Musk: Tesla Model 3 Performance Is Higher Value For Money Than S


Value? Or Top end?

Which do you prefer?

If you’re seeking performance and value, then the Tesla Model 3 Performance should be your choice over the Model S, according to Elon Musk.

Of course, this revelation came about just moments ago on Twitter, the preferred medium of Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

We’ve witnessed a Tesla model 3 Performance hit 60 MPH in just over 3 seconds, so it’s not all that much slower than the Tesla Model S P100D, which can accomplish the feat in the low 2-second territory.

But, as alluded to by Musk, there’s quite a price difference between these two cars. In fact, it’s a dramatic leap in cash to go from the $70,000-ish (depending on options) Model 3 Performance to the $135,000-ish top-of-the-line S.

We’d save the dough and go for the 3. But if you need the extra interior space, then the S should be your choice.

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The Model S is coming up for renewal. I’d like to see:

1) PM motor – more efficient
2) 2170 – more range and power for same weight
3) SiC power electronics – more efficient, less heat
4) Improved cooling – why not?

Bob Wilson

Next Model S is about 2 years from now. If Tesla still use the same 2170 as Model 3, I will be a little bit disappointed. It should have more improvement in the next 2 years.

There is an interior update in 2019, what Tesla might do is discontinue the lower kwh, and offer a higher range battery for top end. Then in 2020, do a complete refresh from scratch.

True that Model S actually needs drivetrain and cooling update. Using a beefy PM motor for the rear would be a great improvement. In fact, should Option twin rear PM motor for torque vectoring. That would be MOdel S Pplus T model!. This will up the ante and also cooling upgrades for higher endurance “red-line”.

“2170 more range and power for same weight”

The 2170 cell is bigger than the 18650 it replaces. Therefore, it packs more power and energy, per cell. This does not mean it is necessarily more energy or power dense. Anyone knowing “per Kg” stats, please share.

That says the Model 3 cells are 30% better than the cells used in the *first* Model S, not the current one.

The cells do not seem to have significantly higher energy density, going by available information; but the packaging is somewhat more efficient.

SiC? Go strait to GeN.

I think you mean GaN?…

Also, does that actually offer meaningful advantages in this sort of application?

Let’s see… Car that’s slower to accelerate than a Corvette for similar money or a car that destroys everything in its path for bit more money (ok, a lot more money). Sorry to say, P100DL is THE car to get if you want performance bragging rights. Frankly, I don’t see much value in Tesla 3P.

That is acceleration bragging rights, not performance.

Good Lord- 310 miles of range, 0-60 in the low 3’s, super nimble performance in the twisty bits, and can seat 5? If you were talking $25-30k separating the top M3 and Model S then I’d say maybe, but a loaded P100D is almost twice the Performance 3. I think I’d still take the “Poor Man’s S”- because I’m a poor man..

Buy I do get you. The P100D is absolutely terrifying.. It’s bizarre to see it line up against anything and everything and proceed to start gutting..

If I’m going for performance on budget, I’d get non P dual motor 3. If going for all out, I’d mortgage the house to get P100DL. And don’t think I wasn’t tempted to do just that (mortgage the house for P100DL). Then they announced the Roadster 2.0, so more waiting.

P100DL or P3D, people in Corvettes and Nissan GTR’s are coming to know better than to take on Tesla’s. Despite how real the no-drama smack-downs they receive in the real world, the Tesla is “fake news”. The effort is, seriously, to narrate around the defeat they’re handed. It’s too much, to contest your way down to a low 3-second run. Too much launch control BS, when the Tesla next you can sit there deciding what they’re going to do, down to the last second. Sad.

Have fun. Let them meet their pals at the ice-cream stand, and not bring up what just happened. Just grin your way from Home Depot.

I like it.

If it’s not a Bolt you don’t see the value, we get it but…ROFLOL!

Go read it again what I wrote about Tesla P100DL. Bolt on sale at $22K post subsidy is quicker than any car in its price range, gas or EV. SparkEV at $16K (or $18K) post subsidy is quicker than any car in its price range. P3D is slower than many cars in its price range. That makes BoltEV (on sale) and SparkEV better value than P3D.

If you torture numbers hard enough you can get them to tell you whatever you want to hear..

What number am I torturing? I’d rather look at numbers than ignore them and go by “feelings”. “Feelings” is what produce under performing crap cars like Leaf and iMiev.

The P3D does 0-60 in less than 3.5 seconds. There are no sedans for sale in the US that can top that for $64k, certainly not an M5, for example.

What can you afford to buy?
That should be the first question.

Different people have different preferences.

Take your time to make a final decision. Don’t rush it.

Find out which combination of variables carry the most weight for you personally.

You can’t always get what you want, and you can’t have it all. Most of the time money is in limited supply.

Talk to people. Get advice from friends and family (if you just cannot make a final decision).

In the end you have to be happy with your choice.

Thank you for clarifying Mr. Musk, but many of us who ordered the P Model knew a long time ago. Cheers

Interesting to see Musk turn from “We’re anti-selling the Model 3” to “Everybody should buy the highest trim level Model 3!” (so we can make enough money on the model to start putting the lowest trim level into production!)

More profit in a P3D than a base S.

I actually think the non performance dual motor model 3 is the best value. $10k less and still a very fast, all-weather car.

I agree. With the 18’s too. Once they allow it to be ordered without the PUP upgrade package, it will really be the value king.

I agree with this. I think Non P is quicker than any car in its price range, because it’s cheaper than Corvette class cars.

No offense, but you keep beating the Corvette drum. While a base ‘Vette may beat a Performance 3 in a quarter mile and on the track, it likely has to give most of what it has to do so. From stoplight to stoplight I’m not even sure it can. But both those cars are completely opposite. Family sedan vs. mid-life crisis sports car. You don’t hear mainstream auto media comparing BMW M3’s and Mercedes C-Class AMG’s against Corvettes because they’re 2 completely different cars for 2 completely different crowds. I’m not really sure what your point is? By the same rationale you should include superbikes because those can be had for WAY less money than the Performance 3 and likely can beat it at the drag strip.

Vette 0-60 is 2.95 seconds, quicker than P3D. SparkEV ($16K) and Bolt on sale ($22K) are quicker than ANY car in its price range. That’s why they’re good value. Same is true with P100DL and probably true with non P 3 dual motor. But P3D is not so.

As for stoplight to stoplight, many gassers will be quicker than most EV if they have sticky tires and competent driver unafraid to kill (or shorten life of) the transmission.

Where do you get your Vette times? I’ve yet to see a sub 3s recorded by any reputable publication.

I suspect that, like P85D, Model 3’s highest iterations are yet to come. Gonna be fun. Personally, I’d grab a $60k-70k P85D CPO, in a heart beat. It may not sell new P3Ds, but 300-400KW in back is quite something.

Smartest advice I’ve heard all day. Non-CPO P85D’s are into the $50k range now. Through private party, in some states you wouldn’t even pay sales tax! Now THAT’S something for your money!

anti-sell of the Model 3 is officially over.

Not really. As you mentioned above, Musk should’ve said the real value is in non P dual motor 3. I suspect more people are interested in non P than P, so he had to sell P (or anti-sell non P as not as value).