “Investor”…

You buy a Korean car, I will wait for an American Design/Built Tesla.

Them there Tesla’s are so American.. Ummm With Chinese suspension, and door frames. Nice… Chevy Volt is actually more American then the Model 3

No Tesla for you ‼️

I’m sure there are more than enough people in RH drive countries to cover any imaginary cancellations.
BTW- this article is lighter than most on credible info. Just my opinion though.

Especially since GM has completely bailed out of all right-hand drive markets as well as the Western worlds largest market in Europe.

GM is asleep at the wheel.

Making money… and launching their cars right on time… I just test drove the 2019 pickups today, awesome..

I’d hate to be your salesman.

this may be an unpopular opinion but i don’t think twitter really hurts Tesla or Elon Musk, even the pedo tweet. what matters is that he is in the headlines atleast once a week for the average American, and more and more people are finding out who Elon Musk is and what Tesla is. its the same as Trump, I despise and absolutely hate the man but I still know what he is doing and because of that he has won, he dominates the headlines every single day because of the next outrageous thing he says or does but i’m thinking about him more than any other politician, even the ones I like. i doubt the average person knows who the CEO of ford, VW, or Toyota is but more and more people know of Tesla because of the crazy, ruthless, Tony Stark like CEO, love him or hate him you know who he is and thats all that matters. my 2 cents.

There is a truth that no publicity is bad publicity, especially when you run a company that doesn’t advertise traditionally. And since Tesla is still predominantly a futures company, there does tend to be a more personality cult-like effect on their sales based on the actions of the CEO. But the more cars they release, the more their reputation is going to be based on the product and the less it will be affected by whatever Mr. Musk types out on his phone or computer that doesn’t directly relate to the product.

I have found many are having second thoughts about Tesla. My local store is empty most of the time and I live in a relatively affluent area in the SF Bay area. Time will tell if Tesla sentiment is holding strong or on the decline.

Tesla’s success is highly driven by word-of-mouth and Elon is doing the company zero favors by having his personal life on full blast on social media.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Dude, it sucks asz driving in the bay area. Why anyone buys a car to drive there is beyond me. At least in an EV you’re not spewing OPEC gunk while sitting for 47mins to get 12 minutes away?

LMAO, Tesla’s single biggest US market is the BAY AREA and you want us to believe that the Tesla store is empty.
Tell your lies somewhere else like Seeking Liars.


Why don’t you mind your own business.

Don’t worry about Elon Musk.

Worry about yourself!

I guess that depends on whether you agree with the saying “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” But of course there is such a thing; just look at what happened to the Ford Pinto and to Peewee Herman!

I think most reasonable people would agree that Elon’s tweets have had an overwhelmingly positive effect on Tesla’s public image and on sales of Tesla’s cars. The fact that Elon occasionally embarrasses himself with a thoughtless or downright stupid tweet certainly does not tip the scales in favor of Elon shutting down his Twitter account.

But I’m sure many if not all of Tesla’s board wish that they could insert a middle man between Elon and his Twitter account! Elons often “unfiltered” (to put it politely) tweets certainly could use a human filter.

If the majority of people would care about actions and behavior of CEOs, Audi would find it tough to sell anything at all . Their CEO is still locked up in prison for over two months now, waiting for his trial. I wonder if this new “street cred” affects the Audi sales to gang members. But then again, those gang members are not known for “buying” their cars.

Personally, I think the headline should read: “Two Tesla Model 3 reservation holders in Australia are getting fed up (one anonymous, not confirmed)”.

Yup. As they say, “The plural of anecdote is not data.” If someone could provide data indicating the rate of Model 3 reservation cancellations has lately increased, that would be news-worthy. A couple of people hemming and hawing and finally deciding to cancel certainly isn’t. What it is, as Nix suggested, is merely ammunition for the Tesla bashing crowd.

Ah yes, the country that can’t keep a prime minister in power for more than a couple of years is getting upset over some Tweets.

Maybe those people are upset with the political climate too.

