Musk: Tesla Service Loaners Will Be Loaded Model S, X P100D

Red Tesla Model S P100D


Tesla CEO Elon Musk says that Tesla owners will soon “hope service takes a long time.”

A rather odd statement if taken out of context.

Tesla vehicle getting serviced at a company-owned service center

Let’s add context then.

Tesla’s repair service has been spotty in terms of timeliness. Huge delays and wait times have been widely reported. Tesla has attempted to address this issue several times in the past and has taken numerous different approaches (see links below for some examples):

Tesla Service Centers Get New “Fast Lane” To Address Minor Car Issues Quickly

Tesla’s “Live Chat” Feature Aims To Enhance Service Experience

Tesla President of Sales and Service Says Program To Allow Owners To Perform Own Repairs Is “In The Works”

It’s obvious Tesla is taking this delayed service concern quite seriously, but with an influx of Model 3s soon to hit the streets, how will Tesla respond?

As outlined during yesterday’s Q1 earnings/conference call, the main approach will be to “add nearly 100 retail, delivery and service locations globally” and to open up additional third-party body shops.

But will that be enough? Probably not.

Never fear, Musk has a more creative solution. Musk says that soon all loaner vehicles will be fully optioned (with Ludicrous too) Model S and X EVs. By doing this, most Tesla owners who take their vehicles in for repair will actually get a loaner that’s specced higher than the vehicle they currently drive. Musk believes that this will make lengthy waits enjoyable because you’ll get an extended time behind the wheel of a top-spec Tesla.

Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous & Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous

Quoting Musk:

“Our policy for service loaners is that the service loaner fleet will be the very best version of a Tesla that is available. If you have a Model X that comes in for service, the service loaner you will get will be the absolute fully loaded state-of-the-art P100D Ludicrous … Model X that we have. Same for Model S.”

“It will be the kind of thing where you hope service takes a long time because you have the absolute top-of-the-line as a service loaner.”

Musk added:

“Ahead of the Model 3 launch, we are reengineering and expanding our operations as we anticipate the needs of a much larger family of Tesla owners. In service, since more than 80% of our repairs are so minor that they can be done remotely, we are expanding our mobile repair service that allows Tesla to make vehicle repairs at an owner’s home or office.”

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I think everyone should take Elons comment as a goal and a desire, I doubt every loaner car is top of the line, they even used CPO cars. It’s a goal, let’s not freak out if they rent you a car ok.

It’s entirely possible because Elon said they’ve reached the top of the adoption S curve for the Model S, so they are easily meeting Model S demand. Secondly, the retail price difference between top end Model S and base Model S is nowhere near the difference between Tesla’s cost of the two vehicles. Thus, to make the loaners all P100D fully loaded probably doesn’t cost them as much.

I think the idea is genius. Not only does it allow people to be happy while their car is fixed, it also gives people a chance to experience features they wouldn’t normally get to and thus it might earn them more money when they come to spec’ing out a future Tesla. And even if that’s not true, it will at least create awesome word of mouth.

Compared to Kia sending me to Hertz which shared a location with Lyft, this will be welcome.

That experience was like being sent to a bus station inside a DMV on the first Monday after the Superbowl.

Since Elon announced the original program that everyone gets a Tesla loaner I’ve had 6 service visits for my Teslas.
I’ve had 0 Tesla loaners and 2 non-tesla rentals.
I’d be happy if they could get me a $6000 used LEAF each time, let alone any Tesla.

Or a Bolt as a loaner. 😉

I rented a BMW i3 from Turo for a week while my Soul EV was in the shop. Cheaper than a gasmobile rental plus gas.

I’ve had my 2013 CPO S in for repairs 4 times. I had a nicer S loaner 3 of those times and was provided an ICE rental the fourth. If it’s essentially your only means of transportation, Tesla seems like they will minimally provide a rental, which is a lot more than I’ve ever experienced from other manufacturers.

My loaner has been an X P90D Signature. Someone apparently returned it. It has terrible wind noise.

I’m surprised you had something negative to say about Tesla.

Not once have I been loaned any Tesla – best was an Audi A4 diesel wagon.

Right now a fellow owner is driving around in a Vauxhall (GM) Insignia after his Roadster died – although that was quite short notice.

Loaners are typically just for warranty repairs at ICE car dealerships, and are provided as part of the warranty coverage.

Was your buddy’s Roadster in for warranty work?

My experience is a little different. Loaners are for people who the dealership thinks they can get to buy a new car. They are typically for people with newer cars and thus aligns with warranty repairs. But it isn’t always the case.

And you see this same principle here. Tesla is looking at loaning out top of the line cars to maximize the chances of upgrading the person to a new car.

I’m not surprised to hear any individual was given a rental instead of a loaner. Even from Tesla. Companies keep enough loaners on hand to cover normal demand, it makes financial sense that when you have more cars in the shop than normal you would run out of loaners and get customers rentals instead.

And it’s happened to several Model S owners I know, I don’t really see it as any kind of a big negative for Tesla.

I have no idea why he even bothers to say things like this. Their loaners may start out purpose-built P100Ds but over time they’ll do like everyone else and mix in a collection of cars they end up with because they didn’t sell (ordering customer never took delivery), were returned (perhaps lemon law) or whatever. It’s just smart business and Tesla will for certain do this.

It doesn’t mean they’ll be loaning you clunkers, but going on record saying the fleet will all be P100Ds is just silly since it won’t remain the case.

Just as silly as saying they’d sell an all electric fleet?

So he’s matching model for model. I presume then that if you have a base Model 3 that your loaner will be a loaded Model 3….