Musk Says It’ll Be 3 Years Before Tesla’s China Factory Starts Production

Tesla Model 3

NOV 3 2017 BY MARK KANE 23

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla car manufacturing facility in China, apparently now nearing the post-agreement stage, could be ready in three years, but Elon Musk advises to not set your watch by this; perhaps he has learned a little something about optimistic deadlines of late?

Tesla Charge Port China Plugged In

Establishing a Gigafactory in China would be a natural step at some point in the future, as the reach of Tesla sales widens.

When the volume in China, and also surrounding countries, will justify the factory, Tesla will surely trigger the investment.

With that said, this factory will not necessarily avoid the ominous Chinese 25% import tax, or catch on to all the incentives, because Tesla would like to have a wholly-owned subsidiary instead of a 50-50 joint venture with a Chinese partner, but local production would still hugely offset costs.

As we understand it, if Tesla operates a factory in China, it would produce all of the cars (Model S, Model X, Model 3 and upcoming Model Y).

Scale of production is said to be “at least a couple hundred thousand vehicles per year, maybe more.”.

“This is still early days for any finalization of plans, and Tesla noted on the call that there won’t be any major capital expenditure on the China plant until at least 2019.”

One of the latest Tesla moves in China is a new charging port protocal that accommodates both the Type-2 compatible Tesla inlet (AC & DC), and the Chinese DC inlet – GB/T.

source: TechCrunch

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A Tesla factory in Europe will then also take at least three more years?


Well build it in DK, at least we have stable power supply!

Micke Larsson

Which is dependendt on import from neighboring countries, lots of coal power and results in some of Europes highest electricity bills…

Ron M

I never expected it to take much less than 3 years.Need to find a location build a factory and install equipment. Big job but Musk will get it done.


Also from the conference call — the China factory will only supply that market. They will not be importing any cars from that factory into the US.

They wanted to make that completely clear.


Is that 3 years on Planet Elon or 3 years Earth time?

Serial anti tesla troll thomas


Get Real

Well its certainly faster by at least three years then you doing the same thing isn’t it?


“Well its certainly faster by at least three years then you doing the same thing isn’t it?”


That implies I start after 3 years head start by Elon. By using that word, I am already behind in a “rigged” contest, isn’t it?

I guess you must be such an Elon Musk cheerleader that you can’t even take a joke sometimes… Such a shame.


A mean-spirited “joke” from someone desperately hoping for Tesla to fail… isn’t a joke, it’s an attack.


Not when the delays and wild hubris overestimates are a result of opening your Big Mouth when No One Asked you. but yeah you need to raise $ so everything’s. OOOO …. KKKKK
Grow a pair, political correctness went out in Nov.


PuPu wrote: “A mean-spirited “joke” from someone desperately hoping for Tesla to fail… isn’t a joke, it’s an attack.”

Please spare me the total BS. First of all, it wasn’t that mean as you have pointed out falsely. Elon has repeatly miss “his timelines”. So, pointing that out isn’t really so mean. Second of all, the man has said that he wish to get to Mars first and die there. I guess he can “conquer” Mars and make it Planet Elon if he wants to. Lastly, days are longer on Mars than Earth. So, all of them combined to make it a “fitting joke” in this case. Also, that isn’t suggesting failure of any kind. Delay has become a natural part of Tesla progression. Tesla might be late but often gets there eventually. So, nothing wrong to point out the “late part”.

But somehow you feel like you have to jump in to defend Elon with this joke. Seriously, remove that stick out of your arse sometimes, or your mouth, I don’t care about either of those holes of yours.

Tim Miser

Headline correction: “Musk Says It’ll Be 3 Tesla Years Before Tesla’s China Factory Starts Production. That’s 5 years to you and me. “


China is a terrible as pollution is just terrible, especially in the North.
I think they might ban non evs quicker than people think, as things are not getting better, in fact they are getting worse.

Of course the main culprit is coal burning but they need to get diesel and gas cars off the roads as soon as possible, and Musk is just going where the government is in support of evs. Plus you have a virtually unlimited clientele to sell vehicles to.


A sign that Model 3 is not going to be the money maker they anticipated. Otherwise they would have the capital to start investing in China next year.


I don’t understand that logic. Tesla is going to make boatloads of money on the Model 3, but they can’t do that until they sell it faster. So for the next few years, they’re going to focus on scaling up Model 3 production and all its variants (all-wheel drive, etc.), and then after that, they’ll have the money to build in China, thereby saving thousands of dollars and lots of time when building each car, compared to building in the US and shipping to China.

Ron M

Is there any correlation between Tesla haters and Trump lovers


Not really from what I have seen. I am sure some fits that narrative.

But there is a high correlation between a Tesla fan boi and a TSLA stock holder for sure. From what I can see, there is also a high correlation between Tesla fan boi and illogical idiots…


The correlation I see is MMF and people with their heads stuck up their backsides sideways.

There, I’ve contributed equally to you in this thread.


So, Somehow you got offend by putting yourself into the group of fan boi and illogical idiots? I thought you are at least somewhat more intelligent than the typical fan bois. But I guess I was wrong.

Since you like to point out personal insult directly, I can easily do the same and waste some bandwidth here. Maybe you should get your head out of Elon Musk’s ass sometimes because it really stinks lately…

Seriously, get a freaking clue, there is really no need for you or anyone to defend the general characterization of super fan bois who are illogical. But since you like to jump into crap pile, so be it. I didn’t name in particular, but if you like it that way I can easily include you in that stinky group each and every time.


“Elon Musk advises to not set your watch by this; perhaps he has learned a little something about optimistic deadlines of late?”

Actually, Elon has repeatedly used this term, and terms like this in quarterly conference calls when asked questions about future projects.

It is just that people somehow forget this.


Hopefully, this will NOT happen.
Far better to build it in Australia than China. And if done in Australia, it will be cheaper to obtain the steel and aluminum than in China.


I’m really surprised if Tesla places that ICE looking charging port. I would really hope they put the Chinese port on the other side, integrated into the tail lights like the current charging port. Really shouldn’t be that huge a cost or redesign and keeps the really clean lines we know Tesla for.