Well, since there were over 50,000 Cancellations from the Over 500,000 Total, having a few from Australia, is to be expected, too! These provided excuses, are – just more excuses, as a means to justify their cancellations, and get all ‘Holier than Thou’ on Elon! Just wonder what they have created in their lives? Besides moving papers around! People who Build things, understand the challenges, better than most ‘Brainiacs’ that ‘Think’ instead of ‘Do’ Stuff!

Every person quoted as having chosen not to buy, made it clear there were multiple reasons they did so. Elon making embarrassing tweets wasn’t the only, an apparently not the primary, reason for anyone quoted here deciding not to buy.

The average cancellation rate for Model 3 reservations is 28%, as I recall. Or at least, was at last report. I’m sure those people had a wide variety of reasons for cancelling their reservation. Singling out just one reason, and apparently a minor one at that, and writing a headline claiming that’s “the” reason for deciding not to order, looks like an attempt to find a “story” where none exists.

I wonder if this is one of those stories that IEVs runs not because it’s actually newsworthy, but because so many other websites are running the story that some readers will complain if they don’t follow the crowd.

The common reasons I hear tie back to two common threads

1) Examples of initial quality concerns
2) Elon’s behavior as CEO of Tesla – words/behavior matter

Please go find somewhere else to post your B.S.

I can’t imagine people complaining about not knowing when they’ll get the car. When I put in my deposit, I knew that it would be a while before it gets to Europe. With current manufacturing issues, $7,500 tax thing running out, I will be happy if I get my car next summer. If not, no big deal. What I can imagine is people being turned off by Elon’s behavior, but not to the extent they’d cancel the order. But I guess we all have our tresholds, hopefully mine won’t be crossed…

I have a great deal of respect for elon, but it is time for him to be quiet for a bit. Let things settle.
He should go back to making rockets, cars, and doing grimes.

So Elon basically has to refocus, by launching his rocket, along with the daily issues that arise, during the usual Model 3 “Bump(er) and Grimes”!

seriously Steven Loveday, this warrants an article??? -and I’m a big fan of yours

There is a lot of talk about Elon’s tweeting and social media presence and how it impacts the automaker. For that reason, it’s an interesting topic that deserves discussion. Wards published it and we decided to share it.

This is a highly appropriate topic for the site. I believe you kept unbiased and simply recounted the concerns shared by some who ended reservations.

FUD often uses Opinion Pieces like this one, to influence public opinion and their buying habits. This isn’t any different, no matter who published it first.

If a serial Tesla basher claims it’s “highly appropriate”, then that’s pretty strong evidence that it’s anything but.

I’m pro INSIDEEVs & pro Steven Loveday…

but… article headline:

“Musk’s Social Media Tirades Leading To Canceled Tesla Model 3 Orders”

followed by enlarged type & bold lead-in sentence:

“Tesla Model 3 reservation holders in Australia are getting fed up.”

… seems sensationalized click-bait IMHO considering that the stated conclusion is attributed to a single named Model 3 reservation-holder Ashley Fanning along with one unnamed reservation holder…

Not saying there are zero cancellations but title implies there are a material significant number of cancellations.

Adjusted title and subhead, as well as adding an explanatory paragraph in closing. Thank you.

@Steven Loveday said: “Adjusted title and subhead, as well as adding an explanatory paragraph…”

@Steven Loveday-
Thanks for confirming my belief that INSISEEVs strives to be fair & balanced.

President Trump might need to go to war against those Australians soon. They can not be trusted.

Personally insulting and denigrating the Australian Prime Minister, during a phone call, was one of the things that The Orange Wannabe Dictator “accomplished” in his first month in office.


Hmm, GM sat on its hands while the body count rose to over 100 in the ignition switch affair and people still buy its products so I doubt some social media mishaps will have serious impact on Model 3 sales. Weren’t Aussies literally lining up outside Tesla showrooms only a few days ago?

Tesla sales only three lines of cars and none of them produce substantial profits and you dare compare GM in the same sentence? Tesla is one major market downturn from insolvency.

So you’re okay with GM killing people because they made a profit doing it? Go stick your head back into your arse

Tesla gets nearly %30 percent in profit per S or X. Model 3 will be no different, once production stabilizes and reaches guidance given by Tesla. REINVESTING profits back into the company to expand it’s activities, is not the same as an inability to produce “substantial profits” on their products.

Please peddle your oh-so-concerned FUD elsewhere.

Gross margin isn’t profit.

The financial ignorance among EV commenters are just shockingly high.

People were saying the exact same thing about only three years ago. How did that turn out, again?

How exactly is this a story?
Does the Model 3 deposit make you soemthing special, newsworthy?

If thousands and thousands cancel their reservation, fine, might be worth reporting, but this?

In other news, despite making my M3 reservation in October 2016 today I had ice cream twice.

Now let‘s discuss THAT.

I too wish InsideEVs was not turning into Model 3 gossip.

My favorite is Häagen-Dazs strawberry. What is yours?

This certainly is a much more delectable subject. 🙂

The quality of the Performance Model 3 (the only version being made in the “tent”) is on par with the rest of the Model 3s.

Good to know the Performance Model 3 has the same top-notch quality as Tesla’s other cars; the same quality that keeps the Model S at #1 on Consumer Reports’ customer satisfaction survey, year after year… and the Model X also in the top 10.

But I seriously doubt there are any facts behind your claim that it’s “the only version being made in the ‘tent’.”

same in europe like germany
no price no infos
and words from tesla dealers no model 3 under 40 000€

i think tesla have over a million people who want the 35000 model
but there dont deliver it

we must wait 2 years that some other company make a car with same specs

Putting on my Tesla fanboy hat:
That’s bullish for Tesla! More people cancel in Australia, sooner I will get my car in California! (says dumbish fan)

It’s a valid conversation. I live in Australia, own a model x, and cancelled our Model 3 for many of the reasons quoted. My wife needs a new car and we have no idea when the model 3 will arrive or how much it will be. We were promised it would be here 6 months ago when placing the deposit 1.5 years ago. Elon’s rants more so bring in questions of Tesla’s permanence, which are of a concern with such a young brand.

As if anyone cares about Australia. It will sell when it gets there but it’s not like having or losing that market would make any noticeable difference.

And if someone would base their car purchase on a tweet or two then I’m not sure the person is fit to have a license anyway.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“And if someone would base their car purchase on a tweet or two then I’m not sure the person is fit to have a license anyway.”

Or worse, have AP in the car…….lol

It’s a valid point. If Australia is an after-thought, which it feels like for Tesla, consumers notice. The purpose of the article was to highlight trends of model 3 cancellations in Australia. With 43 350kW fast chargers being implemented by 2020 and a large volume of Tesla competitors in market with sedan and SUV options within the next 12 months, it’s no wonder why these cancellations are occurring. Elon’s over reactions don’t help but are not the primary reason for cancellations, rather his lack of meeting deadlines is.

Definitely smaller reservations than the in U.S , but , in 2016 , these were some figures that came from the Model 3 owners club. / Tesla forum. So at that time,Australia was ahead of 10 other countries.
Australia: 7,109
Sweden: 7,064
France: 7,009
Switzerland: 5,779
Norway: 4,834
Italy: 4,685
Spain: 3,111
Mexico: 1,430
Japan: 1,424
Portugal: 744
Ireland: 522
Since that date, I havent found out anything new about reservations by country. , except what I read on Ev forums .
So with those figures above, I am fairly sure that Tesla will be interested in all of those 11 countries, including Australia.
As its now 2018 , and that was early 2016 , I guess you could say that the above figures are all a lot different now, and in Australia, with no incentives at all for EV’s we are waiting for the Model 3 anyway, and sure, we would love some incentives. That would be a help to drive ev sales. Uptake of solar in Australia has been pretty solid, now we hope the Model 3 will spearhead ev adoption downunder. I hope Tesla will assist in making that a reality.
Not sure if any readers or staff would know of any updated figures internationally?

They need to take away his Twitter, so he can stop sabotaging himself.

Even in Germany the T3 will be sold earliest in June-2019 as Nextmove EV rental told me this week – and Germany is left steering like USA. So there seems to be a long “Elon time” waiting list everywhere …..

“She was concerned that she still has no idea when it may be coming or even how much it will cost.”
I think customers would like to know those details among others.

Yes indeed; those are legitimate concerns. A few “unfiltered” tweets are not